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Post #167561236 added 11-27-2023 1:12 PM by tarunek in Hot Deals
How do you get (- $20 Off Order - 2x $5 Off pickup Order) I don't get these 2 discounts
Post #166803964 added 11-05-2023 1:42 PM by Slickdealer785 in Hot Deals
Same with me though for delivery order .. applied coupon removed during delivery and final receipt spiked .. had to speak to CS twice .. eventually found one helpful rep and he adjusted but not worth...
Post #166803382 added 11-05-2023 1:01 PM by soezaya in Hot Deals
Is this work for Ralphs too?
Post #166787866 added 11-04-2023 2:43 PM by muhd.naveed2 in Hot Deals
Went to pickup my order and the person told me that I will be charged $50 instead or $30 as the coupons are stacked. I politely asked him to cancel the order.
Post #166785901 added 11-04-2023 12:33 PM by athenacoco in Hot Deals
Where will these credits show up? In our mobile app? I talked to an agent earlier today. He said he added $20 credit to my account, but I don't see it anywhere in my mobile ap. He also said that he...
Post #166776181 added 11-03-2023 10:45 PM by athenacoco in Hot Deals
The same happened to me. Picked up the order today and it was $20 more expensive than when I placed the order a few days ago. Did you talk to the person in-store or online customer support?
Post #166740025 added 11-02-2023 10:14 AM by getevlcted in Hot Deals
Estimated Subtotal$83.94 Coupon Total $10 Off Sale -$10.00 eCpn CLQ423 $20Off -$20.00 eCpn Huggies -$0.50 eCpn Huggies -$1.00
Post #166728946 added 11-01-2023 8:16 PM by Blkcobra98 in Hot Deals
I just had same issue... Was charge 20 more than original receipt. Argued and was told bc I picked it up on different day the sales changed.... Bs but they ended up giving me a supposively 25 credit...
Post #166725838 added 11-01-2023 5:23 PM by mbeaser in Hot Deals
I had the same issue. I did the chat with someone and got a $10 credit to my account. I said that's not sufficient, I was told I would be charged $44 and it's $64, so she checked to see if she could...
Post #166723669 added 11-01-2023 3:18 PM by angcukh in Hot Deals
Followed instructions, placed order and after pickup, was charged 60 instead of 40 (I had the 15 off coupon). Argh
Post #166717543 added 11-01-2023 10:51 AM by punjCar in Hot Deals
Worst online shopping experience. I placed an order on Monday for today's pick up but it seems like they don't start gathering your items before your pick up time so inventory can be different...
Post #166693807 added 10-31-2023 9:53 AM by bigjizz in Hot Deals
Krogers pickup is horrible. They didnt have stock and gave me a substitution that was lower in cost and so the coupon didnt apply. Also my wife tried to make an order and her account got instant...
Post #166684909 added 10-30-2023 9:05 PM by keithpre in Hot Deals
Watch out for substitutions and cancellations. I ordered 45 baby food packets. Got 5 substituted and 5 canceled originally. The cancels made the order $10 more expensive. I made them go grab 5...
Post #166682251 added 10-30-2023 6:26 PM by bigaforlife in Hot Deals
Echoing what some others said, as long as the item is marked as having the $10 off $40 deal, it'll work. Just get the cart to $80. I added diapers and wipes per OP's instructions until I realized...
Post #166681627 added 10-30-2023 5:51 PM by foofy in Hot Deals
Ordered 3x boxes pampers and it stacked with $10 off $40 promo. .126 cents per diaper is half the cost vs Costco
Post #166677322 added 10-30-2023 1:42 PM by TehNomad in Hot Deals
Thanks OP. Worked for me with Ralph's in SoCal.
Post #166672369 added 10-30-2023 9:56 AM by omar10wahab in Hot Deals
Can't clip coupon
Post #166670470 added 10-30-2023 8:22 AM by Samie-KayS in Hot Deals
Tried both Smith's and Fred Meyer. When submitting order it said, "Please contact the Customer Service Center at 1-866-544-8062 (Error Code RV9547)"
Post #166668127 added 10-30-2023 6:10 AM by Aliens333 in Hot Deals
It’s actually because they are ancient that these type of deals show up. Ain’t no way in heck Kroger is not losing money on these diapers. They just don’t have the sophisticated systems to prevent...
Post #166665859 added 10-30-2023 12:11 AM by cholebatura9 in Hot Deals
these ancient companies need to make these discounts easier. what in the hell is this coupon clipping?
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