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Post #170419233 added 04-18-2024 7:49 PM by Epwna in Hot Deals
Awesome games. Especially City. Also, Origins isn’t included here. Lots of hate for Origins out there, but I enjoyed it. Some great boss fights, worth it for fans of the Bat
Post #170345787 added 04-14-2024 5:41 PM by Lumclaw in Hot Deals
Arkham Knight has more content on PS4. The Scarecrow Nightmare Missions weren't brought to Xbox.
Post #170345103 added 04-14-2024 4:50 PM by skullivan in Hot Deals
Been wondering that for over a year. This is like the 12th time the game has been on sale at these same prices. Always $3 more on Xbox. I think the sales are just on auto-pilot and no one ever...
Post #170345028 added 04-14-2024 4:47 PM by skullivan in Hot Deals
Only that the PS version is the better one because while they're pretty much evenly matched with the first two games, the PS4 version of Arkham Knight actually runs at a full 1080p and the XB1...
Post #170343813 added 04-14-2024 2:59 PM by MonEl in Hot Deals
I have all of these, great games fantastic price for them.
Post #170340528 added 04-14-2024 10:30 AM by shamus2k in Hot Deals
Fair enough. Argentina's price is about $8.50, Turkey's around $7.50. Appreciate you pointing that out.
Post #170340309 added 04-14-2024 10:14 AM by tC2009 in Hot Deals
That's a lot of games (and the first two games are great. Even played the third one yet)
Post #170339559 added 04-14-2024 9:21 AM by vjshanky in Hot Deals
Check for Argentina or Turkey Xbox keys. You can use a vpn and redeem those to your account. Usually those keys are dirt cheap (didn’t check for this game as I already own it)
Post #170339340 added 04-14-2024 9:04 AM by oohhenry in Hot Deals
First-time PS owner! Does this work on the PS5?
Post #170338569 added 04-14-2024 8:06 AM by MattM4756 in Hot Deals
Never played this but bought it last deal. Solid game series with about 40 hrs of good story content.
Post #170338176 added 04-14-2024 7:33 AM by AmusedStove7007 in Hot Deals
99% of the time, if your willing to wait a little bit, you can get the same game for the same price or cheaper through the Xbox Store. Really Eneba is pretty much piracy, as the game codes are...
Post #170338158 added 04-14-2024 7:32 AM by AmusedStove7007 in Hot Deals
it never got a Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, Xbox Series S|X, or PS5 optimization or patch. It still runs at 1080p 30fps... BUT, other than resolution and frame rate, the game looks better than some AAA...
Post #170337855 added 04-14-2024 6:59 AM by RoarOfZonda in Hot Deals
Did this game ever get a PS5 patch or does it still run at 30fps?
Post #170337486 added 04-14-2024 6:24 AM by shamus2k in Hot Deals
It was $10.69 on eneba when I just checked. Not impressed.
Post #170337141 added 04-14-2024 5:55 AM by Georami in Hot Deals
I’ve used Eneba a few of times and never had a problem. But I realize it could just be dumb luck
Post #170336688 added 04-14-2024 5:04 AM by AmusedStove7007 in Hot Deals
Eneba is garbage. It always declines my card, puts a pending charge on it, which takes a week to clear
Post #170336376 added 04-14-2024 4:07 AM by GreenTable7035 in Hot Deals
Have you ever tried eneba for Xbox? Just food for thought
Post #170336136 added 04-14-2024 2:57 AM by ruckainc in Hot Deals
A higher quality gaming experience often costs more.
Post #170335938 added 04-14-2024 1:38 AM by forces in Hot Deals
why is it xbox more expensive? I already have them on Steam, I was willing to pay $6 for all of them again for xbox, but $9?
Post #170337051 added 04-13-2024 9:37 PM by RazorConcepts in Hot Deals
Various Retailers have Batman: Arkham Collection (Digital Download, Various Platforms) on sale from $5.99. Thanks to Staff Member Bojjihuntindeals for finding this deal. Available platforms: ...
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