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Post #170552037 added 04-26-2024 10:40 AM by danesite in Hot Deals
You do you but I usually at least 1/2" x 3 1/2 lag screws to secure all my pictures. If it's heavy I use liquid nail around the edges too.
Post #169475050 added 02-26-2024 10:59 AM by Schlup in Hot Deals
Went there today. They had a couple of the wrenches that were listed they were on clearance they were quadruple the prices that were listed
Post #169456615 added 02-25-2024 8:29 AM by hydrocynus in Hot Deals
I was able to get Craftsman cmmt82336 ($3.72) and cmmt13100 ($4.22).
Post #169451086 added 02-24-2024 7:55 PM by ItsG-Man in Hot Deals
These Lowe’s and Home Depot deals are never in my area, wtf.
Post #169444699 added 02-24-2024 11:58 AM by drewpey in Hot Deals
Brickseek is useless anymore. Jumped the shark years ago
Post #169419775 added 02-22-2024 11:48 PM by Simoneuo in Hot Deals
Im looking butcher countertop 10ft .. does anyone knows 🥲
Post #169415953 added 02-22-2024 5:36 PM by bartman2468 in Hot Deals
The ones that were on clearance at my store were different models. It just varies by store what they decide to clearance probably based on inventory idk
Post #169410043 added 02-22-2024 11:19 AM by babygdav in Hot Deals
(None of those real men s* jokes please, but...)
Post #169407175 added 02-22-2024 8:54 AM by NukinFuts in Hot Deals
BS hasn’t been “what it used to be” a few years back. I’m not certain, but I strongly suspect that Higher Ups at the Big Box stores were getting complaints from CSMs about folks demanding products...
Post #169406899 added 02-22-2024 8:39 AM by MrShawn in Hot Deals
Then by the time christmas came around an your parents got your first bike you learned that adjustable wrenches are a scam an youll strip the bolts on everything which pretty much destroys a lot of...
Post #169404151 added 02-22-2024 6:03 AM by masterazn4 in Hot Deals
Get an stubby hammer xD it sounds like it suits your needs
Post #169395247 added 02-21-2024 2:35 PM by Marvel11 in Hot Deals
Completely agree! I had that wrench in hand and put it back. I just don’t see myself using it in the way they advertise. Seems like an As Seen on TV product lol
Post #169393516 added 02-21-2024 12:49 PM by herbsprovence in Hot Deals
No, I understand what you're saying, I'm saying Irwin is one of the best tools for value generally at their MSRP. Yes, brands have hits and misses so maybe for your experience, the specific HF tools...
Post #169392778 added 02-21-2024 12:05 PM by Shadow6934 in Hot Deals
OP here, you can thank SD staff for that... It seems when they move posts to the frontpage they edit them to have a similar appearance. If you click through to the forum post you can see the original...
Post #169391728 added 02-21-2024 11:07 AM by cmosler154 in Hot Deals
To be says "select stores" which to me means YMMV. It does not say "all stores".
Post #169390975 added 02-21-2024 10:31 AM by J03 in Hot Deals
I keep a small tool bag in the house for quick household tasks and a hammer barely fits. I'm seriously thinking of buying this just to replace it and the adjustable wrench in the bag. Looks perfect...
Post #169390954 added 02-21-2024 10:30 AM by brotherhpj41 in Hot Deals
its taken lowes all this time to start unloading holiday leftovers
Post #169390447 added 02-21-2024 10:04 AM by wjlackne in Hot Deals
I've learned to act fast on clearance tools at Lowes. Several years ago found some clearance Cresent Brand adjustable wrenches and bought a 6 and 8 inch. Went home, looked them up and when I found...
Post #169390213 added 02-21-2024 9:53 AM by Rb_newsletter in Hot Deals
If the deal is store specific, then please prefix the title with YMMV.
Post #169389556 added 02-21-2024 9:19 AM by lobo411 in Hot Deals
Irwin is OK and so is craftsman. These aren't trash tools. I'm just saying that for a tiny bit more and a coupon, one can get better quality Taiwanese tools from harbor freight. Now, if these...
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