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Post #169389235 added 02-21-2024 8:59 AM by msheikh25 in Deal Talk
Damn don't want to pay for any BB memberships but on the lookout for this game for daughters bday. Is $40 the best option otherwise?
Post #169368877 added 02-20-2024 6:27 AM by Spaceman6969 in Deal Talk
Buddy, mate, bruh, brah, dude, stranger, lad, and so on. Semantics. Never been interested in being a internet hero, really. The only mistake I made is the grammar aspect of “could care less”. I...
Post #169368013 added 02-20-2024 5:26 AM by MemorableHome756 in Deal Talk
Deal only works as shown if you have the paid Best Buy plus account.
Post #169367005 added 02-20-2024 3:13 AM by FHRITP in Deal Talk
Just started playing this. Make sure you get the master sword early on. There's a glitch that allows it. YouTube it! Game is much more fun when your sword doesn't break constantly.
Post #169321090 added 02-17-2024 10:26 AM by Misterdobalina in Deal Talk
Best Buy Plus Member - I'll take Things I will Never Be for $500 Alex
Post #169320262 added 02-17-2024 9:42 AM by OliveFog741 in Deal Talk
Lol it got you! That's a notorious troll you're responding to.
Post #169316311 added 02-17-2024 4:59 AM by TheBEETLE in Deal Talk
I think it's the sass that did you in. The "buddy" specifically. Worded differently you could have been the hero. Also FYI it's "couldn't care less" unless in fact you are upset and wish you...
Post #169316245 added 02-17-2024 4:54 AM by Tekerugburn in Deal Talk
Go start a video game company and see how much money and effort it takes to create a a game where it isnt relying on micro transactions. Games where even sold used on ebay go for 30+
Post #169312012 added 02-16-2024 7:19 PM by sinkingfeeling in Deal Talk
Costco would like to have a word with you
Post #169311274 added 02-16-2024 6:27 PM by BoomMike84 in Deal Talk
Has there been any real sale to benefit from having this BB membership? I think they had a B2G1 Free sale where you needed the membership, but the cost of the membership let you break even. And...
Post #169309834 added 02-16-2024 4:42 PM by fewlio in Deal Talk
lemme tell you about my best buy pro membership. I had spent about 2500 buying about 10 different things, it showed my pro membership savings about 1 dollar lol regarding the games, when I sell...
Post #169308808 added 02-16-2024 3:26 PM by jasongw in Deal Talk
What's scam about it? Breath of the wild has hundreds of hours of things to do. $30 is a fair price, even at its age. It's still one of the best games of the last decade.
Post #169308409 added 02-16-2024 3:03 PM by Spaceman6969 in Deal Talk
You know how it is. Anyways life is good.
Post #169308313 added 02-16-2024 2:57 PM by Shake-N-Bake in Deal Talk
Respect is eventually due? You’re weird. Respect is earned, anyways, it isn’t due. You don’t strike me as someone deserving of respect.
Post #169307602 added 02-16-2024 2:12 PM by OG-Bluntman in Deal Talk
Play to pay what should already be these prices? Spare me your quid pro quo, Best Buy.
Post #169307533 added 02-16-2024 2:08 PM by kenji4861 in Deal Talk
I have Best Buy Plus if anyone wants me to order for them. Feel free to PM me.
Post #169306966 added 02-16-2024 1:33 PM by blakhol in Deal Talk
They shine especially in (medium to high end) home audio - since it's extremely difficult to decide on audio components without listening first. Not a lot of (other department) stores have the...
Post #169306792 added 02-16-2024 1:23 PM by TurtlePerson2 in Deal Talk
I can't say that I've bought much of anything from Best Buy in the last few years, but I don't think they're going anywhere. They're basically the only store of their type left. And their...
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