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Post #169275184 added 02-14-2024 7:51 PM by CyanPenguin266 in Deal Talk
Agree, dislike Stevia but like the nutrition profile of Vega and I find adding lemon juice or apple cider vinegar pretty much fixes it for me, at least for the berry flavor.
Post #169271014 added 02-14-2024 2:49 PM by brandontw in Deal Talk
Just a PSA, the Equate plant-based protein at Walmart at full price is STILL cheaper than this at FP slickdeals price. Tasty enough as well. No coupon on my account either.
Post #169244797 added 02-13-2024 5:49 AM by paczbro in Deal Talk
Why would you limit carbs lol. Carbs are the fuel source for the body and brain. And there’s no science on low carb diets being better than non low carb diets.
Post #169243021 added 02-13-2024 1:20 AM by KarlJay in Deal Talk
45 servings @ $53 is $1/30g = $0.033/g Muscle Milk at 50g per serving is about $2.3/50g. = $0.047/g or MM = $1.41 vs about $1.18 for this on sale. Not that great of a sale... IDK if it's a...
Post #169238272 added 02-12-2024 5:10 PM by BadMannurse in Deal Talk
I certainly would not recommend anyone to eat 1g/lb. A 200 pound person would need 200g protein which, while not impossible, is unsafe. Excessively high protein diets are correlated with increase in...
Post #169235410 added 02-12-2024 1:42 PM by Jared4 in Deal Talk
Losing weight is about eating less calories than you are burning. Count calories, don't rely on gimmicks.
Post #169232194 added 02-12-2024 10:28 AM by littlepigs in Deal Talk
Wanted to try but a lot of recent complaints that vanilla is horrible now
Post #169230217 added 02-12-2024 8:35 AM by seksay00 in Deal Talk
Thanks OP. I tend to get the vanilla flavor when I buy. The plant based protein is better for people like me who get gassy from the “whey” proteins.
Post #169230016 added 02-12-2024 8:24 AM by Bucephalus in Deal Talk
I wouldn’t say nothing. Protein can be very helpful to people trying to lose weight. This is an easy way to get near pure protein for that effect with minimal calories. Protein and long acting...
Post #169228657 added 02-12-2024 7:08 AM by 0rbitalframe in Deal Talk
Just didn't like it at all and it was all personal preference. This had a thick chalky consistency/texture and reminded me of casein.
Post #169228597 added 02-12-2024 7:04 AM by crzyakta in Deal Talk
Agreed, also last vanilla container had a different lighter tan color and also tasted different, less vanilla flavor
Post #169228336 added 02-12-2024 6:45 AM by BlueTexture5989 in Deal Talk
To lose weight: eat less calories than you use. To gain weight: eat more calories than you use. That's the formula. Has nothing to do with protein powder.
Post #169228039 added 02-12-2024 6:23 AM by cfo214 in Deal Talk
Contains Stevia. I can’t get past the weird after-taste from Stevia, so heads-up for others similarly sensitive.
Post #169227685 added 02-12-2024 5:55 AM by TXGoat in Deal Talk
I wonder if they named it "Vega" because if you use the product you'll be backfiring like an old Chevy Vega? 🤔
Post #169227400 added 02-12-2024 5:28 AM by amoney805 in Deal Talk
Not a fan of the chocolate. Had a chemical/stevia aftertaste. Wondering if peanut butter is any better?
Post #169227376 added 02-12-2024 5:25 AM by BobMighty in Deal Talk
Protein is a nutritional supplement, not a weight lost supplement. Any protein supplement can help you hit your targets. Figure out your macros first. Eat at a deficit. Try to get close to 1g of...
Post #169226866 added 02-12-2024 4:04 AM by Kamui_1999 in Deal Talk
From last time buying it on sale, not a great taste for chocolate and berry ones, and it would categorically not hand mix with water in a shaker. No go for me.
Post #169226182 added 02-12-2024 12:15 AM by KetoTonic in Deal Talk
looks like all Vega items have this coupon, what’s the best if I just want to lose weight/fat and not gain?
Post #169225366 added 02-11-2024 10:10 PM by cclippax in Deal Talk
Why is Natural Flavor a second ingredient?
Post #169227472 added 02-11-2024 8:08 PM by Discombobulated in Deal Talk
Amazon has select Vega Protein Powders on sale below when you clip the 40% Off coupon on the page and checkout with Subscribe and Save. Shipping is free. Thanks to Deal Hunter babgaly for sharing...
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