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Post #167540293 added 11-27-2023 6:23 AM by Solaris72M in Deal Talk
I currently have one. I charge my phone at night and it does its job. There’s small hole of light that it emits during charging
Post #167301262 added 11-22-2023 7:12 AM by Grimnur in Deal Talk
Port replacement is rarely the cheaper or faster option either. If I just want to add 10-20% to a charge, or if I am going to be picking up and walking around with the phone while it gets charged, I...
Post #167292244 added 11-21-2023 10:49 PM by gameson in Deal Talk
When you put your phone in your pants pocket, try to insert the top phone first so the port is facing up. This will reduce link and dust getting inside the port.
Post #167291962 added 11-21-2023 10:33 PM by DJ18 in Deal Talk
Yup when I was the Apple warranty staff member I cleaned a port a month using a toothpick or similar non conductive probe and “fixed” many peoples phones. The sliding in and out of pants/purse can...
Post #167287723 added 11-21-2023 7:59 PM by firelikeiya in Deal Talk
Sometimes the charge ports get plugged with lint and your phone will not fully charge. This eliminates that.
Post #167286940 added 11-21-2023 7:30 PM by bobdole42 in Deal Talk
Thank you for this; bought one last time it was on sale that I use all the time on my couch; just ordered another for travel.
Post #167281576 added 11-21-2023 4:05 PM by CoolCaribou877 in Deal Talk
I think Belkin have another very similar MagSafe charger that can fast charge at 15w. The 15w able version also has a useful kickstand . Saw this version on Amazon without wall charger for circa...
Post #167272618 added 11-21-2023 11:59 AM by DatWunGuy102 in Deal Talk
Anyone noticed the advertisement? 20w wall charger but only 7.5 watt for wireless charging? Officially 15w is the charging output for fully certified magsafe products...
Post #167272426 added 11-21-2023 11:54 AM by canibizzle in Deal Talk
How about don't keep your phone charging throughout the whole night and have it charged before you go to sleep. Unless battery life doesn't matter to you, then by all means.
Post #167270392 added 11-21-2023 11:01 AM by fenian in Deal Talk
I have several of these. They are great for overnight charging
Post #167270143 added 11-21-2023 10:54 AM by KradYeah in Deal Talk
Bought last time and doesn’t work with Anker chargers. When attached to my iPhone, it draws the power down instead of charging
Post #167269840 added 11-21-2023 10:47 AM by TheDangler in Deal Talk
It’s solid. I have a few. I primarily use them on our bedside tables, since they are way more convenient than a USB C / Lightning cable that keeps falling off, with the added bonus of being able to...
Post #167258938 added 11-21-2023 6:04 AM by GeoffreyK24 in Deal Talk
Better deals are available with higher capacity magsafe chargers. I got a two 15W charger pack from a brand on Amazon for $20. Slickdeals deletes my comments and links with any reference to help...
Post #167257642 added 11-21-2023 5:21 AM by StrifeZero in Deal Talk
Good to know, thanks for the info!
Post #167256496 added 11-21-2023 4:20 AM by Avayktm in Deal Talk
They overheated my iPhone 13, Belkin was able to send me the replacement unit but the same overheating issue. Can't remember if I ever able to charge my phone fully on those. Mostly the phone pauses...
Post #167255962 added 11-21-2023 3:48 AM by bossusa in Deal Talk
It’s bulky .. returned mine
Post #167254183 added 11-21-2023 12:14 AM by pirezza in Deal Talk
Was at the Apple store the other day and the entire iPhone 15/Pro lineup was burning up with the MagSafe chargers on. I've had the 15 Pro Max for a month and nothing like that has ever happened. I...
Post #167251495 added 11-20-2023 9:31 PM by leGRiDer in Deal Talk
See I would argue that MagSafe is less useful on the go. On the go, I would rather have a powerbank with built in cable that is fast charging capable. It would charge very quickly, which means you’re...
Post #167247499 added 11-20-2023 7:10 PM by Caleo in Deal Talk
For starters, a qi pad is heavy enough to stay on a desk without just sliding off like a bare cable might. With magsafe, it's easy to just 'hover' near it til it snaps in place for a sure/secure...
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