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Post #169795476 added 03-14-2024 3:35 PM by EagerCaption863 in Deal Talk
Yes but the laptop does not have DP (or USB-c passthrough). The only video output is HDMI 1.4, so that's the weakest link.
Post #169737348 added 03-11-2024 7:41 PM by seier in Deal Talk
Ice lake clearly supports 4K 60hz (this is the lowest end 9 watt i3) possibly only over display port:...
Post #169470457 added 02-26-2024 6:42 AM by EagerCaption863 in Deal Talk
It's a driver limitation, specifically one from Dell's custom video drivers. If you nuke them and download and install the graphics drivers straight from Intel, you'll get the full capabilities of...
Post #169452619 added 02-24-2024 11:16 PM by seier in Deal Talk
I seriously doubt this can't output 4K. I worked on 10th Gen and my work laptop was even older with integrated graphics and even it did 4K.
Post #169420681 added 02-23-2024 3:34 AM by bettyblue in Deal Talk
Wow, ill pass
Post #169415026 added 02-22-2024 4:31 PM by kabukicho in Deal Talk
ohh yeah... i see that lid, it has the internal hinges that are gonna break internally in a year or under 2 yrs. one day the lid 'twists' when you close it down and you're like...huh?
Post #169404523 added 02-22-2024 6:31 AM by dealpapa in Deal Talk
is USB-C new hdmi?​
Post #169403629 added 02-22-2024 5:20 AM by bettyblue in Deal Talk
Thanks, have no ideal what SCM, but I will look that up, I'm sure if I got this LT I wouldst have noticed, I find that too much information,detuers my buying dissions,i dont want to buy junk,but if i...
Post #169398565 added 02-21-2024 6:06 PM by MtnXfreeride in Deal Talk
Guess I am picturing my HP and Dell laptops that have a regular charging port PLUS the USB-C port accepts power. The USB-C port lets me use my 45watt PD USB battery to charge on the go and it is a...
Post #169398052 added 02-21-2024 5:31 PM by letshavepaneer in Deal Talk
I’m shocked that there is no usb-c on this. Post indicates it, but pictures do not have it and have a large fine print on which models include usb-c and which don’t.
Post #169397350 added 02-21-2024 4:41 PM by bargainperson in Deal Talk
this or the HP from amd ryzen 5 from bestbuy for $300? gifting to someone just for basic use... i c this is IPS panel, but the amd is TN I guess, it does not say ...
Post #169397287 added 02-21-2024 4:38 PM by wmblalock86 in Deal Talk
I fix computers for a living.... USB-C is way more fragile and infinitly harder to repair than a standard barrel charging port. I'd argue that any charging port is better than USB-C in a laptop.
Post #169396906 added 02-21-2024 4:13 PM by MtnXfreeride in Deal Talk
Dont buy a laptop that cant charge via usb-c
Post #169396774 added 02-21-2024 4:04 PM by BayAreaBMWFan in Deal Talk
AMD Ryzen 7, 16GB, 1TB NVME is $399
Post #169396537 added 02-21-2024 3:48 PM by AquaPicture2620 in Deal Talk
The only weakness of that model is the cpu (this inspiron will be quite a bit faster) - but otherwise it looks like a decent deal (it has a touchscreen with a better display, usb-c, overall better...
Post #169396063 added 02-21-2024 3:24 PM by Luigis3rdcousin in Deal Talk
All those other things can be overlooked, but the hinge falling apart after a short time is unacceptable. This is e waste despite how good the rest of it is
Post #169395766 added 02-21-2024 3:06 PM by IJ1theGreat in Deal Talk
Admittedly, it looks like the RAM upgrade also swaps graphics from UHD to Iris XE. Might make some difference depending on use case.
Post #169395244 added 02-21-2024 2:35 PM by scsiguru in Deal Talk
I’d prefer a an XPS OR Latitude for the build quality
Post #169392664 added 02-21-2024 12:00 PM by jbrownski in Deal Talk
I was able to pick up a refurbished Latitude 5310 2 in 1 Touch from this deal for $250 total: Did I do okay? What do you think of that...
Post #169392394 added 02-21-2024 11:45 AM by thetickz in Deal Talk
I would say no. The i5 is like bare minimum for speed when web browsing. Stick with the i5 and upgrade the storage and RAM. This laptop has a blank slot inside for a 2.5 SSD you can add super easily.
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