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Post #167325931 added 11-22-2023 5:17 PM by Petra in Hot Deals
Yep.. I've been collecting funko forever.. not in for the $$, but display. I hate it when the ones I like get popular and cost an arm and a leg.
Post #167315536 added 11-22-2023 1:08 PM by Oisterboy in Hot Deals
I get the pokemon ones and didn't know what to do with them. I have book cases full of video games but the cases are deep and the games sit too far back on the shelf and look stupid. I put the pops...
Post #167272054 added 11-21-2023 12:45 PM by SmilingTest870 in Hot Deals
I bought so many for resell and lost! Funko exclusives/ chases might be the only good investment , otherwise uhhgg
Post #167271859 added 11-21-2023 12:39 PM by SeriousPartner345 in Hot Deals
I always assume there’s a Business school model for this type of toy. It get popular and then how to max profits before the trend moves on.
Post #167255692 added 11-21-2023 4:20 AM by BDGallof in Hot Deals
I look forward to receiving these poorly packed with other items and crushed, or the only box in a larger box banging around because of no cushioning. Amazon absolutely sucks for Funko’s. Buyer...
Post #167250694 added 11-20-2023 9:58 PM by bkjunk in Hot Deals
This is classic collectibles bust and boom. Push them too far and people lose interest. Disney parks have done the same thing with pins vinylmation and TsumTsums and that's just in the last 20...
Post #167241847 added 11-20-2023 5:14 PM by fuzzy-ninja in Hot Deals
You can make a pop of yourself on their website and order it.
Post #167240125 added 11-20-2023 4:26 PM by junkbanana in Hot Deals
At this point, we'll all be made into Funko Pops at some point. I hope they pick the young me.
Post #167235178 added 11-20-2023 2:06 PM by IndigoMorning6118 in Hot Deals
Solid 75 year holds - 2x investment
Post #167235130 added 11-20-2023 2:05 PM by slip kid in Hot Deals
Didn't think i'd be CONSOOMING today but, there we go, in for 100 of each.
Post #167232889 added 11-20-2023 1:05 PM by WooHoo2You in Hot Deals
Anything marketed as "collectable" isn't likely to be scarce enough to be a valued as a collectible once production stops. Even worse still when something claims to be LiMiTeD EdItIoN. Yep, you got...
Post #167230189 added 11-20-2023 12:06 PM by SlickSam240 in Hot Deals
buying the office ones!
Post #167229211 added 11-20-2023 11:46 AM by EagerScene791 in Hot Deals
Got 2 of these Saturday for nephew's son. They are pretty cool. His room is full of these kinds of collectibles.
Post #167228806 added 11-20-2023 11:36 AM by michaelmantis in Hot Deals
Exactly. I pick up a bunch when they are on sale. Only paid the full $12ish price for ones I *really* liked and they get removed from the box immediately and displayed. Amazon Warehouse used to have...
Post #167228644 added 11-20-2023 11:33 AM by ratbastard in Hot Deals
I'm not an investment-minded collector, so cheap Funkos are fine for me. Yes, the collector market has collapsed, just like the sports card industry in the 90s/2000s. But if you are just using them...
Post #167227927 added 11-20-2023 11:16 AM by MetalHead_Literally in Hot Deals
sweet, easy way to get some stocking stuffers, thanks!
Post #167227264 added 11-20-2023 11:01 AM by CleverMammoth459 in Hot Deals
Prettt much what the commenters are talking about, over saturated market ended Funko pops. When you have 5-8 variations for a character, it’s not likely that people are going to buy them all. Not to...
Post #167226370 added 11-20-2023 10:40 AM by meangreenhunter in Hot Deals
All depends on the rarity and popularity of the POP
Post #167226361 added 11-20-2023 10:40 AM by Red_partyhat in Hot Deals
I think their downfall was over-saturation. There’s literally a Funko Pop for basically every game, every show, every movie, plus multiple variations of those same Pops. It’s just too much and people...
Post #167226097 added 11-20-2023 10:34 AM by fernandoc5426 in Hot Deals
Totally. Seemly the buried excess production in the landfill. With that said I got the cheapest keychain. They are well made for $1.50. Thanks!
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