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Post #167661373 added 11-30-2023 8:10 AM by rayzerli in Deal Talk
looks like deal is dead shows $17.98
Post #167639716 added 11-29-2023 1:45 PM by slickjunkie2 in Deal Talk
Also pick up a pair of these. The two unit can be "locked" together so that you can carry both by just holding one handle comfortably with one hand. Inside, most of the dividers are removable. ...
Post #167536021 added 11-27-2023 3:49 AM by nice279guy in Deal Talk
Do prefer the clearer lid. But price is only for a single tray according to specs and Q&A
Post #167521918 added 11-26-2023 5:22 PM by PZWOG in Deal Talk
I just got these delivered yesterday. I'm using them for office supplies, jewelry making and various hooks. Sturdy for the price especially. Taking out multiple dividers gives a large square...
Post #167514715 added 11-26-2023 2:13 PM by Fnaticx in Deal Talk
Anvil or this ones: Stanley SortMaster Junior 14-Compartment Like which one is...
Post #167503024 added 11-26-2023 9:23 AM by T0mmy in Deal Talk
Mine click together, I unwrapped a couple and the side lock also clicks the next set. After locking both pick up together
Post #167502919 added 11-26-2023 9:20 AM by T0mmy in Deal Talk
I'm with this guy, hah
Post #167485411 added 11-25-2023 7:40 PM by BobbySacamano22 in Deal Talk
Thank you! Just purchased the 20 left on the shelf at my local HD. Too late suckas!!
Post #167478211 added 11-25-2023 4:02 PM by dotzero in Deal Talk
I bought 2. There isn't a Home Depot store close to me but I had to drive somewhere and was passing close to a store. I stopped and they had them in stock. I'm going to use at least one of them for...
Post #167473582 added 11-25-2023 1:40 PM by T0mmy in Deal Talk
I just picked up 10 packs (all local store had. Lol) and I'm impressed. Quality seems good, locking stacks, adjustability. And it's $3.45 each lol. Tools, tackle, toys, crafts. I'll def find a...
Post #167442721 added 11-24-2023 7:38 PM by palmerrmatthew in Deal Talk
I stacked about 15 and picked it up... sketchy, but works 🥴
Post #167442658 added 11-24-2023 7:37 PM by palmerrmatthew in Deal Talk
Just like the old hdx ones, the hyper tough from Walmart are also identical. I'm in for 5 👍
Post #167428312 added 11-24-2023 2:05 PM by Knuteski in Deal Talk
Sweet thanks!
Post #167427859 added 11-24-2023 1:56 PM by alien4321 in Deal Talk
Sliders are on both sides. Behind each is a flap that hangs down to catch the unit's slider below it. So, I am able to stack/connect/fix all four I bought . There is nothing preventing stacking...
Post #167426488 added 11-24-2023 1:26 PM by meatlifter in Deal Talk
7 bux for a pair of these is a solid deal. Now I just gotta find stuff to put in them to make them useful.
Post #167421073 added 11-24-2023 11:43 AM by Knuteski in Deal Talk
Is it 3 max stacked or is there a way (maybe pigging back the left and right sliders) to go above 3?
Post #167413987 added 11-24-2023 9:48 AM by alien4321 in Deal Talk
They stack to each other by a horizontal slider on each side which locks to the one above. I just got home with some...
Post #167410450 added 11-24-2023 8:55 AM by artfather in Deal Talk
I have these exact ones from last year and I love them. They are sturdy and the dividers don’t lift to allow washers and similar items from shifting underneath. With that being said-these are NOT the...
Post #167378995 added 11-23-2023 6:09 PM by newcomer81 in Deal Talk
the hf ones i got that lock with these anvil are STOREHOUSE Nut and Bolt Assortment Case, 1001-Piece
Post #167378575 added 11-23-2023 5:56 PM by anvilsvs in Deal Talk
OOS local and $35 to ship.
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