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Post #168266563 added 12-22-2023 1:48 PM by 1lugnut in Deal Talk
Out of stock. , Everywhere
Post #167947219 added 12-10-2023 8:58 PM by elkbow2003 in Deal Talk
Is this a better deal than the fuel brushless version for $339?...
Post #167757292 added 12-03-2023 1:44 PM by supermanava in Deal Talk
What’s a good set for automotive work. I’m told even the 12 fuel is underpowered. Is there a deal on the 18+ Milwaukee or otherwise
Post #167717431 added 12-01-2023 10:20 PM by msnyder1112 in Deal Talk
Seems like a pretty good deal. I’m currently committed to milwauke but I regret it. I’m just a hobbyish diyer. I had s set of Ryobi and I wasnt impressed so i swung way over ti the “best”. Well, I...
Post #167683738 added 11-30-2023 9:54 PM by cabalja in Deal Talk
These are much better than a basic set. Because they aren't Fuel doesn't make these Harbor Freight. Beat them up. They have a 5 year tool warranty.
Post #167671999 added 11-30-2023 1:34 PM by hardash in Deal Talk
Which of the tools out of this 5 ideally need to be Fuel version(more power?)
Post #167651272 added 11-29-2023 8:49 PM by yuqian_li in Deal Talk
Looks like good deal
Post #167651095 added 11-29-2023 8:42 PM by Hexagonal_Storm in Deal Talk
Idoneedit, Idoneedit, Idoneedit...
Post #167651086 added 11-29-2023 8:41 PM by AmIbroke in Deal Talk
Not the fuel line tho
Post #167651062 added 11-29-2023 8:40 PM by Eragorn in Deal Talk
When you work here multiply that by ten lol
Post #167650912 added 11-29-2023 8:31 PM by bugsy714 in Deal Talk
This Hass to be the best deal I’ve ever seen
Post #167650642 added 11-29-2023 8:21 PM by Whitey74pa in Deal Talk
This site makes me so, so poor.
Post #167638669 added 11-29-2023 1:08 PM by noobsthename in Deal Talk
Includes Drill/Driver, Impact Driver, Hackzall, Ratchet, Light Two M12 Batteries, Tool Bag, Charger Included Impact bits feature Wear Guard Tip™ for increased wear resistance ...
Post #167620120 added 11-28-2023 11:51 PM by hardash in Deal Talk
Hi guys, could someone explain the difference between installation drill and drill driver? I bought the kit...
Post #167411953 added 11-24-2023 9:18 AM by Mrsaver1234 in Deal Talk
Then what's the point of have something subpar?
Post #167231089 added 11-20-2023 11:25 AM by Shop_shop_Shop in Deal Talk
I'm basically at a point where I'm done investing in the M12 platform even though I was a diehard fan for close to a decade. My 18v systems have caught up in size, while the expanding lines of 4v...
Post #167229877 added 11-20-2023 11:00 AM by scb435 in Deal Talk
I also own some M12 stuff, and that's a good point, 18V has evolved a lot over the last 10 years... and IMO M12 hasn't so much, even in the FUEL line. Among compact drills, drivers, and impacts, 18V...
Post #167208388 added 11-19-2023 7:53 PM by CrimsonCheetah9927 in Deal Talk
Compared to what other 12v drill?…I’ve owned them all and they all are “underpowered” when compared to a 18v tool. It’s smaller, cheaper and 12v’s so idk what you expect.
Post #167191189 added 11-19-2023 9:38 AM by Mrsaver1234 in Deal Talk
The drill is underpower Milwaukee fan boy. I've been doing construction for many years.
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