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Post #169383418 added 02-20-2024 10:26 PM by ded_man in Hot Deals
If you can do without the top cabinets and the 3rd bottom drawer. Harbor Freight sells a similarly made one for $99 often and that’s not including other promo’s occasionally ran. Right now, it’s...
Post #169376980 added 02-20-2024 2:33 PM by WiseTent3989 in Hot Deals
Bought this back around black friday for I think around $100 off. Anyone know if I might be able to get a price adjustment?
Post #169356607 added 02-19-2024 12:56 PM by nsk2002 in Hot Deals
Its $299 in SoCal area warehouses that have them.
Post #169354825 added 02-19-2024 11:20 AM by calciox10 in Hot Deals
It's about 15.5in. I'd say 15in to allow bottom drawer to open easily.
Post #169353232 added 02-19-2024 9:55 AM by calciox10 in Hot Deals
I have one that I won't be able to use if you would want it! In Tucson.
Post #169347754 added 02-19-2024 2:26 AM by drsnowmon in Hot Deals
This is out of stock everywhere
Post #169337236 added 02-18-2024 9:35 AM by JohnS5146 in Hot Deals
Damn, looks like an awesome deal. Not available in 98501.
Post #169320106 added 02-17-2024 9:33 AM by agthang in Hot Deals
Anyone know the distance between the wooden desktop and the bottom of the cabinets? I want to put a 3d printer on this but not sure it will fit.
Post #169305166 added 02-16-2024 12:04 PM by spook02 in Hot Deals
Out of stock for me… otherwise I was going to be out a few hundred bucks 😅
Post #169302130 added 02-16-2024 9:32 AM by NachoNYC in Hot Deals
If anyone in the Tri-State area has an extra workbench for sale PM me please
Post #169286941 added 02-15-2024 12:21 PM by pkm4rt in Hot Deals
I've been eyeing this thing for months, unfortunately it's been out of stock in my area for a long time.
Post #169282624 added 02-15-2024 9:06 AM by dholly in Hot Deals
No go in Triad. Anyone got a NC zip code where this was available, please share the love!
Post #169281943 added 02-15-2024 8:36 AM by NeatSquirrel549 in Hot Deals
Are there any in California at all?
Post #169275472 added 02-14-2024 8:16 PM by sbao26975 in Hot Deals
80401, but I ordered last night. Looks like it's OOS now.
Post #169273909 added 02-14-2024 6:20 PM by TROLL in Hot Deals
I’m also seeing not available in my Denver-area zip code. I’m assuming it’s OOS now, but if it’s available at a different Denver area zip code I’d love to know!
Post #169273669 added 02-14-2024 6:01 PM by nellenbu in Hot Deals
Which zip did you use? I used mine and another nearby with no luck.
Post #169271728 added 02-14-2024 3:49 PM by eric_cartman in Hot Deals
I own the Harbor Freight version and can pretty much guarantee the Costco one is infinitely better.
Post #169271458 added 02-14-2024 3:29 PM by falconman515 in Hot Deals
DANG!!! None in Central CA. whatsoever no matter what family or friend zip code I punch in. I would've bought 2 for $300 without blinking an eye. :(
Post #169271329 added 02-14-2024 3:19 PM by BigWaydog in Hot Deals
Snagged one. Wish I could've got a 2nd one for a hundred but only one available in Central PA.
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