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Post #171459723 added 06-20-2024 3:50 PM by bobdole888 in Hot Deals
Great! Did you have to pay off the S23+, or was it one of the lucky ones that was already paid off?
Post #171458571 added 06-20-2024 2:37 PM by vpdragon0 in Hot Deals
I didn't buy the S22+, but bought the S23+ deal from Verizon wireless. It was unlocked after 60 days and I am now using it on Tmobile with no problems.
Post #171361095 added 06-14-2024 8:53 AM by bobdole888 in Hot Deals
Understand, but Verizon is not allowing it. The firmware doesn't allow any radio function unless it has been activated on verizon postpaid, or verizon prepaid. Those are the only 2 choices in the...
Post #171354720 added 06-13-2024 10:07 PM by CalmChannel1150 in Hot Deals
but tracfone is part of verizon and it uses verizon radio
Post #171349650 added 06-13-2024 3:35 PM by bobdole888 in Hot Deals
It's been about 60 days since this deal came out. Can anyone confirm that their phone got unlocked by Verizon? I still have 15 more days to wait for my phone to unlock.
Post #171157671 added 06-02-2024 8:19 AM by bobdole888 in Hot Deals
This phone has a firmware that locks out all radio functions except for activation to Verizon postpaid/prepaid. Otherwise, it can only be used as a wifi only device until activation is competed. It...
Post #171156714 added 06-02-2024 6:49 AM by purpledime18 in Hot Deals
What do you mean you can’t even activate this phone on TracFone? So you tried to activate on TracFone as BYOD, right? Did TracFone reject the IMEI with error message?
Post #171117762 added 05-30-2024 10:50 AM by SiennaMammoth9110 in Hot Deals
no, i don't know to use it. i think PUK is to lock/unlock the sim card and not the phone. Honestly, i don't know it works on this phone. I called rep and he said phone looks okay ( i have no means to...
Post #171116121 added 05-30-2024 9:25 AM by bobdole888 in Hot Deals
Are you able to use the PUK code to get the phone unlocked? I haven't seen how to enter the PUK code as the phone only give you a message that phone is locked to the verizon and to call customer...
Post #171074295 added 05-27-2024 9:59 PM by SiennaMammoth9110 in Hot Deals
for my sanity. i checked with rep and they couldn't locate the physical sim imei on verison. they could locate the esim imei with inactive line. i am just worried about getting strange bill from...
Post #171073635 added 05-27-2024 8:53 PM by bobdole888 in Hot Deals
Most likely you won't be getting the $199 bill. Others with activation problems reported that the phone is 'paid off already'. So just enjoy the free phone.
Post #171067767 added 05-27-2024 1:57 PM by SiennaMammoth9110 in Hot Deals
Ported phone to tello (esim $7). Happened within minutes. Waiting time now for 60 days. I never got phone bill how to pay. I only paid taxes to Walmart. Not sure how to pay 199 and where since it...
Post #171066528 added 05-27-2024 12:49 PM by bobdole888 in Hot Deals
You can port out, but don't expect to be able to use the phone. The phone won't be usable on other carrier for 60 days. You'll have to use a different phone in the mean time until the phone is...
Post #171064287 added 05-27-2024 10:38 AM by SiennaMammoth9110 in Hot Deals
i replied above, the phone seems to be paid off. i am thinking to porting now because cancelling says a month online
Post #171063954 added 05-27-2024 10:18 AM by bobdole888 in Hot Deals
I think, paid off of not phone won't unlock for 60 days and you should not plan on using it on a different carrier until 60 days after. However, to minimize cost, you should try to cancel the plan...
Post #171063414 added 05-27-2024 9:46 AM by SiennaMammoth9110 in Hot Deals
i am in same boat. eventually customer rep created a new account for me and they activated the esim for my phone. physical sim didn't work so I removed it now. Phone is working, i tried calling and...
Post #171053982 added 05-26-2024 6:07 PM by SiennaMammoth9110 in Hot Deals
hi Everyone, just received phone today. I checked both EMIs on Tmobile, it says ready to use and phone not blocked. I don;t have verizon but this went through soft credit pull when i tried to...
Post #171033873 added 05-25-2024 8:35 AM by bobdole888 in Hot Deals
If you follow the process to acquire the phone and pay off the $200. Then you can cancel new line you created for this phone. You don't even need to wait 60 days for the unlock. You should be able to...
Post #171033825 added 05-25-2024 8:31 AM by bobdole888 in Hot Deals
You need to very careful. They have a a anti-fraud process that will blacklist anyphone not unlocked that's tries to a access network outside of USA. You would have to activate the phone with...
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