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Post #169811469 added 03-15-2024 12:42 PM by Zarich in Deal Talk
*NM* Wrong item
Post #169775670 added 03-13-2024 1:54 PM by NeatSummer859 in Deal Talk
Just curious, why those surface laptops, brand new, can get this cheap compared to the regular price. It seems there are lots of surface laptops on ebay with similar prices.
Post #169714917 added 03-10-2024 12:49 PM by antechnet in Deal Talk
12th gen is a minor uplift, but people hype that 25% performance boost as if it was nuclear fusion.
Post #169713603 added 03-10-2024 10:56 AM by dougpaw57 in Deal Talk
You could almost say that for every single item on this forum. I don't think I've ever found a deal here on something I couldn't live without.
Post #169713474 added 03-10-2024 10:49 AM by MadPup in Deal Talk
When it comes to hot/slick deals, you should always look the gift-horse in the mouth. More often than not there is a good reason for the seemingly good bargain.
Post #169706625 added 03-09-2024 8:03 PM by antechnet in Deal Talk
Context: 12th gen cpu in a Surface will cost 2x more than this deal.
Post #169675926 added 03-07-2024 10:14 PM by dualathlon in Deal Talk
I've got three 11th Gen i5 and i7 laptops sitting in a stack on my book case that I no longer use because they're so obsolete. The 12th Gen Intel and 5k+ ryzen CPUs made the 11th Gen Intel line...
Post #169675833 added 03-07-2024 10:04 PM by AlpineM3 in Deal Talk
Never mind, I actually need thunderbolt 4 .
Post #169674417 added 03-07-2024 7:49 PM by AlpineM3 in Deal Talk
I am debating if I should buy this to replace my Thinkpad X260. It is running an I5 6300u 8gb ram. I am looking for portable ultrabook type with USBC docking and better screen. Also I do love...
Post #169635891 added 03-05-2024 8:44 PM by Dr.Wajahat in Deal Talk
It's back in stock.
Post #169581816 added 03-02-2024 9:58 PM by avd in Deal Talk
Seems to be oos?
Post #169546146 added 03-01-2024 6:43 AM by soopervoo in Deal Talk
I had that same thought since I don't need to put a laptop in a backpack anymore. I was looking at the XPS13 but then I don't need a small frame. Will settle for a 15in laptop and get useful ports
Post #169516207 added 02-28-2024 3:15 PM by nevergoodenough in Deal Talk
2 year old windows computer... I'm good I would rather pay more for a MacBook that won't self destruct.
Post #169506226 added 02-28-2024 6:31 AM by MtnXfreeride in Deal Talk
Yet none of my other 6 computers have problems with chrome. Chrome isnt the cause of wireless driver issues or slow microSD card speeds or BSODs in LIGHT games or random processor stutters where...
Post #169495006 added 02-27-2024 12:04 PM by dougpaw57 in Deal Talk
Chrome is your problem, it's a huge resource hog.
Post #169494238 added 02-27-2024 11:27 AM by MtnXfreeride in Deal Talk
Surface products have been super unreliable for me. My sp7 had constant stuttering where mouse would freeze. BSODs, poor battery life, lots of driver issues. I exchanged it once and the...
Post #169484848 added 02-26-2024 9:24 PM by Kychest in Deal Talk
That's just one task. It's noticeable when you multiply that by 100
Post #169482571 added 02-26-2024 6:35 PM by db999md in Deal Talk
Personally, I can't tell the difference if it takes 4 seconds or 3.3 seconds for excel to load. But this may matter to some. I think for basic productivity PCs anything in the past 3 years is...
Post #169473502 added 02-26-2024 9:27 AM by RENJ2 in Deal Talk
Post #169468504 added 02-26-2024 2:59 AM by antechnet in Deal Talk
No it's not. That is why I am skeptical. In what app did you notice it most? in Notebookcheck benchmarks, some apps were less than 10% improved.
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