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Post #167649829 added 11-29-2023 7:39 PM by trkndude299 in Deal Talk
Take the receipt with you and return the battery only - if it's listed on the receipt as a separate item. That's the hack.
Post #167638510 added 11-29-2023 1:03 PM by Juan2049 in Deal Talk
No. You’ll want to look at stubby impacts for that.
Post #167616628 added 11-28-2023 8:40 PM by supermanava in Deal Talk
Is this powerful enough to loosen / fasten lug nuts
Post #167595871 added 11-28-2023 10:21 AM by Audizzz in Deal Talk
When I try to return e-store credit still unavailable...
Post #167536606 added 11-27-2023 4:23 AM by techbuff in Deal Talk
I got the combo deal for store pickup for 199pre tax that includes drill/driver & battery charger plus 50 piece bit set plus 2.5 ah battery. It was showing a big message in red at checkout that it...
Post #167524984 added 11-26-2023 6:43 PM by trkndude299 in Deal Talk
I really don't do enough drilling in concrete to warrant a SDS. Thank you for your thought on this.
Post #167495098 added 11-26-2023 5:42 AM by fuzzyballz in Deal Talk
In store return for the extra battery was hassle free, associate was friendly and helpful. The extra battery is around $54 in refund credit, plus tax where applicable. I got $60 back. So the kit cost...
Post #167485993 added 11-25-2023 7:59 PM by TRUMP_XD in Deal Talk
No, actually this is how hope Depot purposely promotes their items when they give them individual prices. There is no free tool. Learn.
Post #167485942 added 11-25-2023 7:58 PM by TRUMP_XD in Deal Talk
Just get a proper sds already and stop messing around
Post #167482774 added 11-25-2023 6:21 PM by Audizzz in Deal Talk
I just did 12 holes in my basement concrete floor with this exact hammer drill and small bit "Bosch 5 pc. 3/16 In. X 6 In. Hex Shank Hammer Drill Masonry Bits LBH0035" I used only one bit to...
Post #167467324 added 11-25-2023 10:51 AM by Bractar in Deal Talk
A deal that recommend returning an item is not a deal, it’s a commerce abuse.
Post #167460058 added 11-25-2023 8:00 AM by CrimsonCheetah9927 in Deal Talk
Definitely for a diy’r who will only have one drill and impact the m18 kit is 1000x better option for an all around tool kit that can do it all. It’s like a 4 door truck vrs a sports car. Want to...
Post #167458804 added 11-25-2023 7:28 AM by CrimsonCheetah9927 in Deal Talk
Did they get rid of hack? The website changed in last literally day or 2 with this deal. Its with the way you select the extra battery, it isn’t the same it’s like a drop down menu down, so I’m...
Post #167403994 added 11-24-2023 7:14 AM by sdub90 in Deal Talk
I'm an addict so I have both. TBH I rarely use my M18. It's either the m12 installation driver, the kit in this post, and if these aren't doing it then I probably need the m18 fuel SDS drill.
Post #167401300 added 11-24-2023 6:23 AM by Accipiter in Deal Talk
For a DIYer is there a need for the 18v version rather than the 12?
Post #167382814 added 11-23-2023 7:40 PM by trkndude299 in Deal Talk
With the right battery, it probably can. I drilled 10 3/8 x 6" holes, and it did just fine once I put the proper battery in. sdub is right though, might be pushing it at a 1/2". Maybe step up to it?
Post #167379808 added 11-23-2023 6:28 PM by sdub90 in Deal Talk
You'd definitely be pushing it. I wouldn't even try. Maybe an occasional 3/8" at most. Good enough for 1/4" if you only need to do a couple for a project/job.
Post #167377384 added 11-23-2023 5:20 PM by sbui503 in Deal Talk
Hmm can the hammer drill drill thru concrete? 1/2 inch hole
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