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The Slickdeals Commitment

Here at Slickdeals we pride ourselves in picking the best deals for our front page listing and we created the Slickdeals Commitment to guarantee that our deals are genuinely “slick”. When a deal is frontpaged, it is a stamp of approval both from our community and our staff that have done their due diligence in picking out the very best. This commitment only applies to the frontpage deal listings: ad banners, giveaways, exclusive deals, etc may have a different criteria.

Here is a breakdown of our commitment and what it means:

  • The deals are rated and vetted by users like you.
    The great thing about Slickdeals is that most deals are first posted in our forums where they are rated and vetted by users like you. This allows you, our users, to have a voice in determining the hotness of a deal. Typically, after the deal has been approved (usually 3 thumbs up or more) by the community, our deal editors pick the cream of the crop for the front page. It is the combination of user input and editorial fact checking that differentiates us from the other deal sites. Even after a deal has been promoted to the frontpage, users are still able to vote and weigh their opinions. We still monitor the deals for the user’s feedback, and if it changes we’re apt to react. In certain, rare circumstances, Editors also have the ability to promote a deal right away if they feel it is an excellent deal. These tend to be deals that are obviously good. For example, a deal gets posted and an editor sees that it is worthy based on research, intuition and prior history, they can choose to promote it right away so that people don’t miss out on it. We also take into account prior deals that are similar or identical and previous ratings by the users.
  • We will research the deal and the price for you.
    In terms of savings, the deal must beat all the other stores’ prices for the item. We check Pricegrabber, Google Products, and various price comparison engines to see if this is the case. Sometimes if an item is extremely popular (a lot of thumbs up), and rarely goes on sale, then it may still be posted even if the percentage savings is not quite as high as for other items.
  • Only the best, hand-picked deals will be posted.
    After the deal is approved by our community and researched by our deal editors, we will pick out the best deals to promote. Some deals are so good that they may appear to be price mistakes. However, we try to avoid posting gross price mistakes, as orders are often cancelled. We favor items that appeal to our user base or to a wide general audience. Most niche or controversial items are not considered for the front page. In addition, deals that require a lot of hoops or are not guaranteed (also known as YMMV) are not eligible.
  • Only reputable merchants will get listed.
    The deals on front page have to be from a store that is reputable. We have to protect our users from shoddy merchants that may advertise the lowest price only to up-sell for the order to be valid. We tend to favor online stores (as opposed to a B&M store), since online stores are more readily accessed by a larger percentage of people. We will sometimes post B&M deals from major stores that most people have in their area (such as Walmart, Bestbuy, Target, Sears, etc) if the deal is worth the travel time and gas.
  • We will never sell ads or paid placements as deals.
    We do not take paid placement for the front page deal listing. When we say paid placement, we’re talking about upfront payment. We have been approached by merchants asking us to push their deals to the frontpage, and in each of those cases we have refused. This ensures that the only way to get a deal on the front page is to satisfy the criteria listed above. We may receive a small commission for select (not all) deals once an item is purchased, but this does not influence our decision on whether a deal is selected for front page. First and foremost, the deal(s) must have been approved (via thumbs up or favorable responses) by our community and approved by our editors.

There you have it. We have used these guidelines internally throughout the years for picking out slickdeals. So far it’s been a winning formula and there is no reason for us to change it.