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Post #169408192 added 02-22-2024 9:43 AM by AJR214 in Deal Talk
Everyone fighting about stealing, DRM, etc... everyone has their opinions, values, and morals and you most likely won't change anyone's mind. What I'm interested in is if MAME emulates all the...
Post #169363339 added 02-19-2024 7:15 PM by WB_K in Deal Talk
Shocking. Reading bout enigma drm. Doesn’t seem like a good move as 1. Slows performance 2. Blocks mod that improves gameplay. Also, I learned they censored e. Honda Japanese flag in the stage +...
Post #169346764 added 02-18-2024 10:38 PM by ShawnyMcKnight in Deal Talk
That's kind of my point. I don't expect to be away from the internet for long chunks of time.
Post #169341247 added 02-18-2024 1:20 PM by Gamelore in Deal Talk
In addition to the 7 games that are redundant from Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, also redundant are SonSon and 1943 which come with Capcom Arcade Stadium. Total, 10 fewer than the...
Post #169340692 added 02-18-2024 12:44 PM by MichealM7200 in Deal Talk
Maybe true, but the games that have 3rd party DRM in them will not work. I'm not talking about Steam specific DRM, but bc of your point, I suppose you will lose 100% of your Steam library if you are...
Post #169328605 added 02-17-2024 7:11 PM by ShawnyMcKnight in Deal Talk
With my steam connection if it can't find an online source you can use offline mode for a couple weeks.
Post #169325443 added 02-17-2024 3:27 PM by WB_K in Deal Talk
I’m saving bc of Capcom use of drm. You know what would be cool? They should have karate champ mode for street fighter. One strike, one point. 3 points win. I mean they have the raw images. They just...
Post #169325401 added 02-17-2024 3:24 PM by WB_K in Deal Talk
If u wait, they will have the 40th anniversary bundle.
Post #169322779 added 02-17-2024 12:08 PM by RepFree83 in Deal Talk
If you cant trust the internets...who can you trust??? :)
Post #169321114 added 02-17-2024 10:27 AM by geniv in Deal Talk
Do these have drm or need to be online. To play? Want to install on older non Internet connected machine in my hill side bunker
Post #169320235 added 02-17-2024 9:41 AM by Karimovic in Deal Talk
Mame has millions of these games . Save your $20
Post #169318558 added 02-17-2024 7:53 AM by OliveLadybug9466 in Deal Talk
IMO this is a crazy good deal for a great selection of ALOT of classic arcade games. DRM = digital rights management. If you are casual gamer and just want to play you should be fine. Can play...
Post #169318057 added 02-17-2024 7:19 AM by Dollaheleven in Deal Talk
I’m a 40yo dad with 90s/00s video game nostalgia who wants to try some of these games for fun. Can someone explain what the comments are referring to by drm, emulating, etc? If I buy this bundle can...
Post #169314097 added 02-16-2024 10:05 PM by krunk619 in Deal Talk
This has Darkstalkers game though. I haven't seen it in years.
Post #169313491 added 02-16-2024 9:11 PM by MichealM7200 in Deal Talk
The internet connection is a legit point. There will be times when you're on a plane, a cruise, a temporary Internet outage in your area, and you'll find that half of your steam library won't work...
Post #169304842 added 02-16-2024 11:51 AM by pandanub in Deal Talk
Tier 1 definitely worth, it comes with all the DLC costumes, people still actively play USF4 online as well.
Post #169304821 added 02-16-2024 11:50 AM by ShawnyMcKnight in Deal Talk
Any modern machine would get very high FPS if not max FPS on all these games. As far as the internet, I am finding that article more and more irrelevant as I don't know a time when we won't have...
Post #169303576 added 02-16-2024 10:49 AM by sq33k in Deal Talk
Any DRM that negatively impacts gameplay is by its nature intrusive. If your FPS suffers, it's intrusive. If it requires you to always be online, it's intrusive. It it takes longer to load, it's...
Post #169299406 added 02-16-2024 7:04 AM by NicholasN7408 in Deal Talk
Will these come as individual codes...?? Will take foreeever
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