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Post #168509059 added 01-03-2024 4:27 PM by drmjshah in Hot Deals
Is this promo over ? Save25 not working. Anyone ?
Post #168024448 added 12-13-2023 11:26 AM by SlickJedi in Hot Deals
I had been going through their clearance bin and when there’s additional savings there’s usually always socks in there. My 7 year old son is always losing/sock deficit so GameStop pro benefit usually...
Post #167968339 added 12-11-2023 3:15 PM by Captnsaven in Hot Deals
I'm fairly certain when the time comes for gamestop to liquidate all assets to to bankruptcy they still would be trying to cheat the creditors. Is it just me or do they only hire people that are a...
Post #167925268 added 12-09-2023 11:15 PM by actionmike3 in Hot Deals
Does anyone else have issues with card payments not going through? It puts a pending charge on my card but then it says there was an error. Regardless of checking all the details, I can't get it to...
Post #167912530 added 12-09-2023 10:20 AM by GBPack in Hot Deals
How would I go about combining this deal while trading in a PS4? Trade in is done at the store and this deal is order online and pickup in store, so how can I apply the trade in store credit to...
Post #167887774 added 12-08-2023 10:24 AM by LLcj in Hot Deals
GameStop is so frustrating because I’d love them to be good. Instead of taking all of that value and doing something like improve the experience for customers and employees, they smoked it on stupid...
Post #167820496 added 12-05-2023 8:25 PM by mike96sc2 in Hot Deals
They took the gift card perk away.
Post #167801539 added 12-05-2023 7:12 AM by PurpleKitten2946 in Hot Deals
Bought the meta quest 3 with this 2 days ago. Had 3 gift cards from work for here (they limit purchases to only 2 gift cards being used and note if you use a gift card you can't use PayPal. ...
Post #167795686 added 12-04-2023 9:56 PM by chdx2 in Hot Deals
Yes, I picked up a fat PS5. Got the $25 off plus $28 cashback from Chase's quarterly 5% rewards by paying with PayPal. Not the slickest deal, but better than paying full price.
Post #167781559 added 12-04-2023 11:38 AM by trip1eX in Hot Deals
Yep also can confirm you can't buy $10 gift cards any longer with the $5 monthly pro reward discount.
Post #167781145 added 12-04-2023 11:23 AM by phoshizzlez in Hot Deals
I think I got the slickest deal of all from Gamestop; I ordered a ps5 for pickup and after I picked it up, they never marked it as being picked up after 7 days so I was refunded the cost. Their site...
Post #167777596 added 12-04-2023 9:27 AM by afiaccone in Hot Deals
After I hit place order, I got a credit card fraud alert, even after I confirmed that it was not fraud, I can no longer enter my CVV number and make the Place Order button active. Might just go buy...
Post #167764780 added 12-03-2023 7:23 PM by happygooddeal in Hot Deals
Unfortunately, all Gamestop stores near me starting Dec 1st you cannot use $5 to buy digital. The clerk even told me soon Gamestop giftcard also cannot buy digital.
Post #167760406 added 12-03-2023 4:19 PM by Mike360 in Hot Deals
Don't be spreading misinformation.
Post #167760328 added 12-03-2023 4:15 PM by Ofuroski in Hot Deals
Read the thread and stop being an idiot. This isn’t Reddit.
Post #167759926 added 12-03-2023 3:53 PM by Mike360 in Hot Deals
You should do your research before running your mouth. The $5 coupon no longer works on gift cards.
Post #167757250 added 12-03-2023 1:41 PM by ItsYaBoiJohn25 in Hot Deals
I bought a "refurbished" Steam deck from Gamestop a few months ago According to their return policy, I can return it for a full refund if returned within 14 days of purchase. It's only been 3...
Post #167751988 added 12-03-2023 9:58 AM by PowerfulMeerkat340 in Hot Deals
I didn’t know they were doing this, and I’ve always left my membership on auto renewal. I think I’m a month or two into the the new year and found out Friday they stopped doing it when I went it. ...
Post #167751409 added 12-03-2023 9:35 AM by arnott in Hot Deals
Power to the players!
Post #167747134 added 12-03-2023 6:42 AM by dealuser88 in Hot Deals
Nice I’m going to give it a try online for in store pickup. Still have the gift card from the ps5 trade in deal.
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