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Post #167486191 added 11-25-2023 8:06 PM by ImCheapAsHell in Deal Talk
Yeah agree just got mine and it's bigger than I thought, would have preferred something more compact for the intent of light duty and drawer storage.
Post #167438341 added 11-24-2023 5:53 PM by artibramuir in Deal Talk
I have the pivot version. If you’re comparing the two I’d definitely go pivot, since pistol-only will limit where it can easily fit and require you to use longer bit holders more often. It isn’t...
Post #167429566 added 11-24-2023 2:31 PM by dealleecher in Deal Talk
Will this one work better than the Kobalt powered screwdriver? I bought it years ago but it is so weak it’s almost useless.
Post #167424601 added 11-24-2023 12:50 PM by FrankH2394 in Deal Talk
I own this, the attachments are good for it, but I think you would be better off with one that looks like a screwdriver rather than a drill. But it will work fine.
Post #167407105 added 11-24-2023 8:06 AM by xtian85 in Deal Talk
I use mine a lot around the house, even when I should be using a stronger tool. I just crank it manually. If it runs out of juice. I do wish I had a clutch though. I have to be very careful when...
Post #167406976 added 11-24-2023 8:04 AM by adalta in Deal Talk
"“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.”
Post #167403094 added 11-24-2023 6:56 AM by Werther595 in Deal Talk
Don't use this for PC building. The screws are so short you won't be able to back this off in time. Get a magnetic tipped ratcheting screwdriver with a long skinny shaft. That's the better tool for...
Post #167402935 added 11-24-2023 6:54 AM by Werther595 in Deal Talk
I have had this for a couple of years and use it close to daily. This lives in the junk drawer, not the tool box, so it can be accessed quickly and easily. I think I charge it every 6 months or so....
Post #167398588 added 11-24-2023 5:21 AM by Speedmaster1 in Deal Talk
Reviews are not set so flattering. I think the Worx is a better option though a little bit more expensive. Limited-time deal: Worx WX240L 4V 3-Speed Cordless Screwdriver
Post #167397037 added 11-24-2023 4:34 AM by J03 in Deal Talk
Damn, just bought a regular electric screwdriver after years of using a pistol grip (eventually lost it). I think I like this grip better. Feels more natural using it like a drill rather than using...
Post #167390800 added 11-23-2023 11:41 PM by whatyaar in Deal Talk
awesome thank you very much.
Post #167390200 added 11-23-2023 11:16 PM by Ceno82 in Deal Talk
This would be perfect and then some.
Post #167390194 added 11-23-2023 11:15 PM by Ceno82 in Deal Talk
Without a way to tune down the torque, I wouldn't recommend this for PC Building. Too much power.
Post #167389834 added 11-23-2023 11:04 PM by whatyaar in Deal Talk
please dont mind me asking and accept my apology if this very different from what it is posted.. I am looking for a drilling machine to hook window rods for my apartment.. never used these and no...
Post #167389456 added 11-23-2023 10:49 PM by monkeybiz in Deal Talk
I got the pivot handle for a few dollars more awhile back. Really like it but haven't used it much.
Post #167389327 added 11-23-2023 10:45 PM by DontTaxBeer in Deal Talk
this is the reason i got the $19 one that pivots. helps a bit.
Post #167388577 added 11-23-2023 10:22 PM by lunchboxphil in Deal Talk
Need one with a clutch.
Post #167387662 added 11-23-2023 9:52 PM by Ck2hi in Deal Talk
Its sad man the sarcasm is dying :'( i got it tho
Post #167385781 added 11-23-2023 8:56 PM by JimG5349 in Deal Talk
I have this and just ordered the Milwaukee from HD for $59 including 2 batteries. Skil: 4V, 220 RPM single speed, 0.85 pounds, no clutch, 36 inch-pounds of torque, built-in battery, magnetic chuck....
Post #167383747 added 11-23-2023 8:04 PM by bratpack in Deal Talk
I purchased one of these from the last deal and really thought it wouldn't be that great but I was surprised. My friend had brought an expensive rechargeable driver to use but went ahead and...
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