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Post #170340738 added 04-14-2024 10:45 AM by passive101 in Hot Deals
Is this watch a similar size to the Fitbit versa 2 I currently have? I don't like the big watch sizes.
Post #170204292 added 04-06-2024 6:41 AM by szhou0088 in Hot Deals
Very easy to return stuff on temu, as easy as Amazon. Getting product support is very hard. If you don't like it, just hit ret.urn
Post #170204211 added 04-06-2024 6:36 AM by szhou0088 in Hot Deals
I wear it in sleep every night for over a year now. Never has a. Problem
Post #170009847 added 03-26-2024 7:01 PM by rrcdude in Hot Deals
I had mine about 9 days now and just put in for a refund/return. The screen is blurring and has light stripes on it. It was okay but glad it quit within my return time range. Not getting another...
Post #169990113 added 03-26-2024 6:28 AM by paulpack40 in Hot Deals
Got mine a few weeks ago and it’s definitely worth every penny. The battery life is incredible and it definitely has enough bells and whistles for what I needed. Basic health feedback and other...
Post #169556217 added 03-01-2024 2:34 PM by thechidz in Hot Deals
This is a pretty nice little unit for the price. Slick
Post #169547352 added 03-01-2024 7:44 AM by mrhockeypuck in Hot Deals
Follow the instructions. I don't have the bip, but I use it with the zepp app for mine.
Post #169546869 added 03-01-2024 7:21 AM by jagzjagz in Hot Deals
How do you download those watch faces on that website to your watch? very cool!
Post #169543587 added 03-01-2024 3:45 AM by neekosum in Hot Deals
Does it have GPS?
Post #169498336 added 02-27-2024 3:34 PM by iBoo in Hot Deals
Can this connect to Garmin hrm pro plus without the running dynamics but still record activity?
Post #169497724 added 02-27-2024 2:47 PM by thechidz in Hot Deals
I just ordered and hoping to use it for health tracking with iPhone. I just returned the galaxy watch 6 classic to Samsung. It’s a beautiful watch and I loved the rotating bezel, but it doesn’t work...
Post #169484680 added 02-26-2024 9:04 PM by John0010 in Hot Deals
Does this connect to wi-fi
Post #169475623 added 02-26-2024 11:30 AM by slickd888 in Hot Deals
Are these good/comfortable for sleep tracking? I have an apple watch but it needs charging at night and too bulky to comfortably sleep with.
Ditto, if you're intelligent about Lion battery tech there is no reason for disposing of them early. I do notice that the Bip watches that include O2 have much shorter battery life. The 30+ day...
Post #169471795 added 02-26-2024 7:58 AM by shahhere in Hot Deals
Isn't everything on Temu and Alibaba? Whats the point? The issue with Temu has been that a lot of times its a copy and the products are at times a throwaway at best. Returning and getting...
Post #169471618 added 02-26-2024 7:51 AM by urp2114 in Hot Deals
aren't these sold on temu for half the price?
Post #169463146 added 02-25-2024 4:25 PM by ObiYawn in Hot Deals
Anyone using this with the Notify for Amazfit app on Android? Not listed as officially supported.
Post #169460713 added 02-25-2024 1:23 PM by gonepostl in Hot Deals
Same thing happened to mine after like 3-5 years. Can't recall exactly when.
Post #169459921 added 02-25-2024 12:20 PM by chinnaly in Hot Deals
Same here. Bip S lite has been going strong so far and it has the perfect screen size for people with smaller wrists. Going to hold off upgrading.
Post #169459477 added 02-25-2024 11:50 AM by CityHam in Hot Deals
I have this watch. I get new mail notifications from gmail, facebook messenger notifications, android texting. It is one way, you can't send a message from the watch.Anything that can send a...
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