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Post #169385743 added 02-21-2024 5:19 AM by SupraMike in Deal Talk
Took me a while to realize that: Antiperspirant = white (aluminum compound to block sweat pores) Deodorant = clear ones (typically alcohol based to prevent odor)
Post #169328590 added 02-17-2024 7:10 PM by bravesfan87 in Deal Talk
Haven’t heard that until now, not surprised though pretty much every product has gone through something similar recently. That and sizes of products are smaller now, but we pay more. Welcome to...
Post #169326775 added 02-17-2024 5:06 PM by RandyUSA1 in Deal Talk
No coupon... :(
Post #169323373 added 02-17-2024 12:50 PM by gangsterminator in Deal Talk
Arrived today and only had 3 in the package, not 4.
Post #169315858 added 02-17-2024 3:59 AM by NavySeagull8978 in Deal Talk
If you have an Ollie’s discount store, check them out for basic personal hygiene stuff. They almost always have Dove, Dollar Shave Club, Axe, Old Spice, Speed Stick, etc for cheap
Post #169309006 added 02-16-2024 3:36 PM by ShawnJSpencer in Deal Talk
Yeah what is with that?! Me too. They were fine for a long time but within the past few months with my most recent order…it has been crappy and barely even last until mid-afternoon
Post #169303498 added 02-16-2024 10:45 AM by RobinM6284 in Deal Talk
Can concur on the scent. Used to use these all the time. Then one day was wondering where the pungent musty smell was coming from and realised it was from me after unknowingly trying a stick of the...
Post #169300939 added 02-16-2024 8:30 AM by CheapAssMofo in Deal Talk
The scent of this changed when it went from 48hr to 72hr protection...and not for the better.
Post #169298251 added 02-16-2024 5:48 AM by CharlesBarkley in Deal Talk
Sometimes I feel like deals starting with “Select Accounts:” should be banned from SD, other times I don’t. Usually depends on if it shows up for me. 🤷 ♂️
Post #169297963 added 02-16-2024 5:20 AM by mr3putt in Deal Talk
20% off coupon is there and clickable, but does not stay valid through checkout?? EDIT: I was able to get the coupon applied by deleting a subscribe and save subscription that was in my account.
Post #169296970 added 02-16-2024 2:51 AM by AmusedDime497 in Deal Talk
Nah you are confused, wrong kind
Post #169296037 added 02-15-2024 11:26 PM by DillDozer in Deal Talk
Boycott these fruits and the parent company
Post #169295917 added 02-15-2024 11:12 PM by TheIVJackal in Deal Talk
DollarTree has these consistently beat. $0.70/oz for Speedstick 1.8oz!
Post #169295872 added 02-15-2024 11:05 PM by 00dahc in Deal Talk
Post #169295731 added 02-15-2024 10:52 PM by StoHouse in Deal Talk
This is my deodorant except I don't but the citrus scent. I look for the same extra fresh with no scent listed, I don't like my deodorant to have a scent. Otherwise good.
Post #169294771 added 02-15-2024 9:00 PM by jssingh in Deal Talk
It most likely will since it contains aluminum as a part of antiperspirant.
Post #169294708 added 02-15-2024 8:55 PM by R3DTR1X in Deal Talk
Does this stain the pits of my dark tshirts?
Post #169289890 added 02-15-2024 3:08 PM by 126466 in Deal Talk
i like this smell better than the blue
Post #169289860 added 02-15-2024 3:07 PM by 126466 in Deal Talk
deodorant only version $25.55 for 4 pack g.d.
Post #169279483 added 02-15-2024 6:21 AM by AmusedDime497 in Deal Talk
Seems expensive, not paying more than 2.50 for less than 3 ounces. bought the speedstick (not the white crap) last time for $8.50 for 4 of the 3.0oz
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