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Post #170004912 added 03-26-2024 3:14 PM by IndigoTexture397 in Deal Talk
Luckily that hasn’t happened where I am yet. When it does, I guess my tool buying will slow down greatly.
Post #169745802 added 03-12-2024 9:48 AM by lazlo in Deal Talk
Thanks! Nabbed the vari-speed.
Post #169735533 added 03-11-2024 5:53 PM by rasputinD in Deal Talk
well i tried returning one of them and they refused. they caught up with it . now they ask for both items to be returned since it was part of the deal
Post #169540830 added 02-29-2024 8:25 PM by Salgat in Deal Talk
When you select the second tool, they both show up in the cart with their discounted prices. You have to accept both then in the store return the one you don't want, and you'll get back whatever the...
Post #169511590 added 02-28-2024 10:59 AM by GreenLinen990 in Deal Talk
so do i just not pick up the 2nd tool to get a refund?
Post #169485796 added 02-26-2024 11:46 PM by EfficientSwing330 in Deal Talk
Can somebody please convince me I need one of these?
Post #169473535 added 02-26-2024 9:30 AM by pb84 in Deal Talk
The variable version can also be hacked. Price shows $169.32 in cart. ...
Post #169443163 added 02-24-2024 10:16 AM by 89turboii in Deal Talk
Deal breaker for porting heads. Thnx for the info +1
Post #169434931 added 02-23-2024 6:36 PM by eddie277 in Deal Talk
Its not. Thats the even more messed up part. Home depot site says it is but its not. Picked it up for my buddy i seen it in person. Only one key model os variable speed
Post #169434616 added 02-23-2024 6:20 PM by AndyO107 in Deal Talk
Look at the YouTube reviews, it says varible speed
How are you cancel other item in order to get the deal? Thanks
Post #169425838 added 02-23-2024 9:25 AM by eddie277 in Deal Talk
The fact that this isnt variable speed is a deal breaker. The one key model is though. A buddy of mine at work got this on the last hack deal but he regrets it. Its driving him nuts to not be able to...
Post #169424782 added 02-23-2024 8:29 AM by TRUMP_XD in Deal Talk
Ya I could care less about one key , I just wanted the variable speed… I did try it out since it was my first tool with one key - there definitely is a option to deactivate and lock your tool...
Post #169424260 added 02-23-2024 7:58 AM by User18383921 in Deal Talk
Im staying away from one key. It's coming. Big brother gonna shut down your tools if you disobey. Same thing happening with Bluetooth medical devices and cars.
Post #169421494 added 02-23-2024 5:02 AM by AlexS2465 in Deal Talk
Or you can choose impact wrench for $119.29 instead or just buy both by justifying it being a good deal😏
Post #169420699 added 02-23-2024 3:39 AM by jmartino2011 in Deal Talk
Amateur welder, so grinding inside corners and pipes etc. Places where it's hard to use an angle grinder
Post #169420207 added 02-23-2024 1:36 AM by c1cummin in Deal Talk
Hmm do I need this?
Post #169419565 added 02-22-2024 11:06 PM by TRUMP_XD in Deal Talk
I got the paddle switch one with one key, in the last deal… might get this one too… what are u planning to use this one for primarily?
Post #169417009 added 02-22-2024 6:53 PM by jmartino2011 in Deal Talk
Been waiting on a die grinder deal, thanks op!
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