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Post #170352297 added 04-15-2024 6:53 AM by SociablePartner126 in Deal Talk
Stumptown roasts good coffee, priced correctly for what they offer. Most home coffee machines use boiling hot water, which will result in coffee that doesn’t convey the flavor very well/at all and...
Post #170334135 added 04-13-2024 8:18 PM by DJ_SAMMY_D in Deal Talk
Always stick to the single origin Ethiopia single origin from stump is good Blends just mean a couple Ethiopian beans and lots of whatever was sitting in the warehouse the week the roaster...
Post #170333412 added 04-13-2024 7:03 PM by runner0382 in Deal Talk
In CA, we get Stumptown on Vons shelves routinely within 2 weeks of roasting...
Post #170333337 added 04-13-2024 6:53 PM by bageland2000 in Deal Talk
I'm saying you can't buy a third-wave company's (i.e. Stumptown) coffee at a grocery store and judge it based on that, because it's pretty much guaranteed to not be roasted too long ago.
Post #170333319 added 04-13-2024 6:52 PM by bageland2000 in Deal Talk
Look, say want you want about Stumptown, and drink what you tastes good to you, I'm not yucking on your yums... but there's a whole world of coffee out there that's in a different league than...
Post #170324073 added 04-13-2024 5:38 AM by norcal007 in Deal Talk
Bought a bag earlier this year at my local Sprouts and never again due to the burnt taste. I didn't finish the bag. I've never found any coffee better than Peet's Major Dickasons.
Post #170323725 added 04-13-2024 4:53 AM by BuddyLove99 in Deal Talk
Idk.. i doubt Pete’s has anything to do with this. It’s meh at best. Small expense bag of mediocre coffee.
Post #170318724 added 04-12-2024 5:33 PM by wrkr_rbt in Deal Talk
Not flavored, just their description of the flavor profile/roast of the corresponding blend of beans.
Post #170312427 added 04-12-2024 10:39 AM by JJoye in Deal Talk
i can walk there, too. it would just take me a few months
Post #170312331 added 04-12-2024 10:33 AM by BitingWit in Deal Talk
I can walk to the original Stump town coffee roasters. It's really good coffee. Sure, they sold it to some investment group, who then sold it to Peet's, but quality is still there. I would never buy...
Post #170299599 added 04-11-2024 4:09 PM by bageland2000 in Deal Talk
Grocery stores in places like Amazon are always going to have way older coffee than if you were to order stumptown direct through their subscription. While stumptown is arguably not as good as it...
Post #170299560 added 04-11-2024 4:06 PM by bageland2000 in Deal Talk
It's "flavor notes" similar to how wine is described.
Post #170299551 added 04-11-2024 4:06 PM by bageland2000 in Deal Talk
This is WAY better coffee than your typical $8 bag.
Post #170285001 added 04-10-2024 9:49 PM by eshieh in Deal Talk
Overrated. Not a fan.
Post #170283993 added 04-10-2024 8:13 PM by kisalexx in Deal Talk
Wait, are they all flavored?! In a sense of some add-on sh*t. Or is that how they describe the taste?
Post #170256174 added 04-09-2024 11:13 AM by Riptide360 in Deal Talk
Great coffee from Oregon
Post #170246247 added 04-08-2024 7:26 PM by thegoob143 in Deal Talk
I bought 5 bags from Walmart in store in clearance for about $4 per 12 oz whole bean. I was so stoked and excited that I didn't realize they expired, or were 'best by' 11 months earlier. Still...
Post #170246238 added 04-08-2024 7:25 PM by JackH1254 in Deal Talk
It's usually 15 or 16 bucks at Walmart.
Post #170244438 added 04-08-2024 5:08 PM by eleganteuni in Deal Talk
they always list their roasted on date, which is usually within the last 8 weeks, but yes you can get a little old stock but it's nothing compared to the year old peets you'll find at the grocery...
Post #170243577 added 04-08-2024 3:57 PM by willshire23 in Deal Talk
The previous $5.xx price was pretty slick. I think this price is just ok.
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