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Post #170600736 added 04-29-2024 4:43 PM by Ryan_GT in Hot Deals
This is the one we’re talking about RE my comments in this thread:
Post #170535276 added 04-25-2024 11:31 AM by DesertGardener in Hot Deals
Looking on the Flexispot website, they have the E1L model which correlates with this Amazon listing (although I couldn't find the model mentioned on the Amazon page). I found that they have an image...
Post #170528712 added 04-25-2024 5:20 AM by Commodities1 in Hot Deals
Little late in replying, but the website says this is a DUAL motor. The E2L seems to come with one motor, which is strange since it is the newer model
Post #170463966 added 04-21-2024 5:36 PM by BennyBenassi in Hot Deals
For that retail price it should come with 3 motors
Post #170419425 added 04-18-2024 8:00 PM by hlepme in Hot Deals
Do the two pieces add together at the L to make 63'' in length? That is the max length I can fit, so hoping it's not a 63'' piece + the 39.5'' width of the other piece.
Post #170402052 added 04-17-2024 9:38 PM by hkpuipui99 in Hot Deals
I know... but here's my guess - from the photos it looks like this is made of 2 pieces of the same size, so I would assume the 48" width is also the length of a single piece. Using this information,...
Post #170394507 added 04-17-2024 12:27 PM by DDMan in Hot Deals
Yeah I'm looking for 30" or more. That's why I asked. I guess technically I could just buy the desk and put my own tabletop on it but that's not always the easiest.
Post #170393520 added 04-17-2024 11:23 AM by Dhinchak in Hot Deals
If you plan to use the desk with a dedicated monitor (as opposed to direct laptop use), 24 inches turns out to be inadequate often. 28'' and above usually are much better for supporting arms and...
Post #170392047 added 04-17-2024 9:56 AM by ScarletHerring413 in Hot Deals
Anyone find it strange to see no support under that L section that comes forward? I’m very concerned about how strong that section is and how much weight it can support. I’m hoping it has a metal...
Post #170391372 added 04-17-2024 9:18 AM by Commodities1 in Hot Deals
That would be too easy, no? Also, there is a sub reddit called standing desk or something. post this qs. there and you will get a precise answer from a company rep.
Post #170390541 added 04-17-2024 8:37 AM by rugs in Hot Deals
Actively hiding the depth is a deal breaker. Their measurements are also off, check the reviews.
Post #170390451 added 04-17-2024 8:32 AM by DDMan in Hot Deals
Yeah that doesn't help a ton. Haha Just don't understand why they can't provide that info. Thanks!
Post #170390412 added 04-17-2024 8:30 AM by indianafanatic in Hot Deals
23.5" is the depth on the longest piece, slightly more on the short piece.
Post #170390022 added 04-17-2024 8:05 AM by HillRock in Hot Deals
don't want a computer desk without drawers.
Post #170389047 added 04-17-2024 6:59 AM by sdots in Hot Deals
What type of cable mgmt did you end up using?
Post #170386530 added 04-17-2024 1:46 AM by Ryan_GT in Hot Deals
Yeah, the entire “L” moves up/down. It goes quite high and has 4 pre-sets. The large top segments are 2 leafs with braces connecting them so there’s a slight seam. The top shelves are held on by...
Post #170369283 added 04-16-2024 5:54 AM by passinos in Hot Deals
is that a single motor?
Post #170367474 added 04-16-2024 1:09 AM by Ryan_GT in Hot Deals
I just bought this one instead within last month and have been very happy with it. It’s $290 and comes with better features plus another leg for better stability....
Post #170364732 added 04-15-2024 7:31 PM by DDMan in Hot Deals
Which one? I figure the difference between a 63x40 and a 71x48 is 8". Guess I'd just love to know the dimensions of each section.
Post #170364702 added 04-15-2024 7:28 PM by D_BOMB_ER in Hot Deals
Ty op
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