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Post #169374619 added 02-20-2024 12:08 PM by dildibya in Deal Talk
Code works on selected colors only.
Post #169371289 added 02-20-2024 9:00 AM by qbantek in Deal Talk
It works (see attached image)
Post #169368214 added 02-20-2024 5:41 AM by downwithcville in Deal Talk
Promo code no worky
Post #169303960 added 02-16-2024 11:07 AM by lester78 in Deal Talk
I just used the alert feature and guess what, I received an email that my size is already available and upon checking the website, all the sizes are magically available. Ordered my size.
Post #169301167 added 02-16-2024 8:43 AM by SteveAustin in Deal Talk
Same for me.
Post #169299169 added 02-16-2024 6:51 AM by shackle101 in Deal Talk
Seems like the deal is dead.
Post #169298896 added 02-16-2024 6:33 AM by kenju4u in Deal Talk
Not getting Lite Racer Adapt 5.0 Shoes for $24. 1 item $39.20 Original price $70.00 Sales Tax $4.70 DeliveryFree Sale- $14.00 30% off savings- $16.80 Total $43.90
Post #169295128 added 02-15-2024 9:33 PM by section31 in Deal Talk
In for 1 thanks
Post #169294960 added 02-15-2024 9:17 PM by Frank_Nitty in Deal Talk
I was really only looking to get a pair of the "Swift Run 1.0" shoes in black, but when I tried to add size 13's in my cart for w/e reason it wasn't budging, but when I posted the page link onto a...
Post #169292191 added 02-15-2024 5:46 PM by lester78 in Deal Talk
How's the swift run 1.0?
Post #169291597 added 02-15-2024 5:01 PM by rkellylovespee in Deal Talk
Looks like a few actual lightstrike running shoes in the mix. The adiprime x2 for $210 is a pretty decent deal but none in my size. Hoping they go to half off eventually.
Post #169285318 added 02-15-2024 11:16 AM by Knifey_Spoony in Deal Talk
Thanks op
Post #169279990 added 02-15-2024 6:50 AM by BursaliOzer in Deal Talk
That happened with my bank card, fraud alert activated. Redid it with a major CC and it worked
Post #169278013 added 02-15-2024 3:45 AM by ColoradoFoxtrot in Deal Talk
Meh. At that time, all that really matters is that you have the right eyewear.... Then it is sooooo 80s which is apparently cool again.
Post #169277962 added 02-15-2024 3:36 AM by JIWC in Deal Talk
Same here, even when I switched to Paypal payment method. Seems it might be a Chrome problem (although I haven't had problems in the past) since the payment worked using Microsoft Edge
Post #169277191 added 02-15-2024 12:14 AM by TacoBot84 in Deal Talk
Yes! I personally returned an online order from the last sale to an instore location. It does take time for them to refund you.
Post #169276573 added 02-14-2024 10:24 PM by ysap in Deal Talk
I can't find definitive confirmation in their website - can an online purchase be returned to a physical store?
Post #169273888 added 02-14-2024 6:18 PM by JohnO6777 in Deal Talk
…but stinks during the day. Black absorbs heat!
Post #169272367 added 02-14-2024 4:31 PM by dpicks73 in Deal Talk
And for hypothetical robberies!
Post #169270735 added 02-14-2024 2:26 PM by FabulousSuit885 in Deal Talk
referencing a Black Eyed Peas song from 2009 is so 2020’s and late
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