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Post #169536006 added 02-29-2024 3:10 PM by gonepostl in Hot Deals
It wouldn't be a slickdeals food deal without at least one of these, never fails. Hold on, I'll contribute, AHEM!! No HDMI, pass!
Post #169441909 added 02-24-2024 8:51 AM by TomBrady5rings in Hot Deals
Metal GEAR?!?!?!?!?!?!
Post #169421839 added 02-23-2024 5:32 AM by pogform in Hot Deals
I bought these at this price 3 weeks ago, and this is 22 cents off the average price, not very slick
Post #169421239 added 02-23-2024 4:43 AM by BraveCorn247 in Hot Deals
Cool story bro 🤙
Post #169415218 added 02-22-2024 4:42 PM by Bergkamp10 in Hot Deals
Two snakes.. Come together...
Post #169413337 added 02-22-2024 2:32 PM by curplunkie in Hot Deals
Yea, I also prefer that reverse bidet feeling that you can only get from eating a bunch of sugar free gummies. Also, second the above post on finding these at Grocery Outlets, I always pick them...
Post #169404514 added 02-22-2024 6:31 AM by CheapSkateRUs in Hot Deals
Not sugar free, passed
Post #169401613 added 02-21-2024 10:25 PM by Batmansplumber in Hot Deals
I concur with your opinion
Post #169401178 added 02-21-2024 9:37 PM by MapleAcer in Hot Deals
My local gas station just had them on the shelf. I stuck it in my pocket instead of the counter and I got the bag for free.
Post #169400443 added 02-21-2024 8:32 PM by Theahhmoment in Hot Deals
Yup, my Grocery Outlet in Santa Cruz have a few of these at the cashier for .99 each (small size). Not dye free so I didn't buy it.
Post #169397689 added 02-21-2024 5:04 PM by mattgilmore7 in Hot Deals
That's great to know a regional grocery chain has these on sale.
Post #169397623 added 02-21-2024 5:00 PM by rootbear in Hot Deals
These are pretty good, better than the bears but not as good as Fizzy Cola, need some Fizzy Cola or, even better, Fizzy Lemon Cola.
Post #169397470 added 02-21-2024 4:47 PM by heartspeace in Hot Deals
At least no heart attack, cancer causing palm oil in this. Versus their gummy bears.
Post #169397329 added 02-21-2024 4:40 PM by USMCGirl97 in Hot Deals
Same price at Walmart ($6.48) for party size. S&S for this comes to $6.16.
Post #169397011 added 02-21-2024 4:19 PM by Nightst0ne in Hot Deals
These have been on sale at Grocery Outlet with an upcoming expiration date of 06/2024. 8 oz pack is $1.00 IMO They're a really good gummy. The sweet and sour is a really nice combo
Post #169395883 added 02-21-2024 3:12 PM by chemmy81 in Hot Deals
Party of one?
Post #169395319 added 02-21-2024 2:39 PM by tsglenn in Hot Deals
Now that would have been a slick deal.
Post #169394683 added 02-21-2024 1:59 PM by Access_Denied in Hot Deals
I also saw that the Goldbears were on sale for the same price but also had a $.98 coupon. Nice deal for fellow Haribo lovers.
Post #169395730 added 02-20-2024 1:49 AM by SubZero5 in Hot Deals
Amazon has 28.8-Oz Haribo Twin Snakes Sweet & Sour Gummi Candy (Party Size) for $6.48. Shipping is free with Prime or on $35+ Amazon also has 8.3-Oz Haribo Twin Snakes Sweet & Sour Gummi Candy...
Post #169366750 added 02-20-2024 1:49 AM by BBQchicken in Hot Deals
Amazon has 8.3-Oz Haribo Twin Snakes Gummi Candy for $2.06. Shipping is free with Prime or on $35+ Amazon also has 28.8-Oz Haribo Twin Snakes Gummi Candy for $6.48. Shipping is free with Prime or...

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