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Post #170585352 added 04-28-2024 6:21 PM by Zerosvn in Hot Deals
Only white Q45 is available. I bought one as I'm tired of black headphones. I'm more of an IEM guy, but I could use a new set of Q45 to replace my old Q30. I got those for $50 refurb. Audio...
Post #170585277 added 04-28-2024 6:12 PM by howsTricks in Hot Deals
Still around!
Post #170100162 added 03-31-2024 11:43 AM by tgp1994 in Hot Deals
You might be right - I thought I saw another deal for these from a different store, so probably time to move on from this one.
Post #170099769 added 03-31-2024 11:16 AM by mikhallych in Hot Deals
The deal looks expired, doesn't it?
Post #169967166 added 03-24-2024 8:41 PM by truesvm1 in Hot Deals
Thanks. Decided to pull the trigger on it. So far so good
Post #169960725 added 03-24-2024 12:20 PM by athakur999 in Hot Deals
I bought this model about 10 months ago primarily for office use and I'm happy with them. The noise cancelling does a decent job blocking out general office noise and the mic is pretty good at...
Post #169948218 added 03-23-2024 2:35 PM by Slickdeal_9825 in Hot Deals
How are these for music recording ?? I am looking for studio headphones can i use this ?
Post #169646463 added 03-06-2024 11:16 AM by Deal2go in Hot Deals
I returned it to ankersoundcore and had topay for return shipping. I DID NOT like the look and design of it. very ugly bad design and looks, two huge earmuffs on each side it looks like. they...
Post #169645188 added 03-06-2024 10:16 AM by truesvm1 in Hot Deals
Are they good for office use? Right now I'm using XM2 connected to Windows PC via BT, but the are broken.
Post #169619079 added 03-05-2024 5:22 AM by Deal-R-Dash in Hot Deals
Ugggh -- as others alluded to this is not Costco "warranty" or return policy. You have to deal with Anker and they appear to either be off-shored support and/or they are located someplace 12-14...
Post #169590555 added 03-03-2024 12:27 PM by Deal-R-Dash in Hot Deals
Tried them out and noise cancellation was not as good as my Samsung ear buds. The build quality was absolutely amazing and felt very comfortable but have to return for this reason. I can confirm...
Post #169476418 added 02-26-2024 12:13 PM by VaibhavW in Hot Deals
Oh yes. Sorry. My bad. Thanks for correcting me.
Post #169476310 added 02-26-2024 12:09 PM by Wildpir8 in Hot Deals
That's for the budget Space One model. The Q45 is still $79.99.
Post #169476244 added 02-26-2024 12:07 PM by VaibhavW in Hot Deals
Post #169465045 added 02-25-2024 6:59 PM by xlrgwillystyles in Hot Deals
For anybody using this for watching movies, theres a serious delay. had to return it
Post #169460449 added 02-25-2024 1:00 PM by FairHill1690 in Hot Deals
I bought these using this deal, they are very impressive headphones for $80
Post #169456909 added 02-25-2024 8:48 AM by PetSpy in Hot Deals
i got space a40 refurb earbud on ebay 2 months ago, and am very happy with them. i can now walk thru NYC traffic without having to keep pausing audio book listening. ...
Post #169445848 added 02-24-2024 1:14 PM by creepster in Hot Deals
You couldn't tell that from the pictures and google?
Post #169433806 added 02-23-2024 5:25 PM by DasGlute in Hot Deals
I have the Q45 and like them a lot (I use them every day at work). I also have the Q35 but don't like them as much (not as comfortable for me) but my wife really likes them so I gave them to her. ...
Post #169412515 added 02-22-2024 1:41 PM by Wildpir8 in Hot Deals
Indeed. Maybe the younger folks tend to see a lot of stylish headphones on TikTok, etc.
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