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Post #170686905 added 05-04-2024 7:42 AM by AmusedStove7007 in Hot Deals
I don't use reddit a lot so im not an expert on it
Post #170685639 added 05-04-2024 6:01 AM by AmusedStove7007 in Hot Deals
Just remap everything, that’s what I did when switching, and I slowly got used to it
Post #170685306 added 05-04-2024 5:26 AM by Evan55 in Hot Deals
I have a brand new MacBook pro 16 that my work issued me collecting dust unused because it's just so damn unusable and irritating I've given macOS multiple chances over the years but just can't...
Post #170683101 added 05-03-2024 10:12 PM by poopi in Hot Deals
That sub is known for shooting down even the slightest criticism of their beloved brand. They're a cult. "Some bias maybe" is a ginormous understatement. It's also a bunch of comments spouting...
Post #170673744 added 05-03-2024 11:13 AM by AmusedStove7007 in Hot Deals
It is on the r/macOS subreddit so there's some bias maybe, but here
Post #170657229 added 05-02-2024 1:43 PM by poopi in Hot Deals
Hate toward Apple? LOL I love iPhones and enjoy iOS. I also think MacBook hardware is brilliant despite macOS being utter illogical trash. The internet is known for being wrong on most things. That...
Post #170656896 added 05-02-2024 1:26 PM by AmusedStove7007 in Hot Deals
Well the internet doesn’t seem to agree with you, macOS is always faster according to the internet… I can understand things like software compatibility, or upgradability being a reason to stick to...
Post #170656716 added 05-02-2024 1:17 PM by poopi in Hot Deals
Except it runs macOS. Tried it. Noped the hell out with all the bugs, sluggishness and poor UX. Easy justification to get a Windows laptop.
Post #170396679 added 04-17-2024 2:38 PM by EthanA5651 in Hot Deals
is this good
Post #170396667 added 04-17-2024 2:37 PM by EthanA5651 in Hot Deals
is this good
Post #169855128 added 03-18-2024 10:19 AM by ibanezcandy in Hot Deals
Can confirm that this does not support video. Tried using a USB-C to display port cable that is currently in use for my work computer and it did not work.
Post #169852752 added 03-18-2024 8:03 AM by Bdub9999 in Hot Deals
Open-Box? Cause showing $799 new now. But at $649 Open-Box Excellent in my store, might have to bite. Thanks for the link!
Post #169602234 added 03-04-2024 7:44 AM by lilgrubbybaby in Hot Deals
I’ve been burned on this before— are you sure you used a USB-c cable that supports DisplayPort? The cable does matter and it is frustrating.
Post #169601979 added 03-04-2024 7:29 AM by lilgrubbybaby in Hot Deals
Asus’ website says the USB-C on F1605 models (this is F1605ZA-WS74) supports video and power delivery, but an earlier comment in this thread says it does not. Can anyone confirm? Would love to do one...
Post #169584378 added 03-03-2024 5:44 AM by AmusedStove7007 in Hot Deals
OK, no problem buddy. I understand, there are advantages on the other side also. Just the ability play games makes me wanna switch to windows sometimes
Post #169576935 added 03-02-2024 3:54 PM by jdixon in Hot Deals
I meant NOT my cup of tea. Sorry about the missing word. Please, dude, no Apple evangelizing. Apple tech is fine, and I don't judge its adherents. I simply don't partake due to their corporate...
Post #169567209 added 03-02-2024 6:44 AM by AmusedStove7007 in Hot Deals
other than upgradability I dont see what your saying? I think your just running of the "apple is expensive" stereotype. my 2014 MacBook Air costed me almost 1000$ at the time, but it still works...
Post #169553631 added 03-01-2024 12:44 PM by jdixon in Hot Deals
MacBook Air's nor MacOS are my cup of tea. Has nothing to do with tech, everything to do with their biz model, practices and ethics -- as manifested in their ecosystem exploitation and demeaning of...
Post #169553283 added 03-01-2024 12:28 PM by Panicguy77 in Hot Deals
does anybody know if this has USB-C charging capability?
Post #169546701 added 03-01-2024 7:11 AM by AmusedStove7007 in Hot Deals
OK, I know this is gonna seem like im some brainwashed apple use. BUT hear me out. Your logic makes 100% sense, just the issue is that intel chips run stupidly hot for some reason. I really can't...
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