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Post #169818987 added 03-15-2024 10:15 PM by PowerfulMeal9806 in Deal Talk
I am logged in but no coupon, too bad
Post #169815951 added 03-15-2024 5:45 PM by magwheels in Deal Talk
Post #169813887 added 03-15-2024 3:09 PM by Princeman in Deal Talk
I checked yesterday and had the coupon and never tried this before. $23.99 Delivered today. Like 391412 above, I made a cup and its delicious!! Best By Date: 2-23-25 Thanks OP!
Post #169812765 added 03-15-2024 1:59 PM by 391412 in Deal Talk
I ordered mine Last Month 2/15, Just got it today SS(March15).. #1 Its delicious .. First cup never had this Peets variety before.. Its very good.. Excellent! #2 I got a much better deal Order...
Post #169802775 added 03-15-2024 3:38 AM by jmequon in Deal Talk
Great tip
Post #169800936 added 03-14-2024 9:41 PM by cteru in Deal Talk
the recent lots were not as good. be aware. tastes awful
Post #169800603 added 03-14-2024 9:06 PM by cteru in Deal Talk
my recent experience with the major Dickason blend was NOT good. It used to be really really good.
Post #169700097 added 03-09-2024 11:25 AM by ScarletHeat191 in Deal Talk
No more coupon 😭
Post #169601721 added 03-04-2024 7:13 AM by Swagga99 in Deal Talk
I had already used the 35% coupon on the 75 pack K-cup deal a few weeks. But this 35% coupon you shared allowed me to buy the 32 pack at discount! I paid $21 for 75 a few weeks ago and coupon and S&s...
Post #169566012 added 03-02-2024 5:17 AM by deedz2 in Deal Talk
Thanks op, tu and repped!:) $19.99 with coupon and 15% s&s off. :hug:
Post #169563690 added 03-01-2024 10:16 PM by SAC916EXPRESS in Deal Talk
Thank you it works for me as well cheers
Post #169561887 added 03-01-2024 7:38 PM by Ch1phead in Deal Talk
I looked at the original post and found a link to the coupon page. (Pasted below) Now on the order page I see “35% coupon applied at checkout. Subscribe & Save orders only”. Hopefully it applies to...
Post #169560228 added 03-01-2024 6:00 PM by Rawmaterial in Deal Talk
Cheaper than Costco even when on sale! Good deal and thank you
Post #169558407 added 03-01-2024 4:05 PM by gtsh0pp3r in Deal Talk
Got this for $20.xx including tax, good deal
Post #169551027 added 03-01-2024 10:38 AM by e-powersellers in Deal Talk
$33.99 for me with S&S, no coupon.
Post #169547322 added 03-01-2024 7:43 AM by postguard64 in Deal Talk
Additional 10% SS savings if you have enough items on the next delivery (15% total; 19.99 for 75 pods for me). EDIT: looks like that was already in the table...
Post #169547016 added 03-01-2024 7:28 AM by DAKn2 in Deal Talk
No coupon for me….
Post #169546770 added 03-01-2024 7:15 AM by JimJik in Deal Talk
Unfortunately, it appears that since I used the Peet’s discount coupon (at least in the recent past as I have), the coupon does not populate in my Amazon Prime account at this time.
Post #169546563 added 03-01-2024 7:05 AM by PocketsThick in Deal Talk
Major Dickinson tastes like a extra dark roasted hard pretzel. It tastes really good. 😋 Like these
Post #169545681 added 03-01-2024 6:16 AM by WolfTheCat in Deal Talk
I got this for $19.99 after full 15% S&S discount. Consumer Reports rates Peet's coffee house blend as the best pod they've rated. They didn't rate Major Dickinson, but both are Peets dark roasts,...
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