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Post #169467124 added 02-25-2024 10:23 PM by Mbilo in Deal Talk
That page shows a group of items not individually listed in this deal. The other items each get their own individual link.
Post #169467040 added 02-25-2024 10:11 PM by miamimarty in Deal Talk
"Get Deal" link takes me to dental flossers!!!!
Post #169336393 added 02-18-2024 8:53 AM by vsauce in Deal Talk
That's just how this website works in general. Every link you click get redirected like 3 times before reaching the actual site. You can tell by setting a strict adblock
Post #169336312 added 02-18-2024 8:49 AM by missiethegal in Deal Talk
Their links are clean, but thanks for being cautious.
Post #169336273 added 02-18-2024 8:47 AM by liketheriverjor in Deal Talk
The OP is using a directed website link to get paid for each purchase made through slick deals. Be cautious of that
Post #169286650 added 02-15-2024 12:08 PM by EfficientSnail709 in Deal Talk
It seems that they only stock the Walgreens brand, flexible fabric, 30 count, $1.79/BOGO (50%)
Post #169284808 added 02-15-2024 10:52 AM by BrokenVisage in Deal Talk
What, no dark skin tones for these? /s
Post #169281571 added 02-15-2024 8:19 AM by EfficientSnail709 in Deal Talk
A suggestion....if you're incapable of clearly understanding someone's points, I'd suggest that you refrain from submitting impulsive, inappropriate responses. Avoiding certain social situations is...
Post #169279225 added 02-15-2024 6:00 AM by AmusedDime497 in Deal Talk
You do whatever silliness you want to, I am in my warm car waiting for my order in the pick up parking 🅿️ in a snow storm.
Post #169279171 added 02-15-2024 5:57 AM by AmusedDime497 in Deal Talk
There is always going to be a dummy who can't figure it out. Not everyone here is 25 years old and tech savvy, the 🖥️ computer is easier for all ages, it is easy on the phone 🤳 too.
Post #169276684 added 02-14-2024 10:41 PM by anakinfoxe in Deal Talk
I went with 3 packs of Coke Zero since they are on sale and I drink them regularly anyway...
Post #169273510 added 02-14-2024 5:51 PM by Nemophila in Deal Talk
There's nothing wrong with suggesting an alternative option, but indicating that people who'd prefer to use the more efficient method are mentally ill and generally being condescending over the...
Post #169267504 added 02-14-2024 11:03 AM by EfficientSnail709 in Deal Talk
If you had ever done this (or at the very least, were paying attention and not just making wrong assumptions), you'd know that what you're describing isn't the procedure at the store. Once again...
Post #169267138 added 02-14-2024 10:46 AM by EfficientSnail709 in Deal Talk
Take things completely out of context much?? BTW, it isn't "less work" to find another item to add to the order and then cancel it at the store. It's just another option (that's built right into...
Post #169267120 added 02-14-2024 10:45 AM by J03 in Deal Talk
Oh is that all? So you say those words and the unneeded item in your bag magically evaporates and the money instantly appears in your account? Or do you have to wait for the cashier to scan the...
Post #169266937 added 02-14-2024 10:34 AM by EfficientSnail709 in Deal Talk
That makes no sense!....but feel free to tell yourself (and others here) that it does. I promise you that the next time I follow Walgreen's own policy (vs. hacking the system), I'll insist upon...
Post #169266928 added 02-14-2024 10:34 AM by JJS1309 in Deal Talk
I do it on a phone every time. Zero issue. Add something to cart, copy the URL, paste in a new tab, go through checkout, get to payment, go back a tab, delete out of cart, go forward a tab, finish...
Post #169266283 added 02-14-2024 10:00 AM by NavyHamster270 in Deal Talk
Buying 50,000 for apocalypse bunker. Now all I'm really missing is vaccines and antibiotic stockpile.
Post #169264408 added 02-14-2024 8:26 AM by twiggy_alien_man in Deal Talk
By just doing it yourse.... Oh wait THAT is probably the issue; you having to do something yourself, instead of wasting the associates time.
Post #169264366 added 02-14-2024 8:24 AM by EfficientSnail709 in Deal Talk
Please explain what is so "inefficient" about saying the following 7 words to the pick-up person?...."Please cancel that other item. Thank you".
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