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Post #169685226 added 03-08-2024 12:13 PM by PurpleEducation224 in Deal Talk
absolute slowest and glorious of claps!
Post #169634301 added 03-05-2024 7:05 PM by joeDNC in Deal Talk
No instructions, but it is adjustable for size. Adjust circumference and depth. Uncomfortable, but fits.
Post #169550232 added 03-01-2024 10:01 AM by HoldenRiot in Deal Talk
Picked mine up yesterday. Thanks for sharing!
Post #169502935 added 02-27-2024 9:09 PM by badboy600 in Deal Talk
Picked mine up earlier tonight. Guy behind me in line brought the last one when he heard how much I paid. It's pretty nice. My son loves it even though it's for me
Post #169502743 added 02-27-2024 8:53 PM by Ghosted081 in Deal Talk
Of course the closest GameStop is 12 miles away
Post #169495810 added 02-27-2024 12:48 PM by Scrooge in Deal Talk
what kind of paint would work? (I know nothing about painting)
Post #169495516 added 02-27-2024 12:29 PM by RobTsou in Deal Talk
It's close, no dent. Besides that, identical.
Post #169484668 added 02-26-2024 9:02 PM by slickdmelly in Deal Talk
Or, hear me out, put a cowboy hat on top and you can be Django Fett.
Post #169481458 added 02-26-2024 5:15 PM by GrandmasterBBC in Deal Talk
I have a pretty decent Jango Fett Halloween costume complete with blasters that have had for many years. The helmet that came with it is an absolute piece of plastic garbage. I'm always looking for a...
Post #169479097 added 02-26-2024 2:46 PM by Jawton in Deal Talk
Just picked mine up, its really nice. My head is a little big, but my kids went apeshit about it. I bought it for myself, but they already are becoming little death watch affiliates.
Post #169475731 added 02-26-2024 11:38 AM by FeistyPencil663 in Deal Talk
They sit too high on my head, can't see out the visor and I have a pretty standard issue head. Works great for the kids though
Post #169475314 added 02-26-2024 11:14 AM by huskyboy in Deal Talk
can you wear these or display only?
Post #169474969 added 02-26-2024 10:53 AM by BrownFriday24.7 in Deal Talk
Just paint it like the Boba one.. these are literally the same helmet or buy two helmets for a total of $110 bucks and paint one. I think it's more affordable that way
Post #169473700 added 02-26-2024 9:38 AM by Shagger in Deal Talk
I have this one and it's great! My big ole head is tight, but the quality is great imo. STAR WARS The Black Series Boba Fett (Re-Armored) Premium Electronic Helmet, The Mandalorian Roleplay...
Post #169473646 added 02-26-2024 9:36 AM by KaseySean in Deal Talk
In for one of these. Looks like they have a few other SW helmets on sale too.
Post #169473628 added 02-26-2024 9:34 AM by greedyintern in Deal Talk
Thanks OP. I caved. Local shop had 4. This is my first helmet, we'll see if it leads to more ...
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