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Post #170917251 added Today 6:04 AM by Papi-Chino in Hot Deals
Buy black plastic spray paint from Homey Depot and paint the Sony PS5 slims to match your AV system.
Post #170080560 added 03-30-2024 8:04 AM by recklessk in Hot Deals
I got an open box and didn’t get the code. But I guess it is to be expected.
Post #170053185 added 03-28-2024 6:32 PM by AvidArchangel in Hot Deals
Actually took the chance with open box excellent and it had the game code unscratched and everything still in twist ties. Even the blue sticker on the console intact. Happy getting it for $382.
Post #169914624 added 03-21-2024 1:34 PM by fosaisu in Hot Deals
Depends on your situation. If you're like me and finally getting around to buying a PS5 this year, it's a question of whether its worth an extra six months of wait and few hundred dollars to get the...
Post #169914432 added 03-21-2024 1:27 PM by MICHAELSD in Hot Deals
My takeaway is that it’s not really worth waiting for, unless somebody is really trying to push the resolution/frame rate with the upscaling tech.
Post #169913328 added 03-21-2024 12:23 PM by fosaisu in Hot Deals
If you're on the fence, leaked PS5 Pro specs are all over the news. Seems likely to be out in late 2024 (though could push into 2025 if they want to sync up with game releases). PS5 Pro will cost...
Post #169877877 added 03-19-2024 2:41 PM by SmilingHamster9847 in Hot Deals
Get mad when people call out this nonsense pandering? You really going to defend a superhero game where you hook up kids? Really? Thats what superheroes do, not fight crime and all that? Nothing to...
Post #169699812 added 03-09-2024 11:02 AM by mmisslick in Hot Deals
Can you show me where on your body the boys hurt you?~ Out of what 100+ missions? ... they date to.. *checks notes* .. represent literally anyone other than you sad, angry, hateful culture...
Post #169687302 added 03-08-2024 2:26 PM by wasssup in Hot Deals
Are these hackable?
Post #169672047 added 03-07-2024 5:05 PM by guarana in Hot Deals
I ended up selling it on FB Marketplace for $35 which is better than nothing and was local so less chance of fraud dispute. I only got a lowball of $25 on Gameflip.
Post #169648188 added 03-06-2024 12:46 PM by fosaisu in Hot Deals
I'm definitely interested in Spider-Man 2, but it's the "alone" that's the problem. It's indisputable that PS4 had a lot more must-play games at this point in its development cycle that couldn't be...
Post #169640589 added 03-06-2024 6:26 AM by dabomb156 in Hot Deals
I didn't care for Spider-man Miles Morales, is 2 a lot better and something I would like even if I didn't like Miles Morales?
Post #169640349 added 03-06-2024 6:12 AM by quinton1978 in Hot Deals
What are you talking about Spider-Man 2 alone is a great game
Post #169632816 added 03-05-2024 5:26 PM by kemyst0715 in Hot Deals
I was able to find one at staples for 399 a few hours ago. Hard to argue with the prices they have on consoles if you can find one in stock; save for the regular xbox X they haven't marked down much.
Post #169628760 added 03-05-2024 1:36 PM by guarana in Hot Deals
Anyone know where I can sell the Spider Man 2 download code? Ebay has a strict policy on this and buyer scams are rampant for digital codes. I looked on Gameflip but they go for $15??
Post #169625505 added 03-05-2024 10:44 AM by PriapisX in Hot Deals
The game lectures that Russian oligarch hunters are bad, and not to put alien meteorites inside your dying son to try to save them.
Post #169625250 added 03-05-2024 10:32 AM by ccs90 in Hot Deals
They have a great return policy. If anything at all is wrong with it, just take it back.
Post #169624968 added 03-05-2024 10:19 AM by johnw91498 in Hot Deals
Post #169619940 added 03-05-2024 6:25 AM by PriapisX in Hot Deals
I guess to each his own. I'm having a blast playing it, around 90% done. What you describe is one out of maybe 100 side quests (and very skippable.) Fighting Venom, Kraven, other villains, and...
Post #169619637 added 03-05-2024 6:05 AM by oharag1 in Hot Deals
Bought this at PC Richard & Sons for $499. They price matched my purchase to BB @ $449. Good deal. I used the Wells Fargo Cash CC - $200 after $500 spent!
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