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Post #168953062 added 01-27-2024 4:35 PM by GreenMountain684 in Hot Deals
I seeing $399 for thinkphone at moto and Amazon. Still a great deal.
Post #168294466 added 12-24-2023 1:34 AM by chprasanna in Hot Deals
Beware, I got 11 5G from this offer. When I tried to register for one plus warranty, I couldn’t. Contacted one plus support and they told me that it is a demo unit and not supposed to be sold. Now...
Post #168067963 added 12-14-2023 6:47 PM by Canopyshade in Hot Deals
Just bought using your link and got an extra $10 off for using the ebay app. Went to TMob yesterday to get hands on the P8P and a few others. The 10t shined but they wanted something like $600 for...
Post #167922691 added 12-09-2023 7:56 PM by SimRacer79 in Hot Deals
What about it?
Post #167880925 added 12-08-2023 6:16 AM by actinic in Hot Deals
Yes, my 10T was brand new in wrapping and sealed package. Fully unlocked model CPH2417. Last I checked the Oneplus 11 still goes for $700 (8/128) or $800 (16/256). The OnePlus 12 has great specs...
Post #167869531 added 12-07-2023 4:25 PM by Mono141 in Hot Deals
Was it a brand new and sealed device? Like in factory wrapping paper etc.
Post #167863153 added 12-07-2023 11:59 AM by Mono141 in Hot Deals
Is this a brand new and sealed phone? The 10t is what I ordered but I am unsure if I got a sealed / brand new device.
Post #167820115 added 12-05-2023 8:03 PM by actinic in Hot Deals
10T baby! Had a OnePlus 6 years ago and loved it. Glad to be back with OnePlus again.
Post #167818546 added 12-05-2023 6:39 PM by duhFooL in Hot Deals
So you bought either a Oneplus 10T or a Motorola Thinkphone. Only one I can filter out is the Oneplus 11 5G, since you commented that you 'thought about it'. Care to elaborate which one you...
Post #167818282 added 12-05-2023 6:25 PM by actinic in Hot Deals
Is this phone a beast or what? Received it a few days ago and honestly thought it wasn't going to be a big step up from my Galaxy S21 basic but boy was I wrong. From performance to cell reception...
Post #167760619 added 12-03-2023 4:30 PM by Mono141 in Hot Deals
Yeah same. Did they cancel your order on woot.
Post #167713276 added 12-01-2023 6:50 PM by bleedingoutward in Hot Deals
Is the Thinkphone or 10 pro more powerful overall? Can trade my 10 pro in and get the thinkphone pretty cheaply.
Post #167683942 added 11-30-2023 10:09 PM by Genghis_Khan in Hot Deals
Le nooo vohhh
Post #167683936 added 11-30-2023 10:08 PM by Genghis_Khan in Hot Deals
I think it is good not to do rapid charging all the time. Gives your battery a breather. Wireless charging is good when you part with your phone at night, phone goes on the smart wireless charger,...
Post #167675467 added 11-30-2023 3:41 PM by exceljockey in Hot Deals
They’re both China phones
Post #167642599 added 11-29-2023 3:16 PM by NavyChicken1737 in Hot Deals
Oneplus is sold out?? Please help
Post #167642491 added 11-29-2023 3:12 PM by mora5oh3 in Hot Deals
I am liking my OnePlus 10t over my Google pixel 7 that I had to replace due to black screen of death. Camera is not as great but the software is not as buggy as Google pixels. Battery Life night...
Post #167618008 added 11-28-2023 9:38 PM by pqyrz in Hot Deals
Pretty sure Motorola was bought by a Chinese company.
Post #167584843 added 11-28-2023 3:26 AM by Handymanmacaw in Hot Deals
Slightly outperformed S23 Ultra's Gen 2 on PCMark Work 3.0 according to PC World. It also uses TSMC rather than Samsung, which was used for Gen 1 and had heat issues.
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