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Post #166239889 added 10-07-2023 6:47 PM by HappyHeat574 in Deal Talk
Is this the actual purchase of the games or just a monthly membership?
Post #166180996 added 10-04-2023 5:42 PM by tjautobot11 in Deal Talk
So I’m new to the oculus. My son received one of the oculus 2 headsets last Christmas and I just set it up last weekend. Will these games play through the oculus store or require a pc to run? Are...
Post #166156525 added 10-03-2023 12:09 PM by BlueRoom4419 in Deal Talk Everyones quality requirements are different. I first used my Quest 2 on a system that seemed...
Post #166147192 added 10-02-2023 10:23 PM by Azrael_the_Cat in Deal Talk
Sorry you didn't understand the relevance of my comment. yes I know who you were responding to. As you probably know resolution has very little to do with compressed h264 or 264 video bandwidth as...
Post #166147105 added 10-02-2023 10:15 PM by BlueRoom4419 in Deal Talk
I was responding to NickPDX who was asking about a Quest 3. Since I have the Quest 2 It was logical for me to state the requirements of the last gen Quest and assume the next gen with better...
Post #166143505 added 10-02-2023 6:00 PM by SwissMoose in Deal Talk
Got the full bundle and tried Grimlord, it is earlier access than I thought it would be. Only go for the $24 bundle if you want Demeo (which is obviously great).
Post #166139890 added 10-02-2023 2:29 PM by StoHouse in Deal Talk
Haven't played the other games, I've heard "I expect you to die" is decent, but I do know and have played Zero Caliber. It's cool, but I'm pretty sure the best current 1st person shooter for VR...
Post #166139773 added 10-02-2023 2:24 PM by Azrael_the_Cat in Deal Talk
I run AC1900 with virtual desktop and a quest 1. Works fine for my purposes. Every once in a while there will be some resolution loss or a frame skip but pretty rarely. Perfect for casual gamers,...
Post #166138477 added 10-02-2023 1:21 PM by BlueRoom4419 in Deal Talk
You will need wifi 5 or 6 to have the bandwidth for wireless. Quest 2 works fine with wifi5 speeds not sure about the Quest 3 requirements probably wifi6 to be safe. VR headsets are rendering 2...
Post #166136638 added 10-02-2023 11:55 AM by BlueRoom4419 in Deal Talk
Wow Humble bundle has gone so far downhill. I have most of those titles already but I just checked the 3 item bundle to see if one or 3 of the titles I didn't have were available and the 3 item...
Post #166135240 added 10-02-2023 10:48 AM by urchin in Deal Talk
It's based almost entirely on your computer and network. The Quest 3 itself shouldn't be much of a bottleneck. If your computer can play modern games at decent settings/framerates, you should be good...
Post #166134976 added 10-02-2023 10:35 AM by NickPDX in Deal Talk
Just pre-ordered a Meta Quest 3 which is my first VR headset since "Google Cardboard". Any thoughts on how well these games will work on the headset connected to my computer? Or is that really just...
Post #166134490 added 10-02-2023 10:12 AM by zigzagzig in Deal Talk
For anyone that hasn't played the "I Expect You to Die" series, it's phenomenal.
Post #166120597 added 10-01-2023 1:55 PM by poinifie in Deal Talk
Good bundle, lots of games on here I've been wanting to get! The cheapest I've seen Demeo is $20.
Post #166118635 added 10-01-2023 11:34 AM by Alucard400 in Deal Talk
Wow. that looks pretty cool. I might actually grab this bundle do you know if it can be played with mixed where you have VR and your friends don't have VR?
Post #166118098 added 10-01-2023 11:00 AM by RobertR5932 in Deal Talk
I bought Rick and Morty on oculus AND steam 1-2 years. It has NEVER loaded on either platform for my rift, quest, or quest 2 (it just crashes before it loads). I run via virtual desktopI still try...
Post #166103251 added 09-30-2023 12:13 PM by cheapbrass in Deal Talk it for Grim Lord looks fun
Post #166055050 added 09-27-2023 3:13 PM by JamaalJohnson in Deal Talk
All great games. Note that Demeo can be played without VR. It's best in VR, of course. If you have Demeo already and want your non VR friends to play with you, you can give them the key for...
Post #166134175 added 09-26-2023 8:40 AM by powerfuldoppler in Deal Talk
Humble Bundle has Get Your Head In The Game VR (PC Digital Download) from $12. Thanks to Deal Editor SlickDealio for finding this deal. Note: Games will activate and play via Steam. Select the...
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