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Post #168190048 added 12-19-2023 2:37 PM by raj208 in Hot Deals
Going to wait till this is 28,999 on bf.
Post #167948197 added 12-10-2023 9:52 PM by luvmikey in Hot Deals
Exactly. Build your own sphere!
Post #167901268 added 12-08-2023 7:33 PM by csgrad1101 in Hot Deals
I feel like I agree but I don’t think I would say that so confidently. Affordability is sometimes a relative term. Like some people do not have access to 30K at all to be able to buy this even if...
Post #167886424 added 12-08-2023 9:43 AM by Arpit87 in Hot Deals
Picking one up soon, hope it fits on the roof rack of my mini Cooper
Post #167874343 added 12-07-2023 8:10 PM by Yringa in Hot Deals
Just came here to make sure HDMI was mentioned. =)
Post #167874004 added 12-07-2023 7:51 PM by Karimovic in Hot Deals
I need one for my barn . That's a good deal 🤝
Post #167870905 added 12-07-2023 5:27 PM by torranoa in Hot Deals
This TV can be yours for just a house payment a month for 24-month financing! I'm sure the wife would understand the value here.
Post #167862817 added 12-07-2023 11:48 AM by dperolio in Hot Deals
Not really. Not at the levels we’re talking here. Time is money, and people that can spend $30k on a TV probably aren’t spending their time on a deal website like this. At least the smart ones. ...
Post #167853220 added 12-07-2023 6:26 AM by 2Slick2Quit in Hot Deals
Wrong! People with money SAVE as much money as possible, or put differently, increase their purchasing power, getting more for less.
Post #167851789 added 12-07-2023 5:23 AM by VerizonJustin in Hot Deals
I'm basic.
Post #167847889 added 12-06-2023 9:40 PM by anonymouse99 in Hot Deals
Can this be used as a PC monitor? Perfect resolution for viewing distances from my next door neighbor’s kitchen window. Will they let me purchase it with one debit, and 11 credit cards?
Post #167846026 added 12-06-2023 7:39 PM by AlbiW in Hot Deals
Extrapolating from this, 100" would be common by 2030
Post #167839840 added 12-06-2023 3:00 PM by d_phenomenon in Hot Deals
What is this?
Post #167836441 added 12-06-2023 12:41 PM by BlueDesk9616 in Hot Deals
If I have a Best Buy Plus membership can I buy this and return it 60 days later for a full refund?
Post #167828821 added 12-06-2023 8:06 AM by Ardee206 in Hot Deals
Picked up one for my camping trip next week!
Post #167825197 added 12-06-2023 4:59 AM by camarossguy2 in Hot Deals
So obviously this is just to showcase where the tech is going.. But seriously, it still needs a power cord right? So until that's solved what's the point? My current OLED has only 2 wires to...
Post #167823766 added 12-06-2023 1:57 AM by vwyatt in Hot Deals
Back in stock, do not miss out.
Post #167822860 added 12-05-2023 11:29 PM by Mtk1001 in Hot Deals
Why does this exist?
Post #167819665 added 12-05-2023 7:34 PM by tenshadowsun in Hot Deals
Anyone in here is the 1% who can easily afford this?
Post #167819506 added 12-05-2023 7:26 PM by Adder1221 in Hot Deals
Thanks OP! My wife’s boyfriend is gonna enjoy it.
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