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Post #166163905 added 10-03-2023 7:56 PM by jbrito01 in Deal Talk
Age got nothing to do with it 💪
Post #166125811 added 10-01-2023 7:49 PM by Deagle760 in Deal Talk
I recently sold my PS5 for a PC. Forbidden West was my favorite PS5 game. Imo it was better than the first game. I still haven't played the DLC so I'm excited for the complete edition release on PC
Post #166103785 added 09-30-2023 12:55 PM by ajtaurus2011 in Deal Talk
how do I guys play Elden ring, it’s too empty I feel, as in no map, no this or that etc
Post #166090732 added 09-29-2023 3:21 PM by SensibleLinen394 in Deal Talk
Launch on PC is next year awesome!
Post #166088089 added 09-29-2023 12:25 PM by RedvinesRBetter in Deal Talk
This is an excellent DLC and well worth the money.
Post #166085446 added 09-29-2023 9:59 AM by silvermember in Deal Talk
Probably because they never played the game.
Post #166083598 added 09-29-2023 8:15 AM by CoronaKid in Deal Talk
I'm about an hour into the Burning Shores expansion and so far it is great. I love the story line as well. The "Compliance Officers" are hilarious. Thanks OP.
Post #166076953 added 09-28-2023 7:20 PM by emelki1968 in Deal Talk
Maybe I am mistaken, but I think that if you have PlayStation Plus Extra, which is what I have, you can get it "for free" and then if you like it you can buy the expansion for $15.00. That would take...
Post #166071820 added 09-28-2023 1:28 PM by LikeABadPenny in Deal Talk
I have such a ridiculous backlog (plus sometimes when a good Humble Choice or Fanatical bundle pops up) the wait is easy :lol:
Post #166069204 added 09-28-2023 11:04 AM by shauggy in Deal Talk
Thanks for the heads up, hadn't seen that yet. I think the first one took 3 years to come to PC so I had planned on a much longer wait.
Post #166068382 added 09-28-2023 10:16 AM by Vesmic in Deal Talk
What the fark? They literally let you fly.
Post #166067770 added 09-28-2023 9:46 AM by aggronor in Deal Talk
I liked the story (as well as the way the plot is slowly revealed to you) of the first game more. But I agree that the second game is just a lot more polished and improves on just about everything...
Post #166066462 added 09-28-2023 8:38 AM by VideInfra in Deal Talk
Pretty sure this is it. Nothing announced and the game is over a year old at this point.
Post #166066024 added 09-28-2023 8:11 AM by Kairi in Deal Talk
I've written already what I am talking about in my comment. Learn to read
Post #166065388 added 09-28-2023 7:26 AM by saluteyourshorts in Deal Talk
This game had the poor timing of releasing right before Elden Ring. I liked the first game, but after starting Elden Ring I just couldn't go back to HFW.
Post #166065202 added 09-28-2023 7:15 AM by blakezilla in Deal Talk
I got this when it first released and def think it's worth the price at 15 or 20 just for the improved/expanded combat mechanics. I think the skill tree changes add a lot more variety for ways to...
Post #166065076 added 09-28-2023 7:08 AM by asdfrat in Deal Talk
Naaah, more like 7vs29 hours according to:
Post #166063852 added 09-28-2023 4:44 AM by SSteveTX in Deal Talk
I'm primarily an Xbox player, but I got a PS4 pro at a good deal and a cheap copy of Zero Dawn from cdkeys years back. It became my favorite game and I got a PS5 primarily to play Forbidden West at...
Post #166062538 added 09-28-2023 12:20 AM by luodan in Deal Talk
Compare to the main line story, how much content is this DLC? More than 50%?
Post #166062247 added 09-27-2023 11:37 PM by drslovak in Deal Talk
Yeah, stories that are written for adults. I haven’t played the 2nd game yet but loved the first
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