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Post #167086972 added 11-16-2023 11:10 AM by lsalmond in Deal Talk
I just got an email that this is ending after 11/19/2023. Last call to get this promo!
Post #166461718 added 10-18-2023 3:22 PM by beth_cing in Deal Talk
Just went for lunch today and I couldn't even finish my 1st plate coz it's hugeeeee. Recommend not getting fettucini Alfredo as your 1st round since it's super filling. Angel hair and some lighter...
Post #166444210 added 10-17-2023 4:22 PM by MaxwellJ in Deal Talk
Stop telling people what to do. Your opinion is not very... highly valued in a grand scheme of a modern society.
Post #166395121 added 10-14-2023 6:53 PM by MilesA7413 in Deal Talk
As you would expect. It was good for what you pay. You won't "get one over" on them by trying to out eat them lol.
Post #166395112 added 10-14-2023 6:52 PM by MilesA7413 in Deal Talk
Went tonight, gf and I both finished 1 bowl ordered another got it to go. 5 cheese was the way to go. Protein was 5$ extra so we skipped that.
Post #166255969 added 10-08-2023 8:27 PM by Lilyly in Deal Talk
how did he get through the door? under your vest?
Post #166255450 added 10-08-2023 7:46 PM by lg_20 in Deal Talk
I see. Haven't tried this new Olive Garden. Wish Soup Plantation would go back to business. We love it there.
Post #166188799 added 10-05-2023 7:00 AM by shhaggy in Deal Talk
That may be the letter of the law but in practicality it is not enforceable. Many tips are in cash and untraceable, and you will need the knowhow to represent yourself or the resources to hire...
Post #166187209 added 10-05-2023 3:53 AM by long_time_lurke in Deal Talk
Major heartburn alert. I went the other night to the local OG and got sick as a dog. Terrible heartburn and started to vomit the food while I was there. Writing this chain off of my to do list.
Post #166160518 added 10-03-2023 4:00 PM by LovelyWriter791 in Deal Talk
Wrong. Tipped positions wages are indeed lower base wages. However, if they fail to meet minimum wages through tips, the employers are obligated by law to make up the difference. Ultimately, tipped...
Post #166160170 added 10-03-2023 3:35 PM by Identibrain in Deal Talk
Do you realize that Olive garden is trash? And pasta is trash food
Post #166159387 added 10-03-2023 2:42 PM by EfficientHome4664 in Deal Talk
Ok Lady and the Tramp, you can eat multiple refills take the salad to go
Post #166156324 added 10-03-2023 12:01 PM by shhaggy in Deal Talk
This just isn't true. Fast food workers must make minimum wage, period. Tipped position wages are much lower. Look, there's no law that says you have to tip, but it's the accepted norm in the...
Post #166156291 added 10-03-2023 11:59 AM by CrazyHorse in Deal Talk
Yeah the price these days is outrageous. But they get away with it because people still go there and pay that kind of money for some half decent food. I remember the price for this used to be 8.99...
Post #166156075 added 10-03-2023 11:48 AM by PhantomCypher in Deal Talk
Who remembers the never ending pasta pass? I lost so much weight eating olive garden only.
Post #166155022 added 10-03-2023 10:49 AM by sorta_guy in Deal Talk
remember... it"s just only pasta for that price.. adding protiens cost more!!
Post #166145779 added 10-02-2023 8:27 PM by drodis in Deal Talk
They sell Olive Garden dressing at Costco
Post #166144987 added 10-02-2023 7:31 PM by MrShawn in Deal Talk
Yall actually eat 14$ worth of food at a setting? I lift till my body looks like a jedi/DragonBall z character. An i do not eat that much but on rare ocassions.
Post #166142464 added 10-02-2023 4:54 PM by f1ydave in Deal Talk
This is not a slickdeal, its an advertisement...
Post #166134424 added 10-02-2023 10:09 AM by LovelyWriter791 in Deal Talk
Going to need a better explanation for why I should tip when no service is provided other than "restaurant workers are poor." I'm 99% sure you don't tip fast food and retail shop workers, who on...
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