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Viggle App - Get paid while you watch tv (iOS and Android) - powered by Perk

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Viggle is a smartphone app that allows you to earn money for watching TV or listening to music! Available for iOS and Android - thanks wadafak
Listen to music or watch TV to earn Perk Points. Next exchange your Perk Points for real life rewards. Viggle is powered by Perk, a Mobile Rewards program



Viggle was acquired by Perk on Dec 14th, 2015 []
-FAQ [] about the transition process
-slickdeals General Perk thread
(this thread will stay open to focus on the Viggle perk app)

New Users: Please scroll down to the second wiki or click here for the FAQ and begin reading there! Newly updated 2/23/16 with Viggle 3.0 info!
Can't find an answer in the FAQ? Post or PM: Most of us will be happy to help! Smilie

1st Wiki Editing Rules:
these rules only apply to the first wiki
  1. You may only sign yourself up to volunteer for tasks in the wiki
  2. You must use your actual sd username
  3. All sounds are to be posted in the thread, and you may only post sounds you have personally made*
    *unless it is more than 30 min after a show has started on the east coast
  4. To avoid accidental overwriting during busy times there is now a designated wiki editor during primetime. Anyone can sign up to be the designated wiki editor for a given hour. If no one signs up for a given period, anyone can edit during that timeslot but it's at your own risk Stick Out Tongue
    The tasks of the wiki editor are:
    -adding soundcloud links posted in the thread
    -adding links to vl answers posted in the thread

These rules will be updated as needed. Viggle on! Rock

Friendly reminder about the slickdeals trade rules. These rules apply everywhere on the site, including pm.

Note rule #12 in particular: "You can trade an item that has a value over $5 for any other item that has a value of $5 or less. For example, you can trade a Fandango GC (ARV $13.50) for a $5 Amazon CG, but you cannot trade the Fandango code for something over $5 (like a $14 Amazon GC)."

In brief, you are free to trade gift cards of any value but the most that you can ask for in exchange is a $5 gift card. Similarly, the most you can offer someone for their gift card is a $5 gift card. Please feel free to pm a mod if you need clarification.

Older threads have been retired. For reference:
If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale.

Community Wiki

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Come join us for live VL Answers!
Official Slickdeals Viggle Live Chatroom! []

Jump to: The FAQ Wiki | Primetime Schedule | Current Bonus Opportunities
MOVIES Viggle Live: (A-F) | (G-L) | (M-R) | (S-Z)

Long Show Check-ins (1 pt/min) []


How to edit and add shows to the wiki
Record soundclip with computer | Record soundclip with Android using the Soundcloud App | Record soundclip with iOS using the AudioCopy App

Put your SD username in place of "♬" if you want to do a soundclip or "✎" if you want to record VL answers:
VL Q&A template | Daily Schedule template

Friday, 10/28/16  
Reair Time(s) Wiki Editor SoundCloud Volunteer VL Q&A Volunteer
- - - - []    
- - - - 
Streaming - Manual Check in     
No Bonus Show    
- - - - 
CBS This Morning - CBS - 7am-9am 4X
- - - - 
Rachael Ray - SYN - 10am-11am 2X
check your local listings    
- - - - 
The Real - SYN - 11am-12pm 2X
check your local listings    
- - - - 
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - ABC - 2pm-2:30pm 2X  
check your local listings    
The Dr. Oz Show - SYN - 2pm-3pm 2X
check your local listings    
- - - - 
The Ellen DeGeneres Show - SYN - 3pm-4pm 2X  
check your local listings     
- - - - 
The Nightmare Before Christmas [] - Freeform - 6:45pm-8:20pm 2X Viggle Live! (+60) Answers DawgFanForLife acesmuzic
- - - - 
College Football (Navy at South Florida) - ESPN2 - 7pm-10pm 2X DazedandConfusedIR
- - - - 
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown [] - ABC - 8pm-9pm 4X Viggle Live! (+30) Answers DawgFanForLife Ticklemepink829, DawgFanForLife
2016 World Series (Cleveland Indians at Chicago Cubs, Game 3) - FOX - 8pm-11pm 3X Viggle Live! (+75) Answers DazedandConfusedIR
- - - - 
Blue Bloods (Whistleblowers) - CBS - 10pm-11pm 2X Viggle Live! (+30) Answers
- - - - 

Thursday, 10/27/16  
  Reair Time(s) Wiki Editor SoundCloud Volunteer VL Q&A Volunteer
- - - - []    
- - - - 
Today is the deadline to order your Gift Cards in order to receive them tomorrow (Friday)    
- - - - 
No Bonus Show    
- - - - 
Good Morning America [] - ABC - 7am-9am 4X VigNYC
- - - - 
Maury - SYN - 9am-10am 2X
check your local listings    
- - - - 
The Wendy Williams Show [] - SYN - 10am-11am 2X DazedandConfusedIR
check your local listings    
- - - - 
The Young and the Restless [] - CBS - 12:30pm-1:30pm 2X DazedandConfusedIR
- - - - 
The Ellen DeGeneres Show - SYN - 4pm-5pm 3X
check your local listings    
- - - - 
The Goonies [] - Freeform - 3:30pm-6:10pm 2X Viggle Live! (+30) Answers kevs888 dunja, mez1, FizzyPops
- - - - 
Big Bang Theory (The Fetal Kick Catalyst) - CBS - 8pm-8:30pm 4X Viggle Live! (+16) Answers
Grey's Anatomy (Roar) - ABC - 8pm-9pm 2X Viggle Live! (+30) Answers
NBA Basketball (Boston Celtics at Chicago Bulls) - TNT - 8pm-10:30pm 2X  
- - - - 
Chicago Med (Alternative Medicine) - NBC - 9pm-10pm 2X Viggle Live! (+30) Answers
- - - - 
How to Get Away With Murder (Is Somebody Really Dead?) - ABC - 10pm-11pm 4X Viggle Live! (+30) Answers
The Blacklist (The Thrushes) - NBC - 10pm-11pm 2X
- - - - 





Community Wiki

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PLEASE check here to see if your question has already been answered BEFORE posting it to the thread!

There are many questions about Viggle since the launch ver. 3.0 Powered by Perk (effective 2/8/16.) The following FAQS will continue to evolve to address those questions as they arise and the app changes, but here are some basics to help you get started. (MANY thanks to BartonS1992 and DawgFanForLife for helping organize this FAQ)

Table of Contents

First Log-In to Viggle 3.0
The Basics of Viggle While You Perk
To Earn Points through Viggle 3.0
Additional Point Earning Opportunities (#ViggleWhileYouPerk)
Redeeming Perk Points for Rewards
Technical Issues
The Wiki/The Thread
Other Rewards Programs

First Log-In to Viggle 3.0

If you have a Viggle account AND a Perk account, follow these steps:
• Select "Log In" and enter your Viggle credentials (the email and password connected with your Viggle account)
• Select "Next" through the series of 3 introductory slides
• Select "Already have a Perk Account?"
• Enter your Perk credentials (email and password connected with your Perk account)
• Congratulations! Your accounts are now linked.

If you have a Viggle account BUT not a Perk account, follow these steps:
• Select "Log In" and enter your Viggle credentials (the email and password connected with your Viggle account)
• Select "Next" through the series of 3 introductory slides
• Select "Create a Perk Account"
• Follow the prompts to set up a Perk account
• Congratulations! You have a new Perk account linked to your Viggle account.

If you have a Perk account BUT not a Viggle Account:
• Select "Log In" and enter your Perk credentials (the email and password connected with your Perk account)
• Congratulations! You may now use Viggle as another app in the Perk family.

If you do NOT have Viggle or Perk accounts, follow these steps:
• Select "Sign Up" and follow the prompts to set up a Perk account
• Congratulations! You may now use Viggle as another app in the Perk family.

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Subsequent Log Ins to Viggle 3.0
The app will provide only one log-in prompt. You can currently use either Viggle or Perk credentials for this log in. (Note: Using your Viggle credentials to enter the app is one way to test whether your accounts have been linked successfully; if it has, your Viggle user email and password will directly open the app home screen.)

Viggle Log Ins and Multiple Devices
Although Perk allows simultaneous log-ins on multiple devices, Viggle's current TOS states that this practice is not permitted with the app. If you are logged in to this app on more than one device, you may see a message saying that your Viggle account is cancelled. If so, try logging into the account again after ensuring only one device is actively logged into Viggle. Note: this device limit pertains to Viggle only and not to other devices that may be simultaneously logged into Perk apps such as PerkTV or Rewards Reader.

Where Did My Viggle Points Go?
Since Viggle is now powered by Perk, the home screen of the app displays your current Perk Points, and the app will now earn only Perk Points points going forward. Viggle has repeatedly said that your previous points are secure and will be available to exchange for Perk points. Many users are already converting Viggle Points into Perk Points, while some are experiencing technical difficulties doing so with their device and Viggle 3.0. Expect updates to fix point exchange issues over the coming weeks.

To View Your Viggle Point Balance
• Select Menu in the top left corner of the app home page (three bar icon)
• Scroll down in the sidebar menu to "Exchange Viggle Points" and Select
• A new screen will display your current Viggle Point balance

To Exchange Your Viggle Points to Perk Points
Follow the steps to access your Viggle Point balance:
• On the Point Balance Screen, tap the left hand box and enter the number of Viggle Points to convert to Perk Points
• The right-hand box will auto-fill with the equivalent Perk Points
• Select "Exchange Now!"
• If the attempted exchange meets the conversion rules outlined by Perk (see "Exchange Value and Limits" below), your Viggle Points will be deducted and your Perk Points will increase accordingly

Exchange Value and Limits
The system requires that you manually follow the steps above to exchange Points; it will not perform the function automatically or prompt you to do so.
• The Viggle to Perk Points conversion ratio is 20:1
• You can convert 60,000 Viggle Points for 3,000 Perk Points per calendar month
• For each 1,000 Perk Points earned through any Perk app including Viggle, an additional 20,000 Viggle Points can be exchanged for 1,000 Perk Points. This additional exchange opportunity is unlimited, but only points earned through Perk apps (including Viggle) after you have begun using Viggle 3.0 count toward unlocking additional point conversions

Known Issues with Point Exchanges
Most users have the option to Exchange Viggle Points in the app menu. However, some do not or the option is not fully working. For Apple, iPad users are reporting seeing only a white screen when selecting "Exchange Viggle Points," and users on iPhone 4S report having the number screen pop-up covering the "Exchange Now!" button and so preventing the exchange. Some Apple and Android users simply do not have the Exchange option in their device menu. Additionally, the app's home screen Perk Point total often will not update to reflect point conversions that have been successful. Updates will be coming to address these and other issues. In the meantime, see the troubleshooting tips.

Troubleshooting Point Exchanges
Here are some steps that may resolve problems accessing or completing Point Exchanges:
• Uninstall the app. Restart the device. Install Viggle 3.0 again
• Log out of the app and log in on a different device if available
• Hard close the app while staying logged in. Re-open the app and the menu may populate with the Exchange option, especially on iOS devices
• To see if your Point exchange has gone through, review your transaction history under My Account in any Perk app or online at You can also log out of Viggle and then back into the app to refresh the home page's Perk Points total

If you try these tips and still do not have the option to exchange Viggle Points, email: Include your Perk User ID, the device you're using (e.g., iPad mini or Galaxy Note Edge) and its operating system (e.g., iOS 9.2.1 or Kit Kat 4.0). Keep the tone civil.

-Return to Table of Contents-

The Basics of Viggle While You Perk

Check-In Bonus: Perk Points are earned for commercial ad breaks launched in the app during a show check-in. A 2x badge on a show tile means you'll get 2 points instead of 1 for each ad played.
Viggle Live: Answering trivia about promoted shows during their airtimes to earn points.
Quests: Special promotions with multiple shows. Click on the info link on a show tile's Quest badge to learn how to complete the Quest for bonus points and/or prizes.
Streaks: Special promotions with a single show over multiple weeks. Click on the info link on the show tile's Streak badge to learn how to complete the streak and earn bonus points.

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To Earn Points through Viggle 3.0

TV Shows
• Click on the tile that says Earn Perk Points
• A small pop-up on the top right corner will appear, saying "Show or Song or Cancel"
• Click on "Show" and it will immediately start listening to your TV/sound
• A window should pop-up with "You are watching:" and the show name. Hit "Start Earning Perk Points" to start earning Perk Points from the show
• An ad MAY launch and play. If it doesn't close on its own, X it out when it finishes to return to the show page. If an ad does launch, you will earn Perk Points after it has run
• A new window will pop-up with a timer indicating when ads will launch and provide point earning opportunities for the show check-in
• For now, you must stay on the check-in page to earn points from commercial break ads. The commercial breaks are tied to the timer that pops up after check in rather than actual commercials that may play during a broadcast. Leaving the app open to let the timer run and launch ads is how points are earned from check-ins. Viggle has said that they are working on a way to allow navigating away from this timer in the app after check-in, but for now, staying on the page is required to earn points

Known Issues: Many devices crash when launching ads or advancing from one ad to another. When this happens, Points either do not get rewarded and/or the check-in will not advance to the next commercial break on the show tile timer, preventing any further points from accruing from ad launches.

• Click on the tile that says Earn Perk Points
• A small pop-up on the top right corner will appear, saying "Show or Song or Cancel"
• Click on "Song" and it will immediately start listening to your music
• A window should pop-up with "You are listening to:" and the song name. Hit "Get Perk Points" to earn Perk Points from the song
• The app will reward 1 point and display a tile for the song you have checked int. Sometimes the app will autoload an ad after confirming the song. If so, you will earn an additional 1 point

Carousel and Banner Ads
• Open "Bonus Shows" on the app's main page
• Scroll through the carousel and individual show tiles to launch advertisements, typically worth 1-2 Perk points

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Additional Point Earning Opportunities (#ViggleWhileYouPerk)

Perk does not have limits placed on the points you can earn (per day or otherwise) in Viggle or with other apps in the Perk family. The following apps provide ways to earn Perk Points in addition to or simultaneously with Viggle:
• Jetpack Journey
• Perk Browser
• Perk Pop Quiz!
• Perk Prize Mob
• Perk Scratch & Win
• Perk Search
• Perk Shopping
• Perk TV!
• Perk TV Live!
• (web browser)
• Rewards Reader
• Perk Screen
• Perk Wallet
• Word Search

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Redeeming Perk Points for Rewards
You can redeem Perk Points for Rewards on any day, at any time. Fulfillment of your reward depends on the kind of reward request you are making, Reward Catalogue (Gift Card or otherwise) or Perk Plastic. Perk Plastic, a prepaid cash card that runs through the Discover network, requires an initial application process through the Perk Wallet app that takes 7-10 days to process. Once you have the card, you can load up to $25 per day on it.

Gift Cards and other Catalogue Rewards
Gift Cards and other Catalogue Rewards such as PayPal credit can be requested at any time in numerous ways:
• Under "Rewards" on the home screen of the Viggle app
• Under "My Account" > Rewards in the Menu of the Viggle app (or any Perk app)
• Online at under "Rewards"
• Perk Wallet app, which also offers discounts on some Reward Redemptions like Amazon

To Request a Gift Card or Catalogue Reward
• Select the Reward you want and then "Buy Now"
• Enter a telephone number to receive a confirmation code verifying your request. You can receive this code as a voice call on a landline or as an SMS message on a mobile phone.
• Enter the code
• Verify (or enter your personal information) and finalize your request
• A pop-up will verify your request has been submitted and state your anticipated fulfilment date and you will receive an email with this information shortly

After a reward request is submitted, it is reviewed and either issued or cancelled. Regardless of when the request is submitted, it will be fulfilled through email and Perk Wallet on the next Reward Issue Day following your request. Reward Issue Days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Same-day requests will be handled on the next Issue Day.

To Request Money added to Perk Plastic
• In Perk Wallet app, Select Menu (three bar icon in top left corner)
• Select "Add Money"
• Select the amount to add ($1, $2, $5, or $10) and Select "Add Money"
• Enter a telephone number to receive a confirmation code verifying your request. You can receive this code as a voice call on a landline or as an SMS message on a mobile phone.
• Enter the code
• A pop-up will verify your request has been submitted and you will receive an email with this information shortly. Regardless of when you make the request, the money should be added to your card within a few minutes

-Return to Table of Contents-

Technical Issues
For individual assistance or technical issues Viggle may not already be aware of, it's best to email Viggle directly at
Be sure to include:
• A detailed explanation of the technical issues you're experiencing, brief but to the point
• Your Perk account info (and Viggle Account info, if relevant to your issue)
• The device and operating system (OS) on which you're having the issue, meaning state whether it is an ANDROID or IOS device, what kind of device (e.g., iPad Mini or Galaxy Note Edge), and include OS Version (e.g., Android KIT KAT 4.0 or IOS 9)
• Use a professional, polite tone

These steps may help clear up some issues:

1. Clear app data (not just cache). iOS requires delete and reinstall; Droid, clearing in settings. When you do this, the app requires that you log in. If the app times out or won't connect when you're trying to log in, then there's an issue between the server and your device. Is it on Perk's end or yours? To find out, test your end (#2).

2. Try connecting to on the wi-fi network your apps run on. If it loads, then the app should theoretically be working, especially if you've cleared the data. If the site doesn't load, try connecting using a different network or through cell data. If it loads on a different network or data, then you know the issue is with the wi-fi and not the app or device.

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The Wiki/The Thread

The following questions are not about Viggle, but about our awesome wiki/thread!

Q: What if I want to see past primetime schedules?
A: Easy, click "revisions" at the upper left corner of the first wiki, under "link to this wiki" and "edit contents."

Q: What if I don't see revisions?
A: If you're a new user, you might not see revisions... But just contribute a little and you'll be able to see the link soon enough.

Q: What if I don't think a wiki question is correct or I have something to add?
A: Add/change it! The majority of the FAQ was written by one person and mistakes do happen, questions can get outdated, etc. If you don't want to change the wiki, post on the thread and someone will change it for you.

Q: What if I have a question that isn't in the wiki?
A: Post it in the thread or PM someone for help. There are lots of regulars in the thread who are happy to assist!

Q: What is "rep" and how do I rep someone?
A: REP = Reputation. You give reputation points on Slickdeals to someone who helps out. Go to any post and look to the left. Do you see that little green square below the user's name? All you have to is click on that square and type a comment. "Thanks for the ____" Then click Add to Reputation.

Q: Now I'm confused. When I try to rep someone, that user's rep total doesn't grow. Why?
A: Well, you need to have 50 posts before you can rep someone. So if you just started here, you can still rep, but you need 50 posts for your rep to count for anything.

Q: Why do some users give out 1 rep while others give out 4?
A: You'd think the user would be able to pick, but no. Your reps start at 1 point (once you have 50 posts), you get an additional point once you get to 500 reps, you get an additional point once you get 1000 reps, you get an additional point once you make 10,000 posts, and you get an additional point for every year you're an SD member. The most rep points you can have is 4. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Q: When I try to rep someone, it says I need to spread the love. Why?
A: That person is just too helpful! That means you've already repped that person. Don't worry, you can rep that person soon again, but you have to rep some other helpful people while you're at it! But don't rep too many people! There's a 24-hour limit on how many people you can rep... but you don't need to know that much, right?

Q: What does rep do for me?
A: It looks good on your profile! When you get more rep, your square changes color! Also, you get a new secret message... to see your message, hover your mouse over your or someone else's rep square! Also, for every 200 rep points you have, you get an extra entry in the daily SD giveaway.

Q: What is a PM?
A: Private message. You can send any user a private message. All you have to do is click any user's name (above where you rep) and click the second option: "Send a private message to ____" Then type your message and send it off into space. If you get a reply to that message, you'll see a blue notification at the lower right corner of your screen, or you can always check your inbox.

Q: What does YMMV, RP, AI, etc. mean?
A: You gotta love abbreviations. Here are some of the most common ones used on this thread:

AGT: America's Got Talent (TV show where ads are common)
AI: American Idol (TV show where ads are common)
BB: This is the confusing one... Either the 3-point game (Basketball), Best Buy gift cards, Big Brother (TV show), or Breaking Bad (TV show)! You pick which one is in context.
HRD: Home Run Derby (game)
PLL: Pretty Little Liars (TV)
RP: Royal Pains (TV)
SYTYCD: So You Think You Can Dance (TV Show)
VL: Viggle Live (See section above)
YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary (some people may get a certain ad while others won't)

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Other Rewards Programs
Fed up with viggle or just want to augment your earnings? Here are some other rewards programs to try
**no referrals allowed**

Bing Rewards:


Louder Rewards:
- iOS:
- Android:

mPLUS Rewards (formerly mPOINTS):
- iOS:
- Android:


- iOS:
- Android:


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***************************************BELOW IS OLD INFO RELATED TO THE PREVIOUS VERSION OF VIGGLE**************************************
Table of Contents

New Users
Getting Started
Checking into TV Shows
Checking into Music/Music Matching
Viggle Live
Multiple Accounts

This section of the wiki is for new users

Q: What is Viggle?
A: Viggle is an app available for iOS and Android which offers you gift cards, coupons, and electronics for simply watching TV and clicking ads in-app! Basically, Viggle can "check-in" to shows by using the microphone on your device to hear what show you're watching. Each check-in gets you a certain amount of points that you can redeem for gift certificates to Best Buy, Starbucks, Sephora, Burger King, iTunes, etc.!

Q: How do I download it?
A: Search for "Viggle" in the iTunes or windows app stores or download it for Android here...

Q: But not all rewards programs are created equal... How long does it take to get a gift card?
A: Ehhh... Viggle definitely isn't the best reward program out there but it isn't the worse either. It takes three weeks of LEISURE viggling to get a $5 gift card. The max you can earn per account per day is $1.66 in points.

Q: I saw those HUGE tables above. What are those about?
A: You're looking at our primetime schedules. Viggle gives bonus points to the shows listed above each day. If you miss a show, you can check in up until 8am EST the morning after. So basically, click one of the links to start a video, open up the app and click "Check-in"... Viggle listens and you get gift cards!

Q: That seems like a lot of work. Any other ways to get points?
A: First of all, it is not a lot of work, but there are several other ways! in addition to check-ins you can also get points by clicking on in-game ads. You simply click an ad in-app and get credited for it! It's totally worth it... checking-in to a bonus show gives you 2 cents LMAO

Q: How do you do check-ins? Where are the ads? What other rewards are there? How many points can I get? AAAH! So many questions! Where can I find the answers?
A: Scroll down just a little bit... we have users who add all of those wonderful questions to the FAQ! Download the app and read the FAQ over and begin using the app! If you don't get it, you can always post on this thread or PM me, Peatree2 or any other user! We're happy to answer all of your questions!

Q: Is Viggle worth my time?
A: That you decide. With minimal effort, you can earn ~$1.00 a day by check-ins, ads, trivia, My Guy (see below). On better days you can earn more. Viggle is worth a try! Download it and see if it's an app for you.

-Return to Table of Contents-


So now you've downloaded the app with the info above. Now what?

This 5-minute tutorial will help you get the most out of Viggle!

1. You should see the Viggle start page when you open the app... Register! Make sure you use a valid email! After you register, you have to CONFIRM your email to get rewards!
2. After you're done with that, check the upper right corner of your app. You should have gotten a +200 bonus.
3. Don't click the upper right corner yet... look down. You should see three more buttons at the bottom, What's On, Check-In and Rewards.
4. We'll check out the Rewards Catalog first. Scroll and look at all the wonderful rewards! You can also click "Featured rewards" at the top for a drop down list of other reward categories!
5. Now to What's On! This is the place where all the bonus shows are updated. You should see a bonus with each show... from +50 to +150. Scroll and see all the shows! Don't click yet... we'll go through clicking later on!
6. Now return to the first tile on What's On. Scroll three times... you'll come to the first ad tile. Scroll three more to the second ad tile. Scroll three more to the third ad tile. Sometimes good ads show up in the ad tiles... more about ads later on!
7. Done with What's On for now! Go to Check-Ins. You should see a huge V... the Viggle logo. This is the place where you check into TV shows! Let's try it out...
8. Turn on your TV to one of your favorite channels. Now click the Check-In button and let Viggle listen to your TV! If your check in is successful, congrats! Now press "back" on the upper left corner of the show tile. Check-ins are one of the three main ways to get points.
9. Ads are another major way to earn points! Ads don't appear 24/7, however they do appear at various times throughout the day. Read on for more details Smilie
10. Another major way to earn points is Viggle Live. Viggle Live is basically live trivia for a show. When a show starts with Viggle Live, you can play along and answer trivia questions with the show to win lots of points... usually 400 for a 1-hour show! But I'm not going to go in detail. You now know the basics... scroll down to read more! Again, if you still need help, PM any of the active users you see in the thread! Big Grin

-Return to Table of Contents-


Q: When can I check-in to a show?
A: You can check into a show at any time during the program. You do not have to check in when the show first starts. There is no longer a minimum amount of check-in time required to receive credit for a streak/quest.

Q: How/when do I receive points for checking in to a show?
A: Once you are checked into a show, you will receive points for the time you watched the show (1 point/minute). Viggle assumes you watch until the end. Your points credit WHEN the show ends OR when you check into another show.

Q: How long will I receive points for watching?
A: You will continue earning points until: a) the show ends or b) you check in to another show.

Q: After I check in to a show, do I have to leave the app open?
A: No.

Q: After I check in to a show, do I have to watch the whole show to receive credit?
A: No, you actually only need to watch enough to get checked in. You will get credit from the time you check-in until the show goes off or you check-in to a different show, even if you do not continue watching the show. Watch bonus points are awarded only from the first time you check into a show, and the amount is based on how many minutes you are checked in, so don't try to check in again if it shows up in your "my shows" list, as you'll waste the bonus.

Q: What are "Featured Shows"?
A: The shows on the "Featured Shows carousel" are shows worth bonus points. There is no minimum amount of time you must be checked in for to receive the bonus but you may only earn these bonus points for one check in, regardless of whether you watch the show live or recorded. IMPORTANT: You MUST check into shows via audio (live or recorded) to be eligible for any bonus points.

Q: What is manual check-in?
A: Manual check-in is another form of checking in instead of letting Viggle listen to your phone. Simply attempt to check-in, but you don't have to do anything... just let the app listen to silence. After the app notifies you that your check-in fails, do it again... but this time, you can manually enter the show you want to check-in to. This is useful when Viggle doesn't recognize your show, some other event (like pro basketball or golf) goes into Overtime and takes up a part of the show, or you don't have the channel the show is on. Note: this can only be used when your show is CURRENTLY on air. So if you want to check into a show that aired the day before, you can't use manual check-in, unless there's a re-air. You can only manual check-in to shows less than 60 minutes. So if you try to manual check-in to a 90 minute newscast, can't do. However, the one exception to this rule is sporting events... no time limit for those. Also keep in mind that you will not receive any bonus points for manual check-ins into featured shows.

Q: What about DVRed shows?
A: Viggle can recognize recorded content, but may not always be able to do so. Shows that are not live CANNOT be manually checked into. DVRed shows also qualify for "Featured Show" bonus points (but remember, you are only eligible for "Featured Show" bonuses once, regardless of how many times you check in). New! You must check in by 8pm ET on the 5th day after the show airs to receive the bonus points. The exception seems to be sports, where the cut off is still ~8am ET the following day, so make sure you do those first when planning your check-in schedule. It appears that they may have fixed this but you still may not want to wait too long to do your sports check-ins. Also, shows in syndication often don't recognize as the correct episode if another episode is airing/has aired recently. This isn't a big problem, usually, but you may still want to get those shows in sooner rather than later.

Q: What about shows on channels I don't subscribe to?
A: You can still check into these shows manually or use a soundcloud.

Q: Viggle doesn't seem to be listening to my TV!
A: In order for Viggle to listen to your TV (and check you in to the show), you need a microphone. If using an early generation iPod, you HAVE to have an EXTERNAL MICROPHONE in order for Viggle to HEAR your TV! Newer generation iPods have built in mics.

Q: I don't have a built- in microphone! Where can I purchase an external mic.?
A: You can find inexpensive microphones that plug into the headphone jack on or eBay. Here's an example of one: Menotek Mini iPod Microphone [].

Q: Are there any limits on the amount of shows I can check into?
A: You may only check into and earn points for a MAXIMUM of 12 hours of television programming per day. As of 12-18-13, the "day" resets at 12 AM Pacific each night. After this reset, you may begin watching and earning again. Note: If you check into a 1-hour show halfway in, it'll only count for 30 minutes, not 1 hour.

Q: When will I get the points for a show that runs across the daily reset (e.g. 11pm to 1am PST)?
A: You'd be getting all the points as well as any bonus points for that show on the second next day. You only get points after the show ends or you check into something else, and there is no partial credit for the hour of TV watched on the previous day. If you're looking for the points to credit on the first day, make sure you check into another show at least one minute before the reset (e.g. 11:59 pm).

Q: Can I still check into shows one day after they air and get the 1 pt/minute?
A: Yes and No. You must check into the show by 8pm EST to be able to get bonus points as well as the 1pt/minute. After that, they are gone! But you can't use manual check-in... you're going to have to make Viggle think you're actually watching the show... for that use the links in the first wiki.

Q: Will I still get bonus points for featured shows if I use the process above?
A: Maybe... or maybe not. Bonus points are only available until 8pm EST 5 days after shows first air like the 1 pt/minute.

Q: I didn't get my bonus points for a show I checked into right when it aired. Why?
A: The most likely reason is that Viggle thinks you're checked into last week's episode... make sure the episode name matches the one above in the primetime schedule wiki! If it doesn't, re-check in. Sometimes shows have a problem and it's a technical error on Viggle's side... If that happens, a few bonus points will be added to your account in a few days.

Q: I don't want to keep on checking into shows. Are there any shows with long running times to check in to?
A: Yes - see the top post about long running shows.
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Q: What is music matching? How do I check into a song?
A: Viggle now allows you to check into music like you can with TV shows. Virtually any commercially recorded song (i.e. ymmv if you use a live performance) will work. This includes songs from the radio, iTunes store, Amazon mp3, Pandora, etc. To check in, select "music" on the tab at the bottom of your check-in screen, then check into the song like you would a tv show. You will receive +100 points per song, up to a max of 20 songs per day (+2000 points) more info []

Q: I heard that you can get a 1000 point bonus for each song that I purchase (iOS only for now). What's that about?
A: If the song is available for purchase on iTunes, iOS users can get +1,000 Viggle points for each song purchased. If you purchase an album, it is considered one purchase, so you will only receive 1,000 Viggle points for the album purchase. Please allow up to 14 days for the Viggle points to be credited to your account. As soon as the iTunes purchase is confirmed, they will send an email to your Viggle email address notifying you that the points have been issued to your account.

Q: Do I have to match the song and download the song to get 1k pts/song?
A: To be safe, it is strongly suggested that you match the song first and then download to get the bonus. BUT, some people are able to download the track without matching the song and still get bonus points. YMMV.

Q: Do free songs work?
A: No

Q: I saw a playlist and a code. What is that and how can I download the songs?
A: First, when you saw a code for free downloading to songs/apps/videos, note that all codes are unique so they can only be used once (even if you have separate devices). All you need to do is to go to the App Store/iTunes on your devices, scroll down to the end, at your left side there is a "redeem" button, click that button and put your codes in and voila you are all done! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO INPUT THE CODE MULTIPLE TIMES to get all downloads. You ONLY need to input the code ONCE to download a playlist. You will find them in your purchase history once finished. Again remember it is YMMV if you need to match these songs first and then download to get bonus (as Viggle requires) but it is strongly recommended to match first. If you still cannot find an appropriate match, try downloading the song anyway Smilie.

Sometimes, you cannot see the code, in this case, go to the website on your mobile device, and click on the black download in iTunes store/ app store button so you will be guide to get the code or download automatically. Alternatively, try using a different browser.

Q: Where can I find a soundclip to match the song?
A: Go to YouTube by searching the keywords and find the video/soundtrack to your songs, or you can always open your iTunes on your computer or go to the iTunes music store on your device, use the preview functions to match your song, or, go to amazon mp3(not amazon music) to find the correct song. There might be multiple options for you for a single song (mostly, more than one album offer the same song.) so choose any one you like you are still able to get credits.

Q: I have one iTunes account but multiple Viggle accounts in my family can I use one iTunes account for all of them?
A: NO, you cannot. You need to use a separate iTunes account for each Viggle account. To open a new account in apple without a credit card, please Google/ log out your current account, choose any free app in app store to download. You will be guided by apple as to how to open a new apple account on your mobile devices. Alternatively, you can finish the process on your computer.

note that if you purchased a song previously, you WILL NOT get the bonus again by redownloading. In addition, please clear all your library and purchase history before downloading the same song on the same device with different Viggle/iTunes accounts.

Q: Is there any way to tell which songs credited successfully?
A: Unfortunately, no.

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Q: How can I earn Viggle points?
A: You can earn points in the following ways:
  • Checking-in to TV shows (1 point per minute, more if it's a bonus show that has a multiplier, as indicated by a 2X, 3X, etc.)
    If there is a multiplier, the TOTAL number of points you will receive is # watch minutes * multiplier. For the mathematically inclined that's: Total Points = (# watch minutes) + (X-1 times the # of watch minutes).
    For example, if you watch 30 min of a show with a 4X multiplier, you will receive 4 x 30 = 120 points, and it will show up in your history as 30 Watch Minutes + 90 Watch Bonus. Only the watch minutes count towards your daily watch minutes limit.
  • Watching ads or trailers (5-500 points)
  • Answering trivia questions with Viggle Live, and other seasonal activities (point amounts vary by event)

Q: My points appear to be lagging or not crediting.
A: Lag occurs regularly, especially during peak hours (primetime, after reset). Your points will add later on. Occasionally ads might not credit at all, however, but this is not as common as lag. If it's not a server lag, you can click on your points total to go to the profile page which usually updates the total. Or you can logoff and logon again which may also update the total.

Q: What should I do if I know an ad isn't crediting properly?
A: You should report the issue by tweeting to @viggle or sending an e-mail to so that it can be corrected.

Q: Are there any limitations on the amount of points I can earn?
A: No. With the conversion to the perk app family, there are no longer daily earning limits for the viggle app

Q: How can I turn off point popup notifications?
A: See how to do so HERE!

Q: Can my points expire?
A: Yes! Your points will expire if your account is inactive for one year, not one year after you earn them.

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Q: What are ads?
A: If you really have that question, seriously? Smilie But Viggle's ads aren't those pop-up ads you find in free apps, but they are ads that you can watch for Viggle points if the points are specified on the tile or white banner. Viggle points = money. Ads are THE major way of getting points, besides check-ins.

Q: How do I watch these ads?
A: Ads are on certain Featured shows and other shows that you can search for. Ads are also on the tiles (see below if you don't know what a tile is).

Q: When do ads appear?
A: Random times throughout the day, but usually during the reset (see "the reset" section below)

Q: How many points are ads worth?
A: Between 5 points and 300 points.

Q: How long are the ads?
A: Usually 15 to 60 seconds, but some trailers are 2-3 minutes. Note that even though an ad is longer, it may not be worth as many points as a shorter ad... Some 5 point ads are 3 minutes long while 75 point ads are 15 seconds long.

Q: How many times can you watch an ad?
A: That is a difficult question to answer. Although this is counter-intuitive, just because an ad repeats multiple times (10, 20, 30 or more) does not mean that Viggle wants users to watch it multiple times. It's thought that a programming error causes this glitch to occasionally occur. Viggle has permanently banned users for watching ads that resulted in earning too many points over a specific period of time, sometimes stating that users should have known there was a problem with the ad and therefore not click on it multiple times. We don't know how many points over what period of time will trigger a ban. You should be fine receiving points for the same ad several times. Each user has to decide if the lure of thousands of points from one ad is worth the risk of being banned.

Q: What is "mashing" ads?
A: Ad Mashing is defined as repeatedly clicking on one ad that repeatedly pops up. Clicking on one ad twice in a row AND receiving points for it twice is not ad mashing. Clicking on an ad multiple times and receiving points for it multiple times in a row (say 10 or 20 times) is ad mashing. Many users have been permanently banned for this activity. Therefore, ad mash at your own risk.

Q: Do the prizes I win from instant wins and sweepstakes count towards the yearly $550 limit?
A: Yes, they do. For larger prizes, you will be required to submit tax forms to Viggle. But what are the chances you'll win?

-Return to Table of Contents-


Q: What rewards can I redeem for?
A: Rewards can frequently go in and out of stock, so see the rewards catalog in the app for the most up to date list of prizes.

Q: Oh no! My favorite reward went out of stock.
A: Too bad. Just kidding... if you check Viggle's Facebook or Twitter page, Viggle will usually post when/if the reward is coming back. Most likely, it will return but there are no guarantees. Rewards will often go out of stock, be removed from the catalog, and return later on.

Q: I redeemed for a gift card but someone else has one that I want more, can I trade with them here on slickdeals?
A: Yes, but you must follow the slickdeals trade rules. In brief, you are free to trade gift cards of any value but the most that you can ask for in exchange is a $5 gift card. Similarly, the most you can offer someone for their gift card is a $5 gift card. Please feel free to pm a mod if you need clarification.

Q: What is everyone saving up for?
A: I would say the majority of Viggle users here are saving up for either Best Buy or Amazon, although they have a slightly higher redeem rate than other GC's.

Q: How long does it take you to get to a BB or Amazon card?
A: If you max out every day, a little more than a week, It should take a minimum of 9 days, however it may take 8 if you happen to go over your point limit by a bit.With Viggle's new point limits and lack of ads/bonus shows, it seems more likely that a month is a more realistic number.

Q: Is there a limit on the amount of rewards I can redeem?
A: Yes, you may only redeem a maximum of $550 in rewards per calendar year, UNLESS if you redeem a reward with a value over $550... if you do, Viggle will send you a tax form.

Q: What if I want an award that requires to be shipped?
A: Viggle will ship it to your address... make sure your address is correct! It takes 4-6 weeks for your award to arrive, so don't go crazy when it doesn't arrive in two days like Amazon Prime.

Q: Has anyone ever successfully redeemed one of the big-level prizes like the Kindle or Apple TV?
A: Several people have redeemed it. However, I wouldn't recommend it AT ALL. Prices are usually cheaper on BB/Amazon (Apple TV, iPod Touch) And the Kindle will be reduced once the Kindle 2 comes out...

Q: Why didn't I receive my reward via e-mail?
A: You have to confirm your e-mail address with Viggle before your rewards will be e-mailed to you. You may do so through your profile within the app. If your reward does not come after a week and you've confirmed your email, double check that it's correct.

Q: I redeemed something and my points have been reduced but I haven't gotten my reward. What happened?
A: This happens, rarely, but it happens. In this case, wait a few hours before taking action... sometimes rewards are delayed. If nothing happens, email Viggle with info about your reward... they'll credit you for the points you lost.

Q: How can I view my rewards history?
A: See how HERE!

Q: How can I check the balance on my Best Buy gift card?
A: You can check the balance here []. You will need the gift card number & PIN!

Q: Can I stack gift cards or exchange them for physical gift cards or different gift cards?
A: See more information on your available options HERE or below:

CVS - unlimited stacking in store (not sure if there is a register limitation)?
It is possible to use up to 8 CVS Gift cards or money cards in one transaction. However, CVS is not able to merge multiple e*cards into one card. You also can't use an e-gift to purchase another gift card. Please call 1-800-746-7287 with any further questions or comments.
Barnes and Noble - can stack multiples (some report up to and perhaps more than $200 if phone order), can stack multiples in-store. You can't use an e-gift to purchase another gift card.
Lowes - can not combine, can stack in-store and online to over $100 on single order. You can't use an e-gift to purchase another gift card.
Papa Johns - can stack if choose cash option for payment, otherwise only 1GC per order
Chili's - can stack
1-800-Flowers - 1 GC per order (good at 1-800-Flowers, Fanny May, Harry London, Cheryl's, The Popcorn Factory and
iTunes - Can stack onto account for iTunes and Mac App Store
JC Penny - 2 per order online, maximum 20 per order in store
GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy - 5 GCs per online order, unlimited in store
Best Buy - can stack in store or online (5 max online). Customer service at most stores will merge smaller denominations onto a single card. Some stores will allow you to purchase prepaid Visa cards and Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Shutterfly and online gaming gift cards. Please follow SlickDeals Rule #1: DO NOT call the store to ask about the policy.
BK - can add on a physical card
Starbucks - can combine to one large card
Foot Locker - Can use up to 5 eGCs online. Can use at least 6 in store.

Q: Do you have to fill out a tax form if the reward you're going to redeem for is more than $550?
A: Yes! So if you don't want to deal with the tax form, here's a hint... don't redeem for anything more than $550. (MacBook Air, Royal Caribbean Cruise) Like you're going to get there anyways...

-Return to Table of Contents-


Q: What's is Viggle Live?
A: Viggle Live is Viggle's version of playing along during a show. When a show airs with Viggle Live, open up that show from the featured carousel and click "Play along with Viggle Live." You'll be given trivia questions to answer (usually +10 for correct, +1 for incorrect), polls to answer, and predictions to make (who will win the super bowl). Sometimes Viggle Live also includes questions from commercials, so you have to pay attention!

Q: What time zone do you have to be in?
A: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern (continental US) When you first start up Viggle Live, you'll get to select your time zone.

Q: How long does Viggle Live last?
A: Throughout the entire length of the show you're watching. However, sometimes Viggle Live will start a little after the show starts (15 minute delay). Don't worry if it does!

Q: What shows have Viggle Live?
A: It depends. Usually sporting events and awards ceremonies (Super Bowl, Grammys, etc.) But also lots of regular shows, including Whale Wars and American Idol.

Q: How much is a question worth?
A: Usually +100 for a correct answer, +1 for incorrect. For some major events, like the MTV Movie Awards, correct answer point values are doubled or even sometimes tripled.

Q: How many points can you get from Viggle Live?
A: It depends on how generous Viggle is and the amount of points a question is worth. Usually, for an 1 Hour Show, If you get all the questions correct and with no polls up to +1500; For some TV events points range from about +500 to +3000.

Q: What if I don't know an answer?
Join us in the chatroom [] or check the wiki to see if anyone has signed up to record the answers for use in a later time zone.

Q: What? Viggle Live chat?
A: Oh yes. This thread does a chat every time there's Viggle Live to post answers. We post all answers there! Listen in and chat with us to gain points! The chat is fun, come along!

Q: How do I find out what shows have Viggle Live?
A: Either go above to the primetime schedules above to check what shows have Viggle Live or scroll through the Featured carousel... if you see anything with "Play along with Viggle Live", go ahead!

Q: How many times can I play Viggle Live each day?
A: You can play Viggle Live once for each show that has it available. Sometimes shows will overlap, which makes it hard. You have up to four opportunities to play, one in each time zone.

Q: What if I missed the show time but still want to play Viggle Live?
A: If you missed it when it was live for a show in your time zone, you can play along in another time zone. Same goes if you want to play it early... play along in a different time zone. You may not play Viggle Live when a show reruns.

Q: What was the first Viggle Live?
A: If you're curious for history, the first Viggle Live was the Super Bowl. This Viggle Live (actually called the "Viggle Bowl") was super... the max was around 25,000-50,000 points and Amazon and BB GC's were offered for 4,000 points as a promotion. Don't you wish you were around during this time?

-Return to Table of Contents-


Q: Power users?
A: Yeah, couldn't think of a better name. Basically households who have multiple accounts.

Q: Why SHOULDN'T I have multiple accounts?
A: Multiple accounts is NOT for everyone. According to the Viggle TOS, you can only have one account per person and you MAY get banned in the process. Multiple accounts is a good if your household only has one phone and you have multiple people who want to Viggle.

Q: How can you have multiple accounts?
A: Get another email address in addition to your first email and join here...
So now you have two Viggle accounts, for each member in your household.

Q: Is there a way to combine points from two accounts?
A: You really thought it would be that easy? Nope, you can't.

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Welcome to the new thread!

Friendly reminder about the slickdeals trade rules. These rules apply everywhere on the site, including pm.

Note rule #12 in particular: "You can trade an item that has a value over $5 for any other item that has a value of $5 or less. For example, you can trade a Fandango GC (ARV $13.50) for a $5 Amazon CG, but you cannot trade the Fandango code for something over $5 (like a $14 Amazon GC)."

In brief, you are free to trade gift cards of any value but the most that you can ask for in exchange is a $5 gift card. Similarly, the most you can offer someone for their gift card is a $5 gift card. Please feel free to pm me or any other mod if you need clarification.

Happy Viggling! woot
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Viggle 3.0 is here! Whee

Please be sure to check out the newly updated FAQ!

many thanks to those involved in the updating Grouphug
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viggle 3.0 in ios app store
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very weird ..I checked into show , and if you hit the Home button to look around viggle , it gives a warning that if you LEAVE , you will miss out on commercial breaks and Perk Points.
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Quote from starbucksfan4ever View Post :
very weird ..I checked into show , and if you hit the Home button to look around viggle , it gives a warning that if you LEAVE , you will miss out on commercial breaks and Perk Points.
So the microphone is on all the time listening to the show? A bit big brother like IMO LOL
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Quote from starbucksfan4ever View Post :
viggle 3.0 in ios app store
I hope they put it up for android and I certainly will try it. It's been a long wait......

Quote from Starfire412 View Post :
For the first time ever we can all take the night off. NO VIGGLE LIVE for tonight! According to Viggle support: A server issue has cause Viggle to pull all Viggle Live games for tonight

Also Viggle 3.0 is here on IOS

Does this mean we are getting close to converting????
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Last edited by curious328 February 17, 2016 at 03:39 PM. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
Quote from TruthBeTold View Post :
So the microphone is on all the time listening to the show? A bit big brother like IMO LOL
i checked into another show , an a TIMER came on... it was like 7 min. and it says you earn perk points AFTER every Viggle Commercial! timer went off and of course an ad pops up. then that app closed. what a joke on iphone and i got no points!
ipod got 3 points
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Quote from starbucksfan4ever View Post :
very weird ..I checked into show , and if you hit the Home button to look around viggle , it gives a warning that if you LEAVE , you will miss out on commercial breaks and Perk Points.
perk is all about the ads while viggle was all about the shows......hmmm........ I wonder if we need to "stay in Viggle" in order to earn the full amount of points. Usually I check into the viggle show and then leave to continue Perking. Guess I have to wait to find out....I am android
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Quote from starbucksfan4ever View Post :
i checked into another show , an a TIMER came on... it was like 7 min. and it says you earn perk points AFTER every Viggle Commercial! timer went off and of course an ad pops up. then that app closed. what a joke on iphone and i got no points!
ipod got 3 points
I think you are saying that you actually have to watch the program to get points. Not just check into the start of it.

OMG this is huge!!!
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Quote from TruthBeTold View Post :
I think you are saying that you actually have to watch the program to get points. Not just check into the start of it.

OMG this is huge!!!
no, all I am saying is you cant leave the page. I am sure you could change channels. but if you hit the home button like to go back you stop earning. from the Expendables movie I am , looks like you get 3 viggle points PER 7-9 min.
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i did convert the 60,000 points and you can do 50,000 if you want $3 perk plastic for a limited time
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Quote from starbucksfan4ever View Post :
i did convert the 60,000 points and you can do 50,000 if you want $3 perk plastic for a limited time
how did you convert? is there a place in the app?
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