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New Features – Thread Wiki and Post History

Posted on Friday, July 4th, 2008 at 1:20 am (82) comments

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What is Thread Wiki?
Many of you have undoubtedly heard of Wikipedia – free web based encyclopedia where all content is contributed by its members. Thread Wiki is a post in a thread right after the first post for better visibility by another thread viewer, where all content is contributed by more than one SlickDeals.net user.

How does it work?
Pretty simple, really. Members have complete freedom to Create, Contribute, Control.

When a new thread is created, the first post of the thread will contain a button, which you click on to create a wiki – on demand. Once a wiki is created, the second post in the thread appears, listed under the “helper” user wikipost (slickalerts‘ sister). The post will contain a pre-set brief information.

Right after creation, the user who just clicked the button is taken to Edit mode – just as you would with a new post, and adds the information he or she believes is important for a thread. This information can be anything… information about the thread (Cliff Notes anybody?), a new price, a better price, a new rebate, a fillable rebate, a coupon… push your imagination.

Okay, so someone added something, and you don’t think it’s valid, or you think you can do better? Do it. It’s controlled by users, and as long as it’s within forums rules – it can contain anything, really.

A few more things bound to be asked, a.k.a. The FAQ:

Q: Can I see previous contributions to Thread Wiki?
A: Absolutely. Just like with real Wiki, you can see every edit. Just click the button.

Q: Can I restore to a previous revision?
A: Yep, you sure can. When in Revisions mode, use button to restore to a previous version. While at it, you might as well contribute if you need it, as everything is done using a standard Edit dialog. One catch – you can’t restore a current version, marked by a slightly different color and button.

Q: Can I delete a revision I really don’t like?
A: Yes…. if you are a moderator . You can still Mod Alert a revision if you believe it’s in violation of forum guidelines, just remember to mention who made it. Remember, use Mod Alert button on a Wiki Post, as you can not modalert the actual revision from the Revisions screen.

Q: Can I rep the contributor?
A: Yes, just like with any post in forums where it is enabled, you can give reputation to a contributor. One per post (regardless of how many contribution that user has made), as usual . Although you can rep 2 or more different users who contributed to Thread Wiki.

Q: What if someone tries to add/edit a Thread Wiki when I am doing it?
A: Not to worry, since all revisions are tracked separately, the information you or ther other person adds will not vanish. So if an edit happens simultaneously, you can still add it by copying it. Once a Thread Wiki is added the button will no longer be there to add, but one can Edit the Wiki Post.

Q: Can there be more than one Thread Wiki?
A: One per thread, sorry . You are free to post under your own name, however .

Q: Can I easily see what has been updated when looking at Revisions?
A: Absolutely. The new text between 2 subsequent revisions is higlighted with green color and italics. Text that has been removed is crossed out. Changes are tracked line by line. So if a line is changed, the changes will reflect that.

Q: Can anyone Create, Contribute and Control?
A: Yes, as long as you have a valid SlickDeals.net account (what? you don’t have one yet? ), which is in good standing and is not under moderation. Anyone (including anonymous users) can view the post, however, just like with any other post in the forum.

Q: What about vandalism?
A: As with real wikis, vandalism can be an issue. And just with any wikis, members can fix it without having to wait for a moderator. If you see anyone posting anything inappropriate, anything in violation of forum rules, offensive, etc – feel free to edit it out, modalert the Thread Wiki post, and mention who made the offensive edit. The moderation team will be happy to assist with this. Thanks in advance. Wannabe vandals – beware, a new warning has been added for wiki abuse. Excessive abuse will result in the removal of wiki privileges.

What is Post History?
Post history is a feature, which is shared with Thread Wiki, and allows you to view your own post history using the “Revisions” button just like you would with a Thread Wiki. The only exception is that only you can view that history, unlike with Thread Wiki, which is viewed by anyone as described above. The same rules apply, there is a Revert button, the Current Version label, and the only thing absent is obviously the Thread Wiki button, since well, it’s not a Wiki. We hope you put it to good use, in case something ever happens to your own post, and you need to restore changes.