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Post #169433842 added 02-23-2024 5:28 PM by BootlegZani in Hot Deals
Yes I was going to say this as well.
Post #169411117 added 02-22-2024 12:14 PM by dukpoki in Hot Deals
Puzzle Fighter is a puzzle game. Gem Fighter is a fighting game.
Post #169389478 added 02-21-2024 9:12 AM by WB_K in Hot Deals
I think as reality likes to ebb and flow, there will be a decade when everyone will disconnect and the fad will be theatrical, in-person experience as oppose to digital. I.e. 1980s + 1990s, right...
Post #169388092 added 02-21-2024 8:00 AM by mishangelle in Hot Deals
What's the difference between Puzzle Fighter Mini Mix and Turbo? I already have Turbo and don't know if it's worth getting the Mini Mix.
Post #169386676 added 02-21-2024 6:33 AM by gldoorii in Hot Deals
Also, for those interested in these games on Steam there's a Capcom Humble Bundle with both of these Stadium collections, Street Fighter V Champion Edition, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary...
Post #169386103 added 02-21-2024 5:56 AM by WilliamRLBaker in Hot Deals
Stadium is a free download that acts as a base game I believe it still comes with a free game '1944 shooter" you then buy the packs or singular games and it unlocks them for play. If you own pinball...
Post #169385035 added 02-21-2024 3:56 AM by WB_K in Hot Deals
One thing I learned is that it may be worth it it on anything except PC. Is the enigma drm specifically on the steam and slows the game performance? And this drm is PC-specific, so at this time...
Post #169384939 added 02-21-2024 3:40 AM by brockalee in Hot Deals
I remember the giant buttons on the arcade machine!
Post #169384360 added 02-21-2024 1:03 AM by OrangeSnake211 in Hot Deals
Super Puzzle Fighter is fun. I wish it was longer.
Post #169384210 added 02-21-2024 12:34 AM by Lanmanna in Hot Deals
If you have 30th Anniversary, there's no reason to get the Street Fighter games.
Post #169383676 added 02-20-2024 10:58 PM by dealleecher in Hot Deals
Wow street fighter the original. That one brings back childhood memories.
Post #169379119 added 02-20-2024 4:52 PM by FasterDeals in Hot Deals
For about a dollar, it’s worth considering - especially if you have anyone in your household that is prone to losing the tiny Switch cartridges.
Post #169378198 added 02-20-2024 3:51 PM by Colgate in Hot Deals
A lot of great games, but I am wondering if it is worth to pay one more time for them just to have them on the go.
Post #169373923 added 02-20-2024 11:28 AM by MarshmallowMark in Hot Deals
Alpha 3 is likely worth a buck to have it on-the-go
Post #169357408 added 02-19-2024 1:39 PM by WB_K in Hot Deals
I’m so confused how digitals are sold.. I don’t even know if I own stadium or just the app front end .. and on which platform.. the games are dlc but we can buy a starter pack? What?! I own 30th...
Post #169382749 added 02-19-2024 10:16 AM by RazorConcepts in Hot Deals
Nintendo eShop has various Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Games (Nintendo Switch Digital Download) on sale for $0.99 each. Thanks to Deal Hunter dubba-low for finding this deal. Note: Requires the...
Post #169353688 added 02-19-2024 10:16 AM by dubba-low in Hot Deals
Nintendo eShop has Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Games (Nintendo Switch Digital Download) on sale for $0.99. Note: Requires the free Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Switch app to access/play your purchased...

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