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Post #170919543 added 05-18-2024 8:52 AM by Papi-Chino in Hot Deals
Clicked on link and price says $449 Out of Stock for TX. This is for the fat boy model. No slims.
Post #170249226 added 04-09-2024 2:33 AM by Cano950 in Hot Deals
Cwf is out look up guy called modern warfare utube
Post #169685952 added 03-08-2024 12:59 PM by ShawnyMcKnight in Hot Deals
But it was the disk version correct? if so that's still a hell of a deal.
Post #169676460 added 03-07-2024 11:25 PM by INVALID in Hot Deals
It basically said out of stock online, when I found it at the same location online. If Target allows price match on out of stock, I'd use Evanston, IL Sam's. It was $279.xx there
Post #169616832 added 03-04-2024 10:39 PM by CheezSticks718 in Hot Deals
Just go price match it with target
Post #169610079 added 03-04-2024 2:26 PM by fosaisu in Hot Deals
Did it show stock online, or did you have to go to the warehouse to check?
Post #169570728 added 03-02-2024 9:49 AM by arma77 in Hot Deals
Emulators and pirated games.
Post #169568958 added 03-02-2024 8:26 AM by INVALID in Hot Deals
Yeah. I did end up finding it last night. I think Evanston was even cheaper, under $300
Post #169568253 added 03-02-2024 7:51 AM by Lilyly in Hot Deals
We're sorry, this item is not available in your selected club. 0 items found within 150 miles.
Post #169567431 added 03-02-2024 6:55 AM by un_plug in Hot Deals
Can't take a screen shot right now, but Sam's in Venon Hills IL 60061.
Post #169566537 added 03-02-2024 5:56 AM by mha in Hot Deals
What does CFW allow you to do that can’t be done on stock?
Post #169560411 added 03-01-2024 6:12 PM by INVALID in Hot Deals
Which store location?
Post #169560363 added 03-01-2024 6:09 PM by INVALID in Hot Deals
Can you upload a screenshot or tell me which Sam's club location
Post #169559304 added 03-01-2024 5:04 PM by placebo1 in Hot Deals
Was leaving my local Sam’s club in FL today and saw 1 of these in the cage. Asked employee to get it and it rang up $369 so this deal is not dead and they may be getting a few units at a time...
Post #169554516 added 03-01-2024 1:26 PM by INVALID in Hot Deals
Where did you find the new pricing? I'm not seeing this on their website. What product code or sku did you provide. Thank you.
Post #169533690 added 02-29-2024 12:54 PM by RelaxedPenguin2752 in Hot Deals
My local sams club does not have ps5 consoles for you to pick up and take to the register, instead it’s a place card you take up to customer service. This package in regular non slim version there...
Post #169530696 added 02-29-2024 10:29 AM by surferr in Hot Deals
I ordered a slim on the original post with $450 pricing. I was checking the shipping status and saw this reduced pricing. I contacted SAMS via chat, sent a screenshot of the new pricing, and they...
Post #169524528 added 02-29-2024 5:05 AM by CyanBorder708 in Hot Deals
449 is what it says on my end in Florida.
Post #169523289 added 02-29-2024 1:38 AM by R3DTR1X in Hot Deals
No, why would I sell it? I have a PS5 I play on daily, and one unopened so that when CFW is available for it, I can do all the cool things on that one. 😎
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