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Post #168055831 added 12-14-2023 11:33 AM by BlueRaccoon1085 in Hot Deals
These games look like cheap shovelware. Junk.
Post #167859493 added 12-07-2023 9:56 AM by talk2junior in Hot Deals
I bought this bundle and if you use OMEN10 to save an additional 10% on top of current deal. Thanks for the share. Game on!!!
Post #167854825 added 12-07-2023 7:21 AM by modesteternity in Hot Deals
Omen10 or omen10% will make it 14.39
Post #167847751 added 12-06-2023 9:29 PM by larrybeo in Hot Deals
If you don’t have Prey this is a no-brainer. Tons of added value here on top of the main title.
Post #167847619 added 12-06-2023 9:20 PM by Bulwark99 in Hot Deals
Check your Epic games library, you may have gotten a couple of these games as freebies at some point. I found 4 of them in my library, including Prey which I already finished.
Post #167846878 added 12-06-2023 8:28 PM by twiggy_alien_man in Hot Deals
Will trade $1 amazon gift card for The Mummy Demastered
Post #167845456 added 12-06-2023 7:12 PM by Slimeyface in Hot Deals
Yes!! Such an underrated series! So stoked to see another person of culture. Ahahah :applause: All the kingdom games are wildly fun! Too true!
Post #167844592 added 12-06-2023 6:29 PM by DocBrewskie in Hot Deals
For anyone who remembers going to the arcade, arcade paradise is a great time. I even got my daughters into it.
Post #167843935 added 12-06-2023 5:59 PM by t5825db in Hot Deals
Not sure I can be a fan of Fanatical anymore since their business practices are a little bit sketchy. So I purchased multiple tiers of one of a recent bundle but almost than half of the titles that...
Post #167841928 added 12-06-2023 4:27 PM by BruceInCola in Hot Deals
Yes, but should come with some kind of warning about addiction though.
Post #167841688 added 12-06-2023 4:17 PM by FairWriter8849 in Hot Deals
I'll just add that Darq is a great game made by a great guy. It reminds me, I never went back to play the second DLC. I need to do that.
Post #167835859 added 12-06-2023 12:19 PM by ryand7651 in Hot Deals
I tried Arcade Paradise. It's tedious busy work. I thought that would be rewarded once you got some arcade machines where you could play some classic old school games. You can play the arcade...
Post #167829349 added 12-06-2023 8:21 AM by jazyje in Hot Deals
thnaks !! I'll try!
Post #167829043 added 12-06-2023 8:12 AM by Brandonn301 in Hot Deals
Not sure if this will give a 5% or not since I already own the game didn’t test. But here’s a free game on there right now.
Post #167825137 added 12-06-2023 4:53 AM by jazyje in Hot Deals
Is there a chepie of freebie game to purchase to then get the 5% discount on this bundle?
Post #167824939 added 12-06-2023 4:39 AM by chimprapture in Hot Deals
The mummy demastered is a fun metroidvania
Post #167803054 added 12-05-2023 8:12 AM by Jiggymike in Hot Deals
That’s unfortunate because I really enjoyed Mortal Shell, even if it has some frustrating sequences. Still probably a good value bundle if you don’t own any of the main games in it.
Post #167799778 added 12-05-2023 5:53 AM by StrifeZero in Hot Deals
Prey is awesome. I haven't played Darq, but I will check it out. Encased and Arcade Paradise are also pretty good.
Post #167794537 added 12-04-2023 8:43 PM by mrsalty101 in Hot Deals
Prey is incredible Darq was a cool puzzle game with little nightmare vibes But Mortal Shell is broken. There's 'pop-in' enemies that apparently weren't there before a patch broke it. In the steam...
Post #167794312 added 12-04-2023 8:33 PM by VioletTent657 in Hot Deals
Kingdom New Lands is an incredible game with tons of replay value.
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