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Slickdeals Mobile (beta)

Posted on Friday, July 4th, 2008 at 1:22 am (136) comments

SD Mobile

For people on the move, we added a new subdomain for mobile browsers. http://m.slickdeals.net. Now you can surf on the go, get the latest updates for in store deals and post replies. You can even read your private messages and respond to them.

Suggestions and input are always welcome.

For those who liked the old text only version, http://w.slickdeals.net is available.


Wap 1.0
- In addition to the new m.slickdeals.net mobile site, we have restored the old wap1.0 theme at http://w.slickdeals.net for compatibility purposes. If you have an older phone, or have difficulty viewing the new mobile site, please use the wap1.0 theme.

1.3 Beta
- Compacted User Welcome String
- Added direct link to UserCP from Welcome String.
- Updated Subscriptions View
- Updated User CP
- Truncated Thread Listing Text
- Added New Thread Ability (Testing)

*Thanks to jgombos and others for suggestions!

1.2 Beta
- Added back to top links to page navigation (header and footer)
- Added “Last Page” link to thread listing
- Various cosmetic fixes.
- Fixed an issue where some mobile browsers would not display the mobile page correctly.
— Fixed same issue with wap 1.0 version as well.

1.1 Beta
- Added Page Navigation links to the bottom of forum results.
- Added page numbers to page navigation

1.0 Beta
Initial Release