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Post #170165859 added 04-04-2024 6:05 AM by StacyS1000 in Deal Talk
Dead? I don’t see the $15 off☹️
Post #170145534 added 04-03-2024 4:12 AM by carnini in Deal Talk
I like these ones too, hard to beat that price
Post #170145264 added 04-03-2024 3:29 AM by sircomference in Deal Talk
Lol, super healthy, of course, till you hit 100 grams of sugar 🤣. pepsi / coca cola are healthy, too.
Post #170142321 added 04-02-2024 8:03 PM by Marceille in Deal Talk
The worst what, sweet crunchy granola bars? I never even knew they had competitors.
Post #170142150 added 04-02-2024 7:52 PM by darkestwhite in Deal Talk
Too much added sugar
Post #170140911 added 04-02-2024 6:24 PM by seaworld20 in Deal Talk
Amazon price :$0.23/pouch BJ's Price : $0.26/pouch. It is ~ $2.8 cheaper than BJ's..
Post #170140800 added 04-02-2024 6:15 PM by thejoel_ in Deal Talk
At least Amazon shows the pack count now to help mitigate the misleading advertising. Two bars per pack = 1 serving. 23c a serving for a granola bar with 2-4g of protein and lots of sugar is nothing...
Post #170139522 added 04-02-2024 4:29 PM by rly723 in Deal Talk
For awhile i was eating lower sugar quaker granola bars but they're so small mot filling at all. Or could buy costco protein bars variety pack. Just need a quick and easy snack option and treat...
Post #170139483 added 04-02-2024 4:26 PM by ktlewis02 in Deal Talk
I'll say it, These are the WORST.
Post #170139366 added 04-02-2024 4:16 PM by OG-Bluntman in Deal Talk
I wanted to thank you for pointing that out in your prior post because that one is my favorite so I followed your path and loaded up.... This is the way. Thanks dude!
Post #170139204 added 04-02-2024 4:03 PM by AmusedDime497 in Deal Talk
25% less sugar with the chocolate and nut version 😂
Post #170139093 added 04-02-2024 3:52 PM by OG-Bluntman in Deal Talk
Stop, they ADDED a tablespoon?!? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Post #170129457 added 04-02-2024 6:40 AM by AmusedDime497 in Deal Talk
Nature Valley Chewy Granola Bars, Dark Chocolate Peanut Almond, 24 ct These are my favorite less sugar , more fiber and a chocolate and nut fix. 96 bars for $23.66 here....
Post #170129367 added 04-02-2024 6:33 AM by AmusedDime497 in Deal Talk
90 count, 180 bars total. great deal 👍 $18.72 here
Post #170129349 added 04-02-2024 6:31 AM by AmusedDime497 in Deal Talk
cookies marketed as healthy 2 bar pack has ADDED a tablespoon of sugar.
Post #170129157 added 04-02-2024 6:21 AM by colecoletrane in Deal Talk
Worked for me. No mention of $15 coupon until I got to checkout. Shipping credits for $2.25 were available and I rarely get them where I live
Post #170136846 added 04-01-2024 9:52 PM by qwikwit in Deal Talk
Amazon has 30-Count Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Snack Bar Pouches on sale (must change the quantity to 3 for a total of 90 pouches, each pouch has 2 bars) for $37.47 - 5% with Subscribe & Save...
Post #170126070 added 04-01-2024 9:52 PM by babgaly in Deal Talk
Amazon has 30-Count (60 Bars) Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Snack Bars on sale 3 for $37.47 - 5% with Subscribe & Save checkout - $15 Multibuy Discount (General Mills Promo) = $20.60. Shipping is...

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