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Post #169685310 added 03-08-2024 12:18 PM by jmnelson613 in Deal Talk
I pulled the trigger, overall I like the case with one caveat. The RGB male connector on the case is very fragile and broke off after it fell out of the socket during a reconnect when one of the 3...
Post #169447186 added 02-24-2024 3:07 PM by BPD007 in Deal Talk
Yah my case, brand name escapes me has a button to power the cases LEDs. Holding it down for 5 seconds will shut them off completely.
Post #169446559 added 02-24-2024 2:12 PM by kingsfan626 in Deal Talk
I think there's a button on the top of the case next to the power button.
Post #169439968 added 02-24-2024 6:24 AM by lostinthesea in Deal Talk
It’s for the usb-c port on top of case. The usb-c port on top isn’t usable until you connect it to your motherboard with the cable that isn’t included. The design is proprietary for this case so you...
Post #169438879 added 02-24-2024 3:50 AM by speedwheels in Deal Talk
This supports a 5.25 optical drive on the front bottom as well. Awesome for those running a Blu-ray drive
Post #169425220 added 02-23-2024 8:52 AM by BrandonM4344 in Deal Talk
Is the usb-c cable that's not included just for the rgb? Not clear to me from the description.
Post #169413529 added 02-22-2024 2:43 PM by SwissMoose in Deal Talk
Thanks OP, just ordered the goofy magenta one, as all my components are black and not white.
Post #169409419 added 02-22-2024 10:53 AM by gunner249 in Deal Talk
15.9 lb / 7.2 kg Simple to find, try it next time
Post #169408639 added 02-22-2024 10:07 AM by Dbullet47 in Deal Talk
How heavy is the case?
Post #169404757 added 02-22-2024 6:42 AM by lostinthesea in Deal Talk
pleease delete
Post #169404586 added 02-22-2024 6:34 AM by lostinthesea in Deal Talk
USB-C cable for front header is not included and apparently scammily priced. Originally cost $4 and has jumped in price multiple times. Cheapest place to get it now is from newegg for $12.99 and...
Post #169400596 added 02-21-2024 8:45 PM by SumDuud in Deal Talk
But the RGBs help get max FPS. Any gamer knows that, even the ones on the i5 RTX3050 PC
Post #169400536 added 02-21-2024 8:40 PM by pokumon in Deal Talk
Was about to order but reviews say the usb c cable is not included
Post #169399204 added 02-21-2024 6:53 PM by Acid409 in Deal Talk
Solid deal. I would pick up one but I hate the mesh on the front. I just wish it was smooth mesh and not that design
Post #169398850 added 02-21-2024 6:26 PM by BPD007 in Deal Talk
Yes this. Read the manual I bet there is a way to turn it off. As for the case it's a beauty
Post #169398607 added 02-21-2024 6:09 PM by SDCVA in Deal Talk
Easiest way would be to just not plug in the RGB cable.
Post #169397755 added 02-21-2024 5:09 PM by ScarletGuitar979 in Deal Talk
Is there a way to turn off the RGB? I don’t want it, but the non RGB is out of stock.
Post #169397575 added 02-21-2024 4:56 PM by hersheys247 in Deal Talk
Yeah, but for $5 more ,you get RGB fans, so why not ☺️
Post #169395580 added 02-21-2024 2:57 PM by CollegeFreshman in Deal Talk
The non-RGB version is $49.99 (shipping not included, $4.99 for me) if you want to use your own RGB fans or don't care for RGB.
Post #169387813 added 02-21-2024 7:40 AM by ikonoklast in Deal Talk
Wow $60! Should balance out the increase in SSD prices a bit.
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