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Post #167512060 added 11-26-2023 1:06 PM by Debuki in Deal Talk
No Phase-detect Autofocus. OK for photography, but not good for video.
Post #167507578 added 11-26-2023 11:07 AM by caveman017 in Deal Talk
It’s negligible and only at pixel peeping levels. Reality is that you have a better chance of missing focus than having “worse” IQ Assuming this performs similar to their M4/3 AF, it’s fine...
Post #167506549 added 11-26-2023 10:42 AM by MrNice in Deal Talk
Panasonic said a million times that PDAF will result in worse image quality. And they werent lying. Research it and you can find the S5II's image quality is worse than the S5. So I say this camera at...
Post #167493379 added 11-26-2023 3:44 AM by Rebound in Deal Talk
I suggest you get the Canon R7 and the EF to RF adapter. This will take your soccer photography to the next level.
Post #167490919 added 11-25-2023 11:27 PM by Shop_shop_Shop in Deal Talk
Absolutely. Contrast detect can make any video cringe-worthy.
Post #167489065 added 11-25-2023 9:52 PM by Guizan33 in Deal Talk
Is it worth going for the s5ii if you're going to be shooting video for the af? Even if it were just streaming? And mainly pictures otherwise.
Post #167477662 added 11-25-2023 3:45 PM by kevinh in Deal Talk
I had this and currently own an A7 IV. You're right on all points but I'd like to add that the S5 and S5 II's have probably the best IBIS in their class. I have essential tremors in my hands and...
Post #167477548 added 11-25-2023 3:42 PM by pmperry in Deal Talk
I believe some Fuji MF didn’t either at one point. Also, Sony has some early gen items that didn’t.
Post #167477497 added 11-25-2023 3:41 PM by pmperry in Deal Talk
Umm, you can have movement in the frame, so it does compensate for such movement. He clearly said where things don’t move. Both this and the higher end Olympus ca do somethings with their Pixel...
Post #167474605 added 11-25-2023 2:10 PM by gder03 in Deal Talk
All I know is I shoot around the ocean sometimes, and my my 50mm 1.4 and 70-300mm lenses could use a cleaning as there is a lot of moisture in the air. Despite this, they produce extremely sharp...
Post #167473963 added 11-25-2023 1:51 PM by gder03 in Deal Talk
This camera is without a doubt the best $$$ you can spend for $1,000 right now. But only if you don't need Sony level continuous AF in video and stills. His comment is 100% accurate. The S5...
Post #167467537 added 11-25-2023 10:57 AM by dissident in Deal Talk
This camera for the most part runs circles around the Canon R8, however there's a lens issue that I'm not sure how widespread it is. Need more people who own this camera to check their lenses. I...
Post #167384545 added 11-23-2023 8:24 PM by seanleeforever in Deal Talk
If I recall correctly, this is the ONLY full frame camera on sale today that doesn't support pdaf. Come to think of it. This maybe the only full frame mireless camera to not support pdaf ever. ...
Post #167352547 added 11-23-2023 7:38 AM by pmperry in Deal Talk
Nope, the S5 has motion compensation for the pixel shift mode.
Post #167352325 added 11-23-2023 7:34 AM by pmperry in Deal Talk
Uhh, it has AF, it just isn’t good AF. As far as video goes though, there’s nothing Sony has that can match this thing for Video, in this price range.
Post #167303020 added 11-22-2023 7:54 AM by Dnesh in Deal Talk
96 with pixel shift. That's good for stationary scenes where things don't move.
Post #167299477 added 11-22-2023 6:17 AM by medlord in Deal Talk
S5 is 898$ with an EDU account on B&H.
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