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Post #168387448 added 12-28-2023 3:59 PM by bjs261 in Deal Talk
Any issues with these on LVP flooring? Color transfer or damaging the finish?
Post #168278923 added 12-23-2023 6:51 AM by TonyT1064 in Deal Talk
Do you have a link? I checked TSC, and the horse mats were 6x the price. $3.32/square foot vs. the $0.43 for these.
Post #168128845 added 12-17-2023 9:43 AM by reddaemon in Deal Talk
Cheap mats, they look alright but anything heavy on them and they're gouged easily, worst of all they're slippery AF, trying to bench and anchor my feet I felt no stability. Still available, no sale...
Post #167799676 added 12-05-2023 5:44 AM by Ra3r0 in Deal Talk
To each their own, i guess it all depends on everyone's own situation. I set up a gym on a unfinished basement and these mats didn't last 3 months. They collect dust and debris that scores right thru...
Post #167772973 added 12-04-2023 6:37 AM by hars in Deal Talk
Now $39.00 flat. Got my first two orders and im happy with them. For the price, will grab a third box.
Post #167729221 added 12-02-2023 10:33 AM by geofunner in Deal Talk
The 4'x6' mat from TSC is 4lb per sqft while the tiles in this deal are 2oz per sqft.. Not saying heavier directly equates to better, but that would be my assumption for something that gets a lot of...
Post #167716060 added 12-01-2023 9:00 PM by RGon in Deal Talk
IDK, I just checked and a 4' x 6' mat was $55. I don't doubt that the quality will be better but it's not expensive and it's rubber, so I guess it depends on your needs.
Post #167703961 added 12-01-2023 12:55 PM by Cbisk in Deal Talk
I’ll echo what someone said previously - the Horse stall mats are a well known hack for being cheaper than commercial rubber roll flooring, but the vulcanized rubber will off-gas like a son of a gun....
Post #167560600 added 11-27-2023 1:00 PM by WEVUDO in Deal Talk
That's what she said!
Post #167539015 added 11-27-2023 5:47 AM by Superdawg in Deal Talk
My only concern would be low friction between the two pads, and potential sliding issues. Possibly mitigated by adhesive.
Post #167538136 added 11-27-2023 5:25 AM by revieweronline in Deal Talk
Beware that these are not compatible with BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles
Post #167538052 added 11-27-2023 5:23 AM by revieweronline in Deal Talk
some cats are born mentally challenged... it happens
Post #167537347 added 11-27-2023 5:00 AM by illegal_alien in Deal Talk
Is there an argument against getting two sets and doubling up to reach 1 inch thickness?
Post #167537191 added 11-27-2023 4:53 AM by Superdawg in Deal Talk
Don't get less than 3/4". This half inch stuff isn't great. 1" if you can find it at a fair price, but at least 3/4 inch. Edit, and don't get that horse stall rubber, it will breathe chemical...
Post #167532526 added 11-26-2023 11:01 PM by agoldenbb in Deal Talk
Do you have a link to them on Amazon? I can't find them and the link you provided takes me to my cart.
Post #167519050 added 11-26-2023 4:05 PM by kfer in Deal Talk
That is an awful idea.
Post #167517664 added 11-26-2023 3:30 PM by evila in Deal Talk
Stop it! I don't need a 24 pack of this! I need a deal on maybe a 8 pack at the most!
Amazon had em for $24 (also 96sq ft) 😒,1&ref_=sw_refresh
Post #167515564 added 11-26-2023 2:36 PM by dealmashuguna in Deal Talk
Do NOT use these. The off gasing smell is atrocious and will not dissapate indoors.
Post #167515474 added 11-26-2023 2:33 PM by duenor in Deal Talk
so, just putting this out there. I do pretty good for myself in terms of being fit, i'm more muscular and overall fit than most guys my age. I do it all in my garage because I love the convenience of...
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