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Post #168664573 added 01-12-2024 8:06 AM by BadDevil in Deal Talk
Post #168582019 added 01-07-2024 8:00 PM by OrangeVest212 in Deal Talk
I hear that! -I actually replaced the panel on my Asus TUF from last year due to the 45% NTSC and poor contrast. I wish this particular slim5 had a better display.. I keep hunting for a legion in...
Post #168571816 added 01-07-2024 7:54 AM by loopyoyo in Deal Talk
Panel swap possibility I wonder?
Post #168567268 added 01-06-2024 9:07 PM by FantasticSoda165 in Deal Talk
in addition to the above comment, it has HDMI 2.1 which should support well beyond 1440p 60, and the spec sheet lists DP1.4, which I'm not sure but could be referring to the USB-Cs, making them...
Post #168566752 added 01-06-2024 8:26 PM by Mbilo in Deal Talk
Yes to both: you can replace the 2x8GB DDR5-5600 RAM modules with 2x16GB modules, and there are lots of dual display docks for the USB-C 3.2 gen 2 ports on this laptop.
Post #168566650 added 01-06-2024 8:18 PM by kokolo in Deal Talk
I wonder if I can upgrade the RAM to 32GB and add a docking station with dual monitors (2560 x 1440 Pixels)
Post #168560935 added 01-06-2024 12:49 PM by wmiah3 in Deal Talk
I got one for 899 new on BF, But the 7840 model with the better screen was the same price 2 weeks later so I replaced it.
Post #168560068 added 01-06-2024 11:54 AM by slamtaz in Deal Talk
Bought open box excellent for 787 last month, after I saw it posted on SD. Almost kept it value/specs wise as a stand alone laptop, which I know is the main use/purpose of this. got 10k+ avg...
Post #168559306 added 01-06-2024 10:56 AM by Peerless_Warrior in Deal Talk
Wasn't it 700-800 around BF??
Post #168555016 added 01-06-2024 6:02 AM by techbuff in Deal Talk
300 nitd
Post #168554641 added 01-06-2024 5:22 AM by Crunchytoiletpaper in Deal Talk
All seems amazing except for the 45% NTSC screen (can only display 52% of sRGB) Even in 2016 I returned a laptop because the color reproduction felt so bad on 45% NTSC. With a simple Google search...
Post #168553789 added 01-06-2024 2:05 AM by privater in Deal Talk
I was astonished today how efficient 4060 was. Playing Hogwarts legacy today on laptop with 2880x1800 DLSS 3 enabled on High Settings, it's reaching 110 fps with GPU merely runs 65c on my Legion Slim...
Post #168553426 added 01-06-2024 12:38 AM by oddlike7 in Deal Talk
I grabbed one last month at $900... no regrets.
Post #168552406 added 01-05-2024 10:30 PM by MarkE671 in Deal Talk
No,I just saw a video of a 85w and 140w. Fps difference is minimal and not noticeable
Post #168542317 added 01-05-2024 11:26 AM by DalaiAlapaca in Deal Talk
Is there a big performance difference between a 4060 100W vs 140W like in some of the other Slickdeals?
Post #168540100 added 01-05-2024 9:35 AM by LikeIStoleIt in Deal Talk
Thanks, Doc - had been on the lookout for a deal on the slim!
Post #168534670 added 01-05-2024 1:59 AM by Dr.Wajahat in Deal Talk
$792.99 Open-Box Excellent available in 'Buying Options' (YMMV). $949.99 New available at: Best Buy Best Buy via eBay SPECS:

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