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Post #169575273 added 03-02-2024 2:09 PM by PinchyCM in Hot Deals
Never used it. Says invalid.
Post #169573671 added 03-02-2024 12:31 PM by Ryan15 in Hot Deals
FYI if you've used the 40% promo on your profile before, it won't let you use it again. Looks like one time use. "Promo code RAW2024 already redeemed"
Post #169540371 added 02-29-2024 7:45 PM by Goofy925 in Hot Deals
Doesn’t work anymore
Post #169496695 added 02-27-2024 1:41 PM by cheapnchong in Hot Deals
got pair of baseball pants. Just in time. thanks.
Post #169474999 added 02-26-2024 10:55 AM by FantasticTank7153 in Hot Deals
Know your role jabroni.
Post #169466479 added 02-25-2024 8:57 PM by Parad153 in Hot Deals
Appreciate it
Post #169465987 added 02-25-2024 8:15 PM by kevinlynwood in Hot Deals
Yes, these are 40/60 ...
Post #169465372 added 02-25-2024 7:29 PM by Parad153 in Hot Deals
Looked through a few tshirts and they are all 100% polyester. Do they even have one that uses some cotton?
Post #169460563 added 02-25-2024 1:11 PM by SeriousChin7134 in Hot Deals
Here's one more tip to use single time 40% code like 'RAW2024' multiple times. This tip only works on the time you can use customer service. Human representatives, not the chatbot. 1. Buy items...
Post #169458259 added 02-25-2024 10:23 AM by SeriousChin7134 in Hot Deals
I've made a new account and it worked. Of course just once. I saw 'not valid code' message when tried to buy again. I made three accounts total to test that code, and it worked just once per...
Post #169458118 added 02-25-2024 10:14 AM by RicFlair in Hot Deals
That blows. 30 off code still works.
Post #169456447 added 02-25-2024 8:16 AM by DrYou in Hot Deals
Had to use another promo code, I think it was FS24
Post #169456420 added 02-25-2024 8:14 AM by RikiI in Hot Deals
What are you talking about, I still see the shipping even when I’m logged in
Post #169455289 added 02-25-2024 6:56 AM by SeriousChin7134 in Hot Deals
You can use the code 'RAW2024' just once. Can't use multiple times. Be careful when order.
Post #169448878 added 02-24-2024 5:15 PM by PS83Tech in Hot Deals
No one cares lol
Post #169448758 added 02-24-2024 5:05 PM by acarrillo0989 in Hot Deals
This code worked for me and free shipping. Thank you op.
Post #169444771 added 02-24-2024 12:02 PM by Dion250 in Hot Deals
Invalid code. As for shipping. Shipping is always free at under Armour with a shop runner account which is also free.
Post #169443841 added 02-24-2024 10:58 AM by austofferson in Hot Deals
This is one of the first times I've seen a decent promo that actually doesn't exclude the Slipspeed shoes. My wife loves hers and I've been looking to pick up a pair myself. Had a 10 off 50 AMEX...
Post #169442731 added 02-24-2024 9:45 AM by nephilinA in Hot Deals
Even works on outlet items yissss 😛
Post #169442533 added 02-24-2024 9:31 AM by DrYou in Hot Deals
I'm logged in as a rewards member and still see $8 for shipping. Edit, NVM, didn't see you the additional promo code to get this working.
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