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Post #170525091 added 04-24-2024 8:29 PM by IndigoNarwhal5992 in Hot Deals
Amazon prime member but have absolutely no clue how to get this deal: went through it 4 times and never could get it below $16. No ‘coupon to clip’ on the product page.
Post #170399190 added 04-17-2024 5:55 PM by bobbyS33 in Hot Deals
I feed my feral cats outside with purina catchow complete and my indoor cat Wellness grain free food. I think the ferals would be fine with this stuff but I don't think this is any good for your...
Post #170346486 added 04-14-2024 6:26 PM by speedkilz88 in Hot Deals
I ordered two and it was still showing up until now. Looks like it expired.
Post #170339922 added 04-14-2024 9:50 AM by boriszima in Hot Deals
No coupon here, likely used it before
Post #170334570 added 04-13-2024 9:18 PM by Batmansplumber in Hot Deals
First thought this said, “Friskies Gay,” especially with the box’s color. I was ready to be impressed with how inclusive they were.
Post #170330904 added 04-13-2024 3:15 PM by clinteastwood in Hot Deals
GMO food isn't generally a bad thing, especially on a health basis compared to non-gmo.
In for 1 of each. I've been paying around $1 a pound for this since covid rolled around. This will arrive just when I am running out of dry cat food. Thanks!!
Post #170319753 added 04-12-2024 6:57 PM by tai_son in Hot Deals
My cat ask me to say thank you.
Post #170319627 added 04-12-2024 6:48 PM by Marlin1975 in Hot Deals
I mix this with better food for my cat. 1/4 this and 3/4 the meat/non-grain food. She likes the cheaper corn stuff. But she is hairless so she seems to like carbs/corn.
Post #170317899 added 04-12-2024 4:18 PM by thaskett in Hot Deals
My feral cat friends will appreciate this. Each 16 lb bag at Walmart is $15.98. Good savings! Thanks OP!
Post #170317065 added 04-12-2024 3:19 PM by ROB.E.REIN in Hot Deals
Chicken, Salmon: **Genetically Modified (GM) Corn**: In 2023, Mexico banned the use of GM corn for human consumption⁷. - **Corn Gluten Meal**: Some countries have restrictions on GM maize and...
Post #170316597 added 04-12-2024 2:40 PM by HuntingCrazy in Hot Deals
As others have subtly pointed out, you should read the ingredients list to see what you are really feeding your pets! If the first ingredient isn't a real meat food, I'd steer clear.
Post #170316318 added 04-12-2024 2:27 PM by kungFu-master in Hot Deals
Yummy - Your Cat's gonna love the first ingredient - GMO Corn. I didn't read past that one - just bought 20.
Post #170307990 added 04-12-2024 6:36 AM by HunterXY in Hot Deals
Both of these have red dye 40. Unfortunately makes cat puke stain carpet pink.
Post #170307828 added 04-12-2024 6:24 AM by Tazznum1 in Hot Deals
Ty op. Did 4 separate orders
Post #170316201 added 04-11-2024 10:53 PM by StrawMan86 in Hot Deals
Amazon has 16-Lb Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food (2 Flavors) on sale for $15.98 - $3.19 off when you 'clip' the coupon found on product page - 5% off when you checkout via subscribe & save = $11.99....
Post #170305041 added 04-11-2024 10:53 PM by babgaly in Hot Deals
Amazon has 16-Lb Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food (Gravy Swirlers) on sale for $15.98 - $3.19 off when you clip the coupon - 5% off when you checkout via subscribe & save =$11.99. Free Shipping w/ Prime...

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