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Post #57853236 added 02-26-2013 9:48 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
Relax. This is a good deal and will last someone at least 3 years. By then, they can pick up a 1TB SSD for the same price. My guess is that only 1% of users need the increased lifespan that MLC...
Post #57852972 added 02-26-2013 9:32 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
Damn. So much hatred here... Calm down everyone. We are all on the same side here as consumers. My opinion is that TLC is not good enough for my usage. This is based on my experiences with all...
Post #57827644 added 02-25-2013 8:33 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
Lol saw the drive on Best Buy's website yesterday (listed as NEW ITEM) and was going to price match today, but they deleted the item. They now only have the KW kit online.
Post #57819312 added 02-25-2013 2:21 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
I bought this a month ago and my wife loves it. Just to be clear for the complainers! Average users will not see a difference on the proformance of a high end ssd and this one. Yes, the TLC is...
Post #57818788 added 02-25-2013 2:01 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
Amazon now has it for 276.
Post #57818506 added 02-25-2013 1:51 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
I think you're just making too many assumptions about consumers. Firstly, you've been saying that it's a error in labeling, which it is not. It is not a decrease in performance to the 830, so...
Post #57817532 added 02-25-2013 1:14 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
Had a hell of a time installing a 250gb 840 PRO yesterday, the Norton Ghost that came bundled in the Samsung Magician didn't support the drive cloning feature. Fortunately, Hiren's Boot CD 10.4 has...
Post #57815130 added 02-25-2013 11:49 AM by netvope in Deal Talk
Never. You ll notice it when you put them under testing.
Post #57813636 added 02-25-2013 11:00 AM by netvope in Deal Talk
The bottom line is that it's deceptive product naming to call this an 840 and call the MLC version with good performance 840 Pro. Samsung also uses the "panel lottery" in its LCD panels. Companies...
Post #57813098 added 02-25-2013 10:42 AM by netvope in Deal Talk
Counting the days! :woot:
Post #57806920 added 02-25-2013 1:10 AM by netvope in Deal Talk
i'm in the same boat. i thought of getting 2x 256gb ssds and raiding them instead, but have too many mechanical drives with not enough sata ports. i am hoping that we see somewhat affordable 1TB...
Post #57806676 added 02-25-2013 12:24 AM by netvope in Deal Talk
Let's set this straight. I did NOT state that HardOCP is alarmist. I am stating that YOU are being alarmist, in the way you are interpreting and reporting the data and the associated remarks. We've...
Post #57805702 added 02-24-2013 10:30 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
From Anandtech: "If you use your computer for checking email and browsing the Internet, no doubt a TLC based SSD will be sufficient. For the majority of consumers, TLC SSDs should meet their...
Post #57805700 added 02-24-2013 10:29 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
Great drive for price, but the PRO specs are way better. This feels like your average ssd drive.
Post #57805348 added 02-24-2013 10:04 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
I would feel much better about this product if Samsung had called it the 820 TLC, instead of disguising it with practically the same name as a good MLC drive. This is too much like the LCD panel...
Post #57805284 added 02-24-2013 10:00 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
TLC isn't very useful. As NAND continues to shrink, its longevity goes down. So, let's make everything worse and add in the drawbacks of TLC! I see TLC NAND as an inferior product because it isn't...
Post #57805228 added 02-24-2013 9:57 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
I wouldn't call whoever defends TLC an evangelist. IMHO, I think they believe that TLC is every bit useful to consumers as MLC drives are and I tend to agree (though I haven't bought one just yet). ...
Post #57804994 added 02-24-2013 9:39 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
I love how the TLC evangelists gloss over the higher power usage issue that "alarmist" HardOCP discussed, too. In a desktop system, the power usage isn't an issue. In a laptop, it is. I've...
Post #57804368 added 02-24-2013 8:52 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
Yes. Current boot drive was replaced with a 120GB Intel 520 and original 320GB is in the optical bay. Not too fond of having a drive with platters in the laptop. It IS a laptop after-all so...
Post #57801552 added 02-24-2013 6:15 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
+1 :nod:
Post #57799386 added 02-24-2013 4:07 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
Need more price cut on this drive. My fair price is $249.
Post #57798462 added 02-24-2013 3:04 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
The TLC myth continues. I'm really tired of the ignorant people on here quoting many review sites as fact. Review sites have also stated these drives go into read-only mode when, in reality, they...
Post #57798444 added 02-24-2013 3:03 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
debating if I should throw in a second ssd in my macbook pro. already have the Samsung 830 in the main bay and put my hard drive in the optibay. Should I take out the hard drive and put in the...
Post #57798350 added 02-24-2013 2:57 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
How is the 240gb the "sweet price point"? The 256gb ssd drives have been hitting front page at between $150-160. This is double that capacity and cheaper than $300-320 (before taxes). Huh?
Post #57797708 added 02-24-2013 2:24 PM by netvope in Deal Talk
I really don't know. I was just playing with the numbers and using pron is pretty eye catching.:) However, for people who use it for bittorrent everyday, they might wear out the drive pretty fast.
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